The Ready Room – Representative Scott Franklin 6/17/2024


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Welcome to my e-newsletter, the Ready Room. As a retired Naval Aviator, the Ready Room is special to me because it’s where fellow aviators meet to brief and debrief missions. This is my weekly briefing to you on my mission in Congress. Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for regular updates on how my team and I are working to serve you in Congress.



Providing for our common defense is among the most important of Congress’ Constitutional duties.  It’s especially critical now as we face growing challenges from China and conflict on two continents. Last week, I voted for the House FY 2025 National Defense Authorization Act, a strong package to support our military and ensure U.S. national security.  The bill would make critical investments to deter China, maintain U.S. global leadership and support our ally, Israel.  It will also give our troops an overdue pay raise and improve housing. Click here to learn more. 



In 2022 alone, the U.S. had 66,255 wildfires that burned over 7.5 million acres. A multi-pronged approach is needed to combat this growing crisis causing devastation across the country. Last week, I introduced H.R. 8656 alongside Reps. Harder and Neguse to innovate new wildfire management practices and ensure permanent solutions to wildland firefighter workforce challenges. Specifically, this measure would:

  • Combat firefighter shortages by establishing a new Middle Fire Leaders Academy and grant programs;
  • Retain expert wildland firefighters with increased benefits;
  • Improve response times by establishing the Joint Office of Fire Environment Center and creating new technologies and risk maps; and
  • Develop nationwide real-time air quality monitoring and alert system.

Click here to learn more.




Having issues getting assistance from the Social Security Administration (SSA)? Our office recently helped a constituent receive benefits

after their case stalled at the agency. If you are having trouble getting a response from the SSA, we can help.

Contact our office here or call (863) 644-8215



Test Your Knowledge #CivicsWithScott!

What were the last two states admitted into the Union?

  1. Hawaii and Alaska
    B. Alaska and Oregon
    C. Texas and Oregon
    D. Washington and Hawaii

Last Week’s Question

The United States’ first subway line was opened in what city in 1897?

A. New York
B. Chicago
C. Philadelphia
D. Boston – Correct answer




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Franklin In the News

FMI Applauds Provisions on Food Traceability Rule in House Appropriations Legislation – Food Marketing Institute

Bipartisan Bill Aims to Modernize US Wildfire Management, Support Firefighters – Epoch Times

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@RepFranklin I’m excited about this partnership between @PolkCoSheriff
and @FLPolyU, which will provide students with valuable, real-world AI experience and help keep Polk County safe.

@RepFranklin Happy National Dairy Month! Did you know FL-18’s Okeechobee County produces more dairy than anywhere else in Florida, over 120 million gallons a year!?.


@RepFranklin “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)


@RepFranklin Our adversary China has the largest naval fleet in the world. To counter this threat, we MUST invest in our Naval deterrent capabilities.  The FY25 NDAA will: 

-Fully fund public shipyard modernization to improve 

-Naval fleet readiness Keep the acquisition of new attack submarines on track 

-Fully fund construction of new ballistic missile submarines

-Reject @POTUS’ efforts to cut cruisers 


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