Sergio Ortiz

Meet Sergio Ortiz

I was born in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, in 1964.  Being number 10 of 13 siblings, I grew up with lots of family around and with hardworking parents.  My primary education was at Segunda Unidad de Limones, in Yabucoa.  We moved to Chicago, IL in 1976, where I attended Middle School, High School and studied at Northeastern University.  In1991, I moved to Kissimmee, FL and graduated from Orlando College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management/Marketing.

My wife’s name is Lucia, we have three children and nine grandchildren, they all reside in Florida.  We enjoy family time with lots of games and laughter.  As an ordained Minister, faith and family are very important to me.

I worked for several different companies in a management position and in the mortgage industry.  In 2003, I opened my own mortgage brokerage company, our main goal was to unite families with homes.  With the upheaval of the housing market, I was forced to find alternative means of wealth acquisitions, and was fortunate to get a job with a large, reputable distribution company, where I worked my way up to a trainer position.

In 2016, I was blessed with an opportunity to be a Mortgage Banker again, where I am currently employed.  It has always been a pleasure to partner with Realtors who are also eager to assist people in achieving the American Dream of homeownership.

Our Country and Our Allegiance stand for every man and woman who everyday goes out to bring prosperity to their families.  I love my country; it is my desire to see my fellow Americans succeed and make their dreams a reality.

Together we can do more!

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