THE BACKHOE CHRONICLES LABOR DAY UPDATE – Peter Feeman, National Committeeman, Florida
The Polls, the Deep State and the Continuing Struggle for America
Part 1
Pollster Jonathan Zogby said last week that his survey found 36 percent of blacks approving of the president, along with 37 percent of Hispanics and 35 percent of Asians. Trump surged among independents to 44 percent, and even 23 percent of Democrats in the poll said they approve of Trump’s performance.
The Zogby analysis stated: “Another factor continuing to help the president’s high approval rating is a rise in crime in our nation’s biggest cities. Unlike a year ago, the president is performing well with voters in large cities. It’s highly likely he is benefiting from the uptick in violence. His law-and-order message is resonating with urban voters at the moment.”
The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll also confirmed Trump’s surge among black voters, as well as greater strength among Hispanic voters than in 2016, as Breitbart News reported:
The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll shows that Trump leads Biden among white voters by a 53 percent to 45 percent margin. The president’s support among black and Hispanic voters has increased.
Nineteen percent of black voters support President Trump, while 77 percent support former Vice President Biden. This represents an 11 point increase of support among black voters for the president, compared to the 8 percent support he received in the 2016 presidential election.
Thirty nine percent of Hispanic voters support President Trump, while only 50 percent support former Vice President Biden, a ten point increase in support among Hispanic voters for the president, compared to the 28 percent he received in the 2016 presidential election.
All of this good news for Chronicles fans was, of course, not reported by the lamestream news outlets.
Meanwhile, the Deep State, maybe anticipating that their time is growing shorter, has ramped up their efforts of anti-American, antiTrump indoctrination…..
Part 2
The Deep State has been busy, busier even during the Trump Administration, adding to the urgency of the election on November 3rd:
Did you know the U.S. Army funds an “Equity and Inclusion Agency”? Seriously…and you thought our military was just about national defense. Think again.
In this “Operation Inclusion”, Army personnel are told that voicing support for enforcing immigration laws or repeating phrases such as “Make America Great Again” are evidence of….. get this….”covert white supremacy.”
Chronicle fans, it gets worse…
You are a racist if you say, “all lives matter” and if you deny the reality of “white privilege.”
You are also a racist if you support Columbus Day, the idea of American exceptionalism or if you believe there is such a thing as reverse racism (which of course there is).
Folks, this is not some nutty college professor or a Democrat candidate running for President. This is our U.S. Army, for crying out loud.
And this virus infects our federal government in numerous federal agencies as well..
Since President Trump was inaugurated in 2017, Howard Ross, a private “diversity consultant” who is paid millions of dollars of our tax money, has conducted at least 17 trainings in numerous federal agencies, including the Department of Justice, the National Institute of Health and the Attorney General’s office.
The “training” begins with the premise that “virtually all white people contribute to racism.”
This “permanent bureaucracy”, this “Deep State”, is the swamp President Trump was elected to drain, so that once again, this nation “of the people, by the people and for the people” might survive.
Now, more than ever, support Donald Trump. Do not let the light of America grow dim on our watch!
Peter Feaman, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Patriot, National Committeeman, Florida.