THE BACKHOE CHRONICLES – Peter Feeman, National Committeeman, Florida
January 11, 2021:  Greetings from the RNC Winter Meeting-
This will be my last post on Facebook as I will be migrating over to as well as cancelling my Twitter account and moving over to Parler… (the reasons are obvious)
I cannot abide the fascist squelching of free speech by the Big Tech companies.
Here is my last update on this platform:
Today we had our RNC elections where we elected officers for the next 2 years.
For Chairman, we re-elected Ronna Romney McDaniel.
Just so you know, President Trump specifically endorsed Ronna for re-election, which kept other candidates out of the race.
She ran unopposed.
So for those of you that think the RNC and Ms. McDaniel abandoned our President, you could not be more wrong, since the President endorsed her re-election!
For Co-Chair, we re-elected Tommy Hicks. 2 years ago Tommy Hicks was asked by the President to run for Co-Chair of the RNC. We went along with it and elected him.
We re-elected him today.
This is hardly an abandonment of Mr. Trump.
We also passed a number of resolutions today.
Here are the highlights:
1. Resolution Ensuring the People’s Constitutional Right to a Fair, Legal and Accurate Election….
By the way, the number one priority for the RNC over these next 2 years will be ELECTION INTEGRITY.
2. Resolution Commending the Unprecedented Accomplishments of President Trump in His First Term…
The resolution concluded with this: “The RNC continues to support Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence until such time as a lawful transition of power is consummated.
3. Resolution Thanking Trump Supporters and Grassroots Volunteers Across the Nation…self explanatory
4. Resolution Urging Congress to Curb Big Tech’s Censorship
5. Resolution Supporting the “Keep Nine Amendment” to the United States Constitution.
This resolution is to keep the Democrats from “packing” the Supreme Court by increasing its number to 12 in order to dilute the effect of President trump’s 3 appointments to the Supreme Court during his first term
For those of you that think starting a third party is the answer, that would only serve to split the GOP in half, thereby guaranteeing Democrat victories everywhere and ushering in the radical socialist agenda of the Democrats, ending America as we know it….
We also heard from Governor DeSantis today.
He gets it!
Florida has become the “gold standard” for election integrity and the RNC recognizes this.
As Governor DeSantis said, all is not lost. Politics has its ebbs and floes.
He is confident that, as the nation watches in horror as the Democrats rule, the Republicans will retake the House and Senate in 2022, elect and re-elect Republican governors and pave the way for another renewal of the American spirit in 2024 led by…………
to be continued…
January 7, 2021:  Greetings from the RNC Winter Meeting-
This morning we had a “Members only” meeting for 2 hours.
No press, no guests, no staff.
There is a lot of information discussed that I cannot share in a public forum but suffice it to say some of the election fraud stories are unbelievable which I will share in later columns.
Here are some of the things I can share:
  • Yesterday, 2 pipe bombs were discovered outside RNC Headquarters in D.C. Fortunately, nobody was in the building because they are all here at the Winter Meeting.
  • This morning the perpetrator was arrested. He had a vehicle parked near Headquarters as well, filled with explosives.  Was this person connected to the violence yesterday?  An investigation is ongoing.
  • The number 1 priority for the RNC over this next cycle? ELECTION INTEGRITY–at every level
At lunch today we heard from Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota—Very Impressive.
Tomorrow we will consider and pass multiple Resolutions and elect officers for the next 2 years.
January 7, 2021: There had to be a stand down order:
For those of us that have been to the White House or the Capitol, we know how tight security is.
There is NO WAY a mob of unarmed people could have breached the Capitol building, while they were in session, without a stand down order. This is ridiculous.
This was a set up to make the Trump folks look bad.
I just don’t accept that a bunch of unarmed mobsters could get into the Capitol unless the fix was in.
Have you seen the movie , “White House Down”? Do you think the security for the Capitol, WHILE THEY ARE IN SESSION, is anything less?
Something is not right here.
Was a “stand down” order given to make Trump and his supporters look bad?
Think about it.
Peter Feaman, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Patriot, National Committeeman, Florida.