THE BACKHOE CHRONICLES – One final statement for anyone still on the fence who has not yet voted – Peter Feeman, National Committeeman, Florida
THE BACKHOE CHRONICLES – One final statement for anyone still on the fence who has not yet voted
Why President Trump deserves to be re-elected——
We’ve all heard…”this is the most important election in our lifetime” for virtually every election that’s ever been held. Problem is – this time it’s is true…..Indeed, the most important election in 160 years.
If you dislike or even hate President Trump, okay, I get it.
Even for me, sometimes the things he says or tweets make me cringe. But while you can hate his style – it’s his substance that counts.
Whatever you think of Trump – his political career is over in 4 years. Admit it – even if you hate him, you know no matter what… America will survive Donald Trump.
But what the other side will do to this country if they get elected will last a generation of more and it’s not good:
1. Packing the Supreme Court. – Why do Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court?
Because they know their policies are not constitutional and they cannot win elections based on their radical ideas.
So they need a Supreme Court to force their policies into place when they can’t win elections.
Democrats believe people have a right to vote- unless they get it wrong – then they ask the courts to step in.
Democrats dislike the constitution because it limits Government power which of course is exactly what the Bill of Rights was designed to do.
And that is why Democrats continually try to circumvent it.
They want government power and the power to run your life.
Because they believe they are smarter and better than you and they know how you should live and behave… for your own good. These are the beliefs of Kings and Czars – not elected public servants.
2. Ending the filibuster rule in the U.S. Senate.
It used to take 60 votes in the Senate to confirm judges. Sen. Harry Reed (Democrat) dumped that when he was in power so Obama could appoint liberal (anti-constitutional) judges.
But Obama got lazy – he didn’t appoint that many judges and left hundreds of vacancies. They were in no rush to fill those seats because they were sure that they would be filled by a Hillary Clinton Administration.
But Trump won!
So, now Republican Leader McConnell used the “Reed Rule” to get judges appointed by keeping the majority only rule for appointing judges. Trump is now filling the courts at a record pace with judges who believe in the Constitution.
That’s what Kamala Harris meant when she said in the VP debate – “ want to talk about packing the courts, look what Trump is doing…” .
Democrats don’t like it when Republicans play by the same rules created by them!
Now – Democrats are threatening to end the filibuster for all legislation – not just for judges but for all legislation.
Again – they know their policies don’t have popular support. The purpose of the filibuster is to get people to negotiate and compromise. Without a filibuster – you don’t have to compromise – as Harry Reed showed us.
If the Dems win the Senate, they have said they will end the filibuster on all legislation – so they never have to compromise or negotiate.
Folks – this is one-party rule – this is the slippery slope to third-world dictatorships.
If the Dem’s do this – and if the Republicans ever get back into power – they will do the same.
And a country where leaders don’t negotiate or compromise cannot survive.
3. Adding two new states – DC and Puerto Rico – for the purpose of getting 4 additional Democrat Senators is for the same reason.
Democrats don’t want to negotiate or compromise – they want to rule and they need power to do it. Which of course is also why they first need to end 2nd Amendment rights. .. and with the Supreme court, a majority in the Senate and no filibuster – they will.
Joe Biden and the Democrats claim they can “bring people together” . But bring us together over what?
We used to have a common belief – The United States was a force for good. The United States was the greatest country in the world and we were lucky and blessed to live here. That is something that could in fact bring us together. E Pluribus Unum (from out of many, one).
But now we’re told America is systematically racist. We are told we were founded by racists and built on a foundation of slavery.
Martin Luther King’s dream of being “judged by the content of your character instead of the color of your skin” has been overturned to justify classifying people by race, gender, sexual orientation.
California has a measure on the ballot (Proposition 16) to ALLOW discrimination for the purpose of mandating by policies and preferences based – not on character or merit – but on the color of your skin.
MLK is rolling in his grave.
How do you “bring people together over such a philosophy? They want to “bring people together by fundamentally changing the very nature of America. Packing the court, ending the filibuster, adding Senators. That is not “E Pluribus Unum” – it is 3rd world dictatorship.
Right now, China is trying to take over the world. Just look at what they are doing:
*Building an island in the south pacific for military purposes,
*Taking over Hong Kong,
*Threatening Taiwan and Australia
*Imprisoning dissidents,
*The prime financial support for North Korea.
Because of previous administrations – virtually all of our medical PPE was made in China (until Recently – due to Trump).
Because of previous administrations – virtually all our pharmaceuticals were made in China (until recently due to Trump).
They’ve infiltrated or control many colleges, the NBA, security hardware, the tech companies, even our politics (It was discovered Diane Feinstein’s personal driver for 20 years was a spy for China)
And of course you all know of the sweetheart financial deals they’ve made with Hunter Biden.
Before Trump – we were sliding into total dependence on China. We are now on the verge of a street fight.
Who do you think China is supporting in this election?
Who do you want leading a street fight against China?
IV. Middle East
Joe Biden has condemned Trump for ending the US/Iran nuclear deal. The deal that sent pallets of cash to the Mullahs in Iran.
Biden has stated he will re-enter the agreement once he becomes president.
Trump has successfully gotten peace treaties between Israel and the UAE and between Israel and Bahrain.
Saudi Arabia has recently told the Palestinians they were sick of their whining and they should face reality and cut a deal with Israel.
Saudi Arabia is telling the Palestinians to cut a deal!!!….
Meaning -what?
If the Palestinians cut a deal – so will Saudi Arabia. And Saudi Arabia may yet cut a deal even without the Palestinians.
Of course this is only happening because the countries fear Iran more than Israel – President Trump figured it out and Trump is the driving force behind it.
Do you really want Biden as President so we can end what’s happening and go back to propping up Iran?
V. Conclusions
There are numerous other issues – open borders, “free” healthcare for illegal immigrants, funding NATO, free speech rights, defunding the police, rebuilding our military, religious freedom, denying your rights to defend yourself and your property, the AFFH (which would have local zoning regulations determined by Washington DC), …. where Democrats and Republicans have exactly the opposite positions.
President Lincoln was once asked how he could allow such an unsavory figure as Ulysses Grant be in charge of his Army. President Lincoln replied, “I can’t afford to lose this man, he fights.”
President Trump fits that model – he fights. Grant was fighting to preserve the nation and end slavery. And what is Trump fighting for?
America first. The American worker. The American taxpayer. We the People.
We cannot afford to lose this man – he fights.
If you cherish freedom , liberty, the US Constitution and this blessed miracle known as America – you need to vote to re-elect President Trump and for Republican candidates on the ballot …. because President Trump can’t fight this battle alone.
God Bless America.
Peter Feaman, RPOF National Committeeman
Peter Feaman, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Patriot, National Committeeman, Florida.