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President Donald J Trump

Peter Feaman –  Florida National Committeeman

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  • ABUSE OF POWER: Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Biden.  Read more.

  • FL Gov. Ron DeSantis orders National Guard back from ‘half-cocked mission’ at U.S. Capitol.  Read more.

  • The House will transmit the article of impeachment charging Trump with incitement to the US Senate on Monday.  Read more.

  • WaPo Finally Admits Trump DIDN’T Incite Riot With Speech… ‘Planned In Advance’.  Read more.

  • Eric Trump: ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’.  Read more

  • The U.N. Says America Is Already Cutting So Much Carbon It Doesn’t Need The Paris Climate Accord.  Read more.

  • Ideological Alignment Pushing America Toward Totalitarianism, Experts Warn.  Read more.

  • Bay County Republican Party won’t acknowledge Joe Biden’s win.  Read more.

  • Why Republicans are still in charge of Senate proceedings as Schumer and McConnell work out power sharing.  Read more.

  • Palm Beach County Republican leader wants Matt Gaetz to challenge Marco Rubio in 2022 Senate primary.  Read more.

  • Florida lawmaker’s amendment would rename U.S. 27 to ‘President Donald J. Trump Highway’. Read more.

  • McConnell Reportedly Pleased about Impeachment, Wants to Purge Trump from GOP.  Read more


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