Update from Michael Brown, Head of Republican Election Day Operations:
Trump Campaign General Counsel Matt Morgan: We believe that a meaningful review of ballots counted away from observers in #Pennsylvania could discern that there were illegally counted ballots
Campaign update November 24, 2020 –
The Donald J. Trump for President Campaign Legal Team today announced that the State Legislatures in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan will hold public hearings on the election beginning tomorrow and next week in an effort to provide confidence that all of the legal votes have been counted and the illegal votes have not been counted in the November 3rd election.
The first hearing, held by the Pennsylvania State Senate, will be conducted tomorrow, Wednesday, November 25th, in Gettysburg, PA, where each participating Senator will give a five-minute opening statement followed by testimony from witnesses who have filed affidavits attesting to 2020 election fraud. Tomorrow’s hearing will also feature a presentation from former New York City Mayor and Personal Attorney to President Trump, Rudy Giuliani.
On Monday, November 30th, the Arizona legislature will hold their own hearing, followed by the Michigan legislature holding their own hearing on Tuesday, December 1st. Details for both hearings to follow.  “It’s in everyone’s interest to have a full vetting of election irregularities and fraud,” said Mayor Giuliani. “And the only way to do this is with public hearings, complete with witnesses, videos, pictures and other evidence of illegalities from the November 3rd election.”
“We are pleased that the State Legislatures in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan will be convening hearings to examine the November 3rd presidential election,” added Trump campaign Senior Legal Advisor and Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump, Jenna Ellis. “There were serious irregularities, we have proof of fraud in a number of states, and it is important for all Americans to have faith in our electoral process. All we have wanted from the outset is to count every legal vote and discount every illegal vote.”
State Legislatures are uniquely qualified and positioned to hold hearings on election irregularities and fraud before electors are chosen. As established in Article 2, Section 1.2 of the United States Constitution, State Legislatures have the sole authority to select their representatives to the Electoral College, providing a critical safeguard against voter fraud and election manipulation.
Campaign update as of 11:30 am:nov. 20
Trump Campaign Releases Statement on Wisconsin Recount:
Official recount procedures begin in Wisconsin today, following a petition from President Donald J. Trump’s campaign. The campaign released the following statement from Jim Troupis, Wisconsin counsel to the campaign:
“Our democracy depends on fair and impartial elections that fully adhere to the Constitution and state statute. By staging a last minute attempt to change the rules, and by providing unlawful advice before then, the Wisconsin Elections Commission has repeatedly failed to follow the law. They have disenfranchised voters and undermined the integrity of this election. We continue to be confident that when all of the legal ballots are counted and illegal ballots are not counted, President Trump will be proven the winner.”
November 20, 2020 –
Trump campaign statement on Georgia
“Headlines are already falsely reporting that Joe Biden is declared the winner in Georgia. Sorry, media, that’s not how it works. The State of Georgia has not certified its results, and it should not. This so-called hand recount went exactly as we expected because Georgia simply recounted all of the illegal ballots that had been included in the total. We continue to demand that Georgia conduct an honest recount, which includes signature matching. We intend to pursue all legal options to ensure that only legal ballots are counted.”
– Jenna Ellis, Trump Campaign Senior Legal Advisor
Campaign update as of 11:18 am:nov. 18
Trump Campaign Files a Petition for Recount in Two Wisconsin Counties:
President Donald J. Trump’s re-election campaign will file a petition today for a recount in two Wisconsin counties – Milwaukee and Dane – citing illegally altered absentee ballots, illegally issued absentee ballots, and illegal advice given by government officials allowing Wisconsin’s Voter ID laws to be circumvented. These two counties were selected because they are the locations of the worst irregularities. Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. transferred $3 million to Wisconsin to cover the estimated cost of the recounts.
The Wisconsin Elections Commission directed Wisconsin municipal clerks to illegally alter incomplete absentee ballots contrary to Wisconsin law. Clerks were instructed that they could rely on their own “personal knowledge,” or unspecified “lists or databases at his or her disposal” to add in missing information on returned absentee ballots. Under Wisconsin law, incomplete absentee ballots may not be counted.
