Senator Rick Scott June 22, 2024


I am excited to announce that our new Spanish ad, “GOOOOL,” will be airing throughout the Copa América soccer tournament on TV. This ad underscores the stark contrast between my record and that of my opponent, highlighting her history of supporting socialist politicians and policies, and my record of fighting for freedom and economic prosperity. Be sure to watch for our ad during the games!

Watch the ad in Spanish HERE or below.

Full script in English:

The game is about to begin.

Team Liberty, captained by Senator Rick Scott, takes the field.

Now in position, their opponents, The Socialists, led by Debbie.

Muscarsel-Powell and her allies. Debbie moves to the far left of the field, passes to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The referee pulls a red card on them for killing opportunities with their leftist agenda. Scott advances down the field, focused on protecting our values and creating opportunity. Nothing detains him, and GOOOOOOOL from Scott! LIBERTY wins the game!

This past week, I also had the pleasure of visiting two outstanding Florida-based manufacturers as part of my Made in America Tour.

YoGusto in Miami is a dairy manufacturer dedicated to producing high-quality, locally sourced products. They have produced Fresh from Florida dairy products for nearly 20 years. The story of YoGusto is a classic example of the American dream, as their owner escaped Cuba for a chance to own his destiny in America. During my visit, I toured their facilities and spoke with employees about the importance of supporting local agriculture and ensuring our food supply chains remain strong and independent of foreign influence.

BSWANKY in Sarasota is a luxury purse manufacturer known for its commitment to craftsmanship and American-made quality. I had the opportunity to meet with the talented artisans who create these beautiful products and discuss the significance of keeping manufacturing jobs right here in Florida.


It was also great to honor some of Florida’s incredible manufacturers at the Bay Area Manufacturers Association Awards ceremony! Thank you to BAMA for creating jobs and making products right here in Florida. I will always fight to support our manufacturers.

Purchasing goods made in the USA helps reduce our reliance on products from countries like Communist China, who want to steal our jobs and destroy the American way of life. When we buy American, we support jobs and economic growth right here at home, helping to build stronger, more resilient communities.

Thank you for your continued support and for standing with me as we work to protect our freedoms and promote prosperity. 




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