Candidates for Polk County REC Committeewoman

Glynnda White – Candidate for Polk County REC Committeewoman

Glynnda White – Candidate for Polk County State Committeewoman.

Meet Glynnda:

I’ve been a Christian for 39 years. God is my top priority in life. I thoroughly believe that Godly representatives who understand the freedoms we enjoy come with personal responsibility and moral character are those who should be sitting in elected seats at every level of government. Office holders should be servant leaders and persons of high moral character, someone able to self-govern because they have a strong moral compass within, that generally means a man or woman of God.

I am a proud Army Vet and have a special love in my heart for veterans. It is a special person who will offer up their blood for their nation. Veterans deserve our support
and respect. Those who have put their own lives on hold and/or been wounded for our nation, should get every benefit we can offer them, and these people are the ones
who should hold elected positions. Military service has the effect of making a young inexperienced and self-centered young adult grow up. Maturity and wisdom come with adversity and create true servant leaders; something Florida and the Nation sorely lack.

Why am I running?
I am running for State Committeewoman because I believe this position must be taken seriously by the person occupying it. This position is meant to represent the republicans of Polk County. Should I be elected I will take the responsibilities that come with it  seriously. Republicans of Polk County elect their representatives in good faith believing they are intent on representing conservative values. Those elected should be accountable for their actions in office. The actions and votes of representatives and legislators should be looked at closely. They pursue leadership positions and should act like leaders with integrity even when it is uncomfortable. If they don’t meet the standard of conservatism as they always promise during campaigning, they must be replaced. If you elect me Polk State Committeewoman, I will be a servant
leader and will use the influence of my position to grow a healthy and strong Republican party in Polk and across the State of Florida.

Willing to do the Work
-REC member 2 years,
-REC event coordinator 2 yrs
-Coordinator Polk Republican HQ, Winter Haven Branch, 2018 election season
-Worked in vote recount of 2018
-Manager/Volunteer Polk Republican HQ /Trump Campaign Victory HQ of Polk County, Jan-Nov 2020 Election Season
-Worked as trouble shooter for voters at polling places in every election 1994 –2016
-Advisory Board Member Florida Citizens—2 years, FLCA activist and Tallahassee Lobbyist since 2014
-Worked directly for local candidate in Orange County 2010 and 2014
-Worked directly for Congressional candidates, candidate District 9 2016 and 2018
-Worked directly for Polk County Commission candidate 2018
-Event coordinator and board member Winter Haven 912 two years.
-Delivered thousands of voter guides for Florida
-Family action in every election since 2012
-Created voter values guide which has been distributed by thousands around Central Florida since 2018.
-Initiated petition campaign for the Born Alive Act. Delivered over 2,500 petitions to (D) Congressman Darren Soto in 2019.
-Heritage Action Sentinel since 2013, activism with this group, direct lobbying to Congress in 2019
-Initiated group to talk to County Commission on decision to declare Polk County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County, result in the adoption of the measure by unanimous vote, March, 2020
-Hundreds of hours of activism, speaking, writing, meeting with reps, Sheriff Judd, lobbying legislators in Tallahassee to correct the Constitutional problems in the Marjorie Stonemen Douglas Act, Risk Protection Order Law passed in 2018, efforts continue
-I have spent literally thousands of hours phone calling, door knocking, speaking, writing, etc since 2012 urging people to register, vote and get active. You can expect the same level of focus on the State Committeewoman position should I be elected.

Kat Gates-Skipper – Candidate for Polk County REC Committeewoman

Kat Gates-Skipper – Candidate for Polk County State Committeewoman.

Meet Kat:

I’m Kat Gates Skipper. I grew up in Florida and am a native of Polk County since the age of 17. I am a Marine Corps Vietnam Era & Gulf War Veteran, giving back to this Great Country that gave so much to me. I was inducted into the Florida Veterans’ Hall of Fame-Class of 2019. I am a Polk County Small Business Owner, Cattlewoman and Chairwoman of the Lake Wales Census Complete Count Committee.

My passion for Grass Roots Politics and Veterans started in 2012, with Vets for Freedom/ Concerned Veterans For America, serving as a Volunteer and then the Central Florida Regional Director. I was selected to be involved with Grass Roots Legislation on Capitol Hill with the House and the Senate, in which that legislation became the VA Accountability Act of 2014. Beginning in 2015, I served as the State Director of Florida Veterans for Donald J. Trump for President, Polk County Vice-Chair for Donald J. Trump for President and was one of Florida’s 29 Electors. I serve as a Veterans Advocate across the State of Florida working with Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott and participated in the Vote Recounts for their Campaigns. I am a member of many Military, Veteran and Business Associations in the County and State. I am a member of the Polk County REC, a Precinct Committeewoman, President of the Lakeland Republican Club and the Veteran’s Republican Club of Polk County. My husband is an Army Veteran that served in the Vietnam War. I have 4 Children and 5 Grandchildren. I care about my Community, 2nd Amendment Rights, Veterans and the Republican Party. I believe in God, Family, America and President Trump. It would be an honor to be your Committeewoman. I humbly ask for your Vote on August 18th.

  • USMC-USMCR 20 years, Gulf War Veteran & Veterans Advocate.
  • 2019 Florida Veterans Hall of Fame, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis-Florida Dept of VA- “FORWARD MARCH” Initiative / Board Member, and Lake Nona-Orlando VA Hospital / Board Member.
  • Veterans Republican Club of Polk County / President.
  • Lakeland Republican Club / President.
  • FORMERLY: Deputy Dir-Veterans Coalition for Ron DeSantis 2018 for Florida Governor; and Veterans Coalition Rick Scott 2018 for Florida Senate; and
    Florida Director-Veterans for Donald J Trump 2016 for President.

Amilee Stuckey – Candidate for Polk County REC Committeewoman.

Amilee Stuckey – Candidate for Polk County REC Committeewoman.

Meet Amilee

Amilee Stuckey is a Native Floridian and is the current RPOF State Committeewoman for Polk County. She was the Polk County Chair for the Donald J. Trump for President campaign. She is an attorney and the owner of Law Offices of A.M. Stuckey, P.A.  She was the Polk County Chair of Women 4 DeSantis and worked on, and recruited Republican attorneys, to help in the recounts for Governor DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott campaigns this year. She served on the Polk County Board of Adjustment and currently serves as a Veteran Mentor in Veteran’s Treatment Court.  She is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and now serves in several veteran’s organizations, including the American Legion and as Senior Vice Commandant of the local Marine Corps League Heart of Florida Detachment #1107.

She received Bachelor of Arts Degrees in History and Political Science from the University of Central Florida graduating Cum Laude. She continued her education at the University of Missouri at Columbia and received her Juris Doctor in 2000. She is mother to Karah, Ethan, Alayne, and Liam and is staunchly Pro-Life.  She works tirelessly to support Patriotic issues such as our First and Second Amendment rights.