Senator Rick Scott April 13, 2024


We had an incredible start to the week with an event announcing the “Law Enforcement for Rick Scott” coalition. This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to supporting law enforcement and ensuring safety and security for all Floridians. We are proud to announce endorsements from Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, and several distinguished State Attorneys from across Florida:

  • Suzy Lopez (13th Judicial Circuit)
  • Ginger Madden (1st Judicial Circuit)
  • Brian Haas (10th Judicial Circuit)
  • Dennis Ward (16th Judicial Circuit)
  • Amira Fox (20th Judicial Circuit)
  • Ed Brodsky (12th Judicial Circuit)
  • Bill Gladson (5th Judicial Circuit)
  • Melissa Nelson (4th Judicial Circuit)
  • J. Larizza (7th Judicial Circuit)
  • Bruce Bartlett (6th Judicial Circuit)
  • Phil Archer (18th Judicial Circuit)

Their support speaks volumes about our track record of advocating for law enforcement and upholding the rule of law.

We also recently launched a multi-million-dollar Hispanic ad buy. Over the coming weeks, our ads will play across the state on TV, radio, streaming, and digital platforms in both English and Spanish. 

You can watch the first ad, Valores, in English HERE or Spanish HERE

This ad pays tribute to the countless Floridians who have fled oppressive communist regimes in search of the freedoms and opportunities America offers. It encapsulates the values of freedom, opportunity, and resilience that define the spirit of Florida.

You can watch our second ad, Libertad, in English HERE or Spanish HERE

“Libertad” solemnly acknowledges the tragic consequences of dictatorial regimes and the fragility of freedom. It serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of defending liberty and standing against tyranny.

These ads reflect our unwavering commitment to defending freedom, promoting prosperity, and safeguarding the American Dream for all Floridians.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to advance our campaign to build a stronger, safer, and more prosperous Florida for generations to come!




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