RPOF Newsletter – October 1, 2020

A Note from RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters
October 1, 2020
THANK YOU, RECs! You all have really come through with historic poll-watcher representation, gathering poll watchers in every county. This is imperative in this election and you recognize it. There is still time and need to sign up more, however. You can do so here: 
If Tuesday night’s presidential debate showed anything, it showed that America needs a strong President at this moment, a President who will fight for American rights, American jobs and American hopes for a better future, dispelling the false dystopian narrative of America that is being created by the left. And in addition to battling Democrats, he must do it against the media colossus and the levers that move our culture. That means being forcefully assertive is the only option, and that’s what we saw from President Trump.
Not too surprisingly, the President ended up debating both Biden and moderator Chris Wallace, who repeatedly failed to follow his own rules of asking a question and letting the candidates answer. Wallace continually interrupted President Trump, in a way he did not with Biden.
So the President faced a two-on-one debate — which he undoubtedly will in the next two debates, also — requiring him to frequently insert himself in order to balance the stage. But this is just the assertive President the country needs right now, one who will: go after violent Antifa and BLM agitators creating carnage in our cities; support our law enforcement officers maintaining order; continue the wise economic policies that are leading to the Great American Comeback with 10 million jobs in the past few months; rapidly pursue treatments and vaccines for COVID; push back on Chinese expansion and cheating; constantly pursue peace in the Middle East, which impacts the world.
America needs a fighting president for Americans — not a president for anti-American radicals, monied special interests and Washington lifers. That’s what they have in President Trump. 
Saturday will be a full day of campaign walking and door-knocking. RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters and Vice Chairman Christian Ziegler will be walking in Manatee County at 9 a.m., beginning at Headquarters at 3027 Manatee Ave West, Suite C, Bradenton. Next we will walk Orlando at 1 p.m. (location TBD) and then in Osceola County at 4 p.m., gathering at 1818 E Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee.
NO on A3 Update: As media around the state begins to come out in favor of Amendment 3 — naturally — it becomes all the more important for all Republicans to vote No on Amendment 3 and to let everyone else know that it will ultimately limit their choices in a General Election and make Florida look more like California.
Amendment 3 is a pathway for more big PACs and backroom powerbrokers to squeeze grassroots Republicans out of the equation. Remember, it is the system California uses — a one-party state rapidly becoming a shell of its former greatness. No on Amendment 3.
Governor Ron DeSantis Update
Florida is receiving 6.4 million rapid antigen tests from the federal government to help the state protect nursing home residents and to check schoolchildren for the coronavirus, Gov. DeSantis said Tuesday.
“It’s an exciting day in terms of rolling out something new that I think will make a difference in our coronavirus response and particularly for our most vulnerable populations,” the Governor said at BayCare’s Morton Plant Hospital.
Results can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes, DeSantis said. During a news conference, a DeSantis aide was tested, and his result came back negative.
Read more here: 
Governor DeSantis held a roundtable of healthcare experts from around the country recently and they all advocated for a return to a “normal” life for young people.
Stanford University Professor of Medicine Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, Harvard University Medical School Professor of Medicine Dr. Martin Kulldorff, and Stanford University Professor of Structural Biology Michael Levitt were the key healthcare experts and leaders in their fields. The link below is a transcript of the virtual roundtable.
President Donald Trump Update
America has already conducted far more COVID tests than any other nation on Earth — more than the entire European Union and more than all of Latin America combined.
Now, President Trump has announced that his Administration will distribute 150 million rapid, point-of-care COVID tests in the coming weeks. This action will more than double the total number of tests already performed in the United States.
“Fifty million tests will go to protect the most vulnerable communities, which we’ve always promised to do, including 18 million for nursing homes; 15 million for assisted living facilities; 10 million for home, health, and…hospice care agencies; and nearly 1 million for historically black colleges and universities,” the President said.
Another 100 million rapid tests will be given to states and territories to support efforts to reopen their economies and schools as quickly and safely as possible. 
U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar wrote a column in Townhall that explains President Trump’s healthcare plan for all Americans.
“If there’s one thing Americans need to know about the healthcare plan President Trump unveiled last week, it’s this: The president is delivering more choice, lower costs, and better care for every American, whatever their healthcare needs or however their healthcare is paid for.
“The previous administration’s attempt to fix our healthcare system, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), focused primarily on a tiny slice of American healthcare: the individual insurance market. President Trump’s plan goes much further, in addition to taking numerous actions already to lower costs and open up new options in the individual insurance market. His healthcare plan is for everyone—and it’s already delivered real results.”