Special Events

RNC Convention: Less Than 100 Days Out

  • In less than 100 days, we will be together in Charlotte, NC on August 24 to re-nominate President Donald Trump for another four years.  
  • Across four action-packed days, the entire world will be watching as we showcase the achievements of President Donald Trump’s first term.  
  • Now more than ever, we need President Trump’s leadership. Only President Trump can ensure American prosperity and security for the next four years.  
  • The convention team, with leading safety and medical experts, is diligently planning for a safe and secure convention. The team recently announced the addition of a Doctor who will join the team as Senior Advisor for Health and Safety Planning – demonstrating the commitment to providing a safe and memorable experience for all attendees and guests.  
  • This five-star event will play an integral role in promoting local businesses and generating millions of dollars across the Carolinas and beyond – signifying our country is again open for business and getting back to work.   
  • It will leave a lasting impact not only in the “Queen City” of Charlotte, but also across the nation, as we celebrate together American greatness and all that President Trump has done to benefit the American people.