Municipal clerks across Wisconsin issued absentee ballots to voters without requiring an application, in direct conflict with Wisconsin’s absentee voting safeguards. Wisconsin law expressly requires that absentee ballots may not be issued without receiving a written application requesting the ballot. Despite this clear mandatory requirement, clerks uniformly issued absentee ballots without collecting a written application from persons who requested absentee ballots in person during the two week in-person absentee voting period that ran from October 20, 2020 through November 1, 2020.
Voter identification is an essential requirement in Wisconsin and elsewhere to ensure that only eligible voters may cast their ballots. In clear abuse of Wisconsin’s provision to issue ballots to indefinitely confined voters without requiring them to present voter identification, some Democrat county clerks illegally advised voters to illegally mischaracterize that they were indefinitely confined to circumvent Wisconsin voter ID law. Those claiming to be “indefinitely confined” rose from 72,000 in 2019 to more than 240,000 at the time of the November 3, 2020 election. A substantial number of those claiming that status were sent and then returned ballots without proper identification and without otherwise meeting the requirements for that status.
“The people of Wisconsin deserve to know whether their election processes worked in a legal and transparent way. Regrettably, the integrity of the election results cannot be trusted without a recount in these two counties and uniform enforcement of Wisconsin absentee ballot requirements. We will not know the true results of the election until only the legal ballots cast are counted,” said Jim Troupis, counsel to the campaign. “We will not stop fighting for transparency and integrity in our electoral process to ensure that all Americans can trust the results of a free and fair election in Wisconsin and across the country.”
The petition will be filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission.
Campaign update as of 6 pm:nov. 13
we have 3 states that are still counting Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania.
Note….we are still in the election – it is not over – we are still fighting.
it can take weeks to sort this out…the media projected that and we did too!
Every state has different laws which requires a different strategy.  this is a process so the big word is : patient.
You probably heard today that some lawyers helping us had withdrawn. they were personally attacked via social media or other means…so they buckled under pressure – but we still have a rock solid group of lawyers, so again, don’t listen to the news!! Lol Lol.
GA– As of today the Recount started in Georgia. we should have the count finalized by next Wednesday the 18th; we have a team that is part of that recount
We won the equal protection clause in Pennsylvania which in a nutshell means that you cannot have just the Democrats in the room and not the Republicans and vice a versa. Also we won against the secretary of the state there in which she had changed the voting rules a couple days prior to Election Day. What does that mean? it means maybe they will throw a lot of ballots out. Will have to wait and see the final legality.
Wisconsin and Nevada we are still monitoring the canvassing there because we cannot do nothing until they’re through which is probably around Tuesday or Wednesday and then at that point we have to see where we are , but we cannot request a recount until after they are through.
Campaign update: Nov 12th, 10:15PM:
Campaign Update: MI
So far, we have 234 pages of sworn affidavits alleging Election irregularities from just ONE county in Michigan. Here are the allegations:
  • EYEWITNESS saw a batch of ballots where 60% of them had the SAME signature
  • EYEWITNESS saw a batch of ballots scanned 5 times
  • EYEWITNESS saw 35 ballots counted that were NOT connected to a voter record
  • EYEWITNESS saw poll workers marking ballots with NO mark for candidates
  • VOTER said deceased son was recorded as voting TWICE
  • EYEWITNESS said provisional ballots were placed in the tabulation box
  • FAILED software that caused an error in Antrim County used in Wayne County
  • Republican challengers not readmitted but Democrats admitted
  • Republican challengers physically pushed from counting tables by officials
  • Democrats gave out packet: “Tactics to Distract Republican Challengers”
  • Republican challenges to suspect ballots ignored
Campaign Update as of 8 pm on Nov. 12:
  • Arizona – margin of 11,000 ballots, with approximately 30,000 regular ballots remaining.
  • Georgia – margin of 14,000 ballots, with just under a few thousand ballots remaining.
  • Nevada – margin of 36,000 ballots, with approximately 50,000 provisional ballots remaining.
  • Pennsylvania – margin of 54,000 ballots, with approximately 45,000 mail ballots and 80,000 provisional ballots remaining.
This election is far from over—exactly zero states have certified their election results.
While the media would like to proclaim Joe Biden the winner, there are legal avenues available to the Trump Campaign that we are taking.
We are asking that the media be patient—we owe it to the over 72 million voters who voted for President Trump to ensure their votes are counted.
