The Republican Party of Polk County has voted to endorse these 4 school board candidates based on their conservative principles, commitment to returning control of their children’s education to parents and inspiring hope for the future.

Terry Clark

Rick Nolte

Jill Sessions

Justin Sharpless


The socialist left is terrified of President Trump and his America First movement.  This weaponization of the FBI/DOJ at Mar-a-Lago is just another attempt to stop Trump from running and winning in 2024.  Every citizen should be worried when they see these 3rd World Marxist tactics being used to persecute political opponents in America.  We are on the verge of losing our great country.  Socialism always lives by blaming someone to distract citizens from the real problems of record inflation, high gas and food prices, out of control spending and government corruption.  Vote in the August primaries and November general election like your life depends on it!



Florida is a Closed Primary State.  Which means if you are not registered with a major political party you will not have an opportunity to vote for party-specific primary races.
The last day to make a change is July 25th.
Visit and click Register to Vote if you would like to change your party affiliation.

Our Polk County GOP Victory Offices 

• Winter Haven Victory Office is located at 1900 Havendale Blvd. NW. Open Tu-F Noon to 4PM, Saturday noon – 5PM.

• Davenport Victory Office is located at 38283 Hwy 27.  Open M-F 10AM to 3PM.

• The Lakeland Victory Office is located at 2225 E Edgewood Dr. Suite 9 

These offices need volunteer staff. Even if you only have a few hours to give we need you! Republican Victory in 2022!!


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