What Republicans Believe

As Republicans we believe:

  • Individual rights come from a higher authority – not government.
  • Individual freedom comes with a personal responsibility.
  • Limited government – the proper function of government is to do for the people only those things that must be done, but can not be done efficiently by individuals or private institutions.
  • The closer to the people government is, the more effective it is.
  • Powers not designated to the federal government are reserved by the states, as outlined in the US Constitution.
  • Strong national borders are necessary for national sovereignty.
  • A balanced budget provides for the best national economy.
  • Excessive taxation and regulation deter our nation’s growth.
  • All human life has dignity and worth and should be protected.
  • Equal rights, justice and opportunity is for all, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual identity or religion.
  • Equality of opportunity – not equality of outcomes.