We also owe it to Joe Biden’s voters as well to ensure that this election is fair, free, safe and secure.
If we cannot trust our electoral outcomes, we have lost our way.
There are legal avenues available for us—recounts and lawsuits—and we are availing ourselves of those avenues.
The media has denied existence of voter fraud—even when we provide clear evidence that fraud is occurring.
This is the same media that wants to call this election before every vote has been counted.
Every legal action we take is a step along this process to ensure electoral integrity.
Every illegal vote suppresses a legal vote.
Stacks of ballots have been run through machines multiple times, dead people are requesting, filling out, and returning ballots, etc.
Our poll watchers and challengers have been intimidated, refused access to polling sites, or kept far away enough from counters that their observation is essentially meaningless.
This is not about left versus right, this is about ensuring trust and confidence in our electoral process—not just for this election, but for every election to come.
Every state has different electoral rules, and our strategy is tailored to each individual state.
The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania sided with the Trump Campaign and the RNC’s challenge to challenge to Secretary of State Boockvar’s unlawful deadline extension for absentee voters to provide missing proof of identification.
The court ruled that Secretary Boockvar “lacked the statutory authority” to unilaterally extend the deadline set by law and ordered that the segregated ballots should not be counted.
The Pennsylvania Secretary of State is playing fast and loose with election law—this decision is a victory for the campaign and for election integrity for all future elections.
Secretary Boockvar re-wrote Pennsylvania Election Code to move the deadline to provide missing proof of identification for absentee voters.
The RNC and Trump campaign filed a lawsuit challenging this flagrant disregard of state law, and last week, the court enforced the proper statutory deadline and ordered that those ballots be segregated and not counted.
Additionally, we have filed a preliminary injunction seeking additional time to confirm our well-founded theory that Pennsylvania election officials have counted thousands of invalid votes.
Pennsylvania election officials do not have discretion to depart from election rules and requirements as laid out by the Pennsylvania legislature.
They must also apply the requirements equally throughout the state.
Voters were treated differently based on their geographic area.
Philadelphia purposely excluded us from observing the counting process, preventing us from quantifying how many invalid ballots have been counted.
If we can get an accurate count of all LEGAL ballots, it could bring us within the 0.5% margin that would trigger an automatic recount.
Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, announced Wednesday that there would be a hand recount of every ballot cast in the Presidential race.
This was in response to our call to the Secretary of State to begin the recount by Congressman Doug Collins, who is heading our legal efforts in Georgia.
A hand recount of every ballot cast in a Presidential race has never happened in Georgia, and it is an important first step in ensuring that every legal vote is counted.
Every illegal vote suppresses a legal vote, and we owe it to everyone who voted in this election, regardless of party, to ensure that our elections are fair, free, safe and secure.
This is a victory for integrity and transparency.
This process will begin tomorrow and we will have observers and challengers looking at every paper record of every ballot cast, either in person or absentee.
This process will be completed by the 18th, and we are ready for this.
The state is required to certify ballots by November 20th—this process will be intense and we are asking for patience to ensure electoral integrity.
Campaign update: Nov 11th, 9:30AM:
GA: Victims of Voter Fraud: Initial Announcement of Deceased Georgians Used to Vote in 2020 General Election
Trump campaign releases first set of illegally cast ballots from dead voters; Americans should have confidence their votes are not rendered meaningless due to illegally cast votes by scheming fraudsters.  The American people deserve a free, fair, and fully transparent election in which every legal ballot is counted and every illegal ballot is not counted. Having confidence in our elections means knowing that votes are legally cast and that voters themselves are legally eligible to cast a ballot.
Americans cannot have confidence in election results unless elected officials, law enforcement authorities, and fair-minded journalists take the issue of voter fraud seriously and investigate potential instances thoroughly. The Trump campaign will continue to bring these allegations to light, and the media and election authorities should vigorously examine them.
Here are several examples in Georgia that should be investigated:
  • Voter records show someone used the identity of Mrs. Deborah Jean Christiansen of Roswell, Georgia to vote in the recent election, even though Mrs. Christiansen passed away in May 2019. Further, someone registered Christiansen to vote on October 5, the day of the deadline to register, more than a year after she passed away. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran an obituary announcing Christiansen’s death at the time of her passing.
