Republican National Committee: RNC Notches a Win in Florida Voting Reform Legal Battle


Republican National Committee

RNC Notches a Win in Florida Voting Reform Legal Battle

Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida

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In case you missed it, the RNC notched a huge win defending Florida’s election integrity bill, SB 90.

The RNC has intervened in four lawsuits challenging numerous provisions of SB 90, which created important election integrity safeguards like limiting ballot harvesting. A recent attempt by left-wing groups to overturn SB 90 and allow ballot harvesting was denied by the court for lack of standing. Their request for amendment was also denied, effectively removing the ballot harvesting claim from the case. This ruling marks a big victory for the RNC’s efforts to defend election integrity by prohibiting ballot harvesting.

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“The RNC is committed to making it easier to vote and harder to cheat in Florida and across the country. A Florida court’s decision to dismiss the plaintiff’s ballot harvesting claim is a big initial win for Florida voters and the RNC in our fight to ensure fair, secure and transparent elections.” – RNC Spokeswoman Julia Friedland

Julia Friedland

Florida Comms Director

Republican National Committee

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