  • Someone used the identity of James Blalock of Covington, Georgia to cast a ballot in last week’s election, even though Blalock died in 2006. Blalock’s death notice ran in the Journal-Constitution shortly after he passed away that year.
  • Linda Kesler of Nicholson, Georgia died in 2003, but someone cast a ballot under her identity in last week’s election. Nicholson’s death notice ran in the Journal-Constitution when she passed away.
  • Edward Skwiot of Trenton, Georgia is shown as having cast a ballot last week, even though he died in 2015. The Chattanooga Times Free Press ran a death notice in April of that year.
These victims of voter fraud deserve justice, and legal voters should be able to have confidence that their votes are not rendered meaningless due to illegally cast votes.
Tuesday, Nov 10 – 5 pm Campaign Update:
Our campaign team is broken down into 3 categories: Political, Legal and Communications.
The political side keeps our grassroots engaged; they are daily organic rallies all over the country and the president sees it.
Campaign has moved Staff from state to state-Florida staff to Georgia where they have been knocking on doors and will possibly be helping in the recount next week.
The legal side has people staffing phones and taking complaints and then those complaints get turned into affidavits.
No states have been certified, and Real Clear Politics is the only one who has not declared Biden the winner, and they have him at 259 electoral and not 270.
There were 70 & 1/2 million votes for Pres Trump.
Communications Operations provides press calls, talking points for Surrogates and help to get the most updated information out.
Here is approximate figure of want the margin looks like in each state:
  • AZ 14,746
  • GA 12,566 (8,000 Reg/3,000 Prov)
  • MI 146,123
  • NV 36,274 (1,000 Reg/^60,000 prov)
  • PA 47,353 (53,000 M-in/^100,000 prov)
  • WI 20,540
  • NC called for Trump and Senator Tom Tillis
AZ – we are waiting on more information about the voter machines and there is tentatively a hearing set for Friday;
GA – is a little different. First the City certifies…then the State/Governor certifies..then can file to contest and/or recount.
MI – We are filing today and will have a press conference this evening;
Many irregularities and ballot duplication, etc.
NC – President Trump won the state of North Carolina in the 2020 election, according to a new projection called for Trump and Senator Tom Tillis.
Decision Desk on Tuesday projected that Trump has won the state and its 15 electoral votes.
NV – We have seen a great deal of voter issues-and a lot of evidence has been gathered; such as voters requesting ballots after they have died… voters who have voted after they died, laws were changed 90 days before election and the list goes on.
PA – We filed a suit yesterday along with a few Voters who also filed suit.
WI – Margin issues; hope to file case next week.
November 9 – Campaign Update 7 pm:
PA – President Trump’s re-election campaign today filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania alleging the creation and implementation of an illegal “two-tiered” voting system for the 2020 General Election. Pennsylvania’s “two-track” system resulted in voters being held to different standards depending on how they chose to exercise their right to vote. In-person voters had to sign voter registrations, have those signatures checked against voter rolls, vote in a polling place monitored by statutorily-authorized poll observers, and have their votes counted in a transparent and verifiable open and observed manner.
The state’s mail-in voting, which nearly 2.65 million votes were cast through, lacked all of the hallmarks of transparency and verifiability that were present for in-person voters, including not adequately verifying the voter’s identity, permitting ballots received up to three days after the election to be counted without any evidence of timely mailings, such as a postmark, and denying sufficient monitoring over the reviewing and counting of mail-in ballots.
We believe this two-tracked system results in two Constitutional violations: 1) Equal Protection Clause violation, and 2) Elections and Electors Clauses violation.
“Voters in Pennsylvania were held to different standards simply based on how they chose to cast their ballot, and we believe this two-tiered election system resulted in potentially fraudulent votes being counted without proper verification or oversight, as well as many voters being disenfranchised simply for casting their votes in-person,” said Matt Morgan, Trump 2020 campaign general counsel. “We will not stop fighting for transparency and integrity in our electoral process and ensuring all Americans can trust in the results of a free and fair election.”
The suit is filed against Secretary Boockvar and the Boards of Elections of the following seven counties: Allegheny, Centre, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Northampton.
GA – The counting continues; Recount of some 80,000;
Calling for the GA Sec of the State to Resign.
AZ – Razor thin margin…but expect something in a few days.
NV – A Yughhhhhhhh amount of stuff happened on Election Day. More info to come.
MI – All kind of issues;
Had 2,800 incident reports and more coming in. Each one is being sorted out and investigated and possible pending legal action.
Mark Esper – Sec. of Defense is”terminated”.  Christopher Miller – who was Dir of the National Center Terrorism – is now the Acting Secretary of Defense.
Trump has told advisers if he doesn’t win 2020….he’s thinking about running in 2024. But he is not giving up yet.
Nov. 8,  7:15PM Update
Trump campaign announces Rep. Doug Collins to lead Georgia recount effort
President Donald J. Trump’s campaign today announced that Rep. Doug Collins (GA-9) will lead the campaign’s recount team in Georgia, where a recount will begin as soon as the canvassing has concluded.
“We are concerned about the lack of transparency in the tabulation process, especially given the reports of irregularities and improper ballot harvesting in Georgia,” said Matt Morgan, Trump 2020 general counsel. “In order for Americans to have full faith and confidence in our elections, every legal vote must be counted and every illegal or fraudulent vote must be excluded. We look forward to guaranteeing that our elections are safe and secure, just as we look forward to President Trump winning Georgia.”
“Republicans stand by the ideal that every eligible voter should be able to vote legally and have it be counted,” said Rep. Collins. “During the coming recount, we are confident we will find evidence of improperly harvested ballots and other irregularities that will prove that President Trump won Georgia fairly again on his way to re-election as President. Georgians deserve a free and open process, and they will get one.”
Update as of 11:00 am on Nov 5 from Michael Brown,  head of Election Day Operations:
  • – PA: The Judge has awarded us the appeal from the appellate court and we NOW have access into the room for ballot counting.
  • – NC: no one is talking about NC because it seems we are safe.
  • -GA & MI: we have people deployed there NOW to access the situation.
  • – AZ: we are on pace to win the state. Nate Silver said that Fox news and the associated press should reverse and resend there call that ‘Biden has won AZ.’ We hope to have a release update by 10 PM Tonight. 
  • – NV: right now there is a small margin between Trump & Biden, and there have been numerous voter fraud complaints registered (such as using sharpies for signatures, etc) and every single ballot looks like will have to be Counted.
We have campaign people/volunteers deployed in each of these states; as it cost money for them as well as for the legal team we now had to hire in each of these States, so you can’t imagine the cost that we have incurred to make sure we bring this Election to a fair and balanced Election. And our side does want to make sure this is fair.
So with that being said we have launched another finance Campaign which is called the Trump Recount.  No matter how big or small you can give, your dollar counts. A secure donation link – Secure Recount Donation Link
Keep the faith…we will get thru this together. 
Trump Campaign Scores Major Election Integrity Victory in Philadelphia….
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. released the following statement on the Trump Campaign’s major election integrity victory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
“In a major victory for election integrity, election transparency, all Pennsylvania voters, and the rule of law, the Trump Campaign has prevailed in our suit challenging our Republican poll watchers’ complete lack of any meaningful access to the ballot processing and counting process.
“The eyes of the country are on Pennsylvania, but Pennsylvania Democrats, led by their radical left Secretary of State whose only goal is to steal this election from President Trump, has kept eyes off of the absentee ballot counting process. That ends now in Philadelphia.
“As a result of this incredible legal victory, the lower court’s order has been reversed. Now, according to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, ‘all candidates, watchers, or candidate representatives’ shall ‘be permitted to be present for the canvassing process’ and ‘be permitted to observe all aspects of the canvassing process within 6 feet, while adhering to all COVID-19 protocols, including, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.’
“For the good of the nation, every Pennsylvania county should follow the lead of this judge and provide access for observers to ensure transparency and integrity in Pennsylvania. That is the only way to ensure a fair, transparent election in which all Pennsylvania voters can have confidence their vote will count.”
2:30 pm update:
PA – let me squash the rumors that is going around that they are not letting us back in to the Pennsylvania counting ballot areas:
The only issue right now is in Philadelphia COUNTY. The Democrats have filed an injunction in Philadelphia COUNTY only, not the other Counties, to stop the count all together! It has gone to the STATE Supreme Court for now.
Here is the Recount Donation Link👇:
Recount Donation Link:
Justin Clark, Trump 2020 Deputy Campaign Manger and Senior Counsel