Senator Marco Rubio April 29 – May 3, 2024

April 29-May 3, 2024


Rubio on Air

  • Senator Rubio joined America’s Newsroom to discuss antisemitic riots on college campuses across the United States.

Rubio in Israel

  • Senator Rubio (R-FL) traveled to Israel and met with families of the hostages detained by Hamas terrorists.

Rubio in Print

  • Senator Rubio wrote a letter to the editors of the Wall Street Journal criticizing the Biden Administration’s refusal to secure America’s border.


  • Senator Rubio joined Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) and colleagues in sending a letter to President Joe Biden requesting an explanation for his plan to bring unvetted Palestinian refugees into the United States. 
  • Senator Rubio sent a letter to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough regarding a recent report exposing the Veterans Health Administration’s failure to identify and exclude providers that have failed to deliver safe and appropriate care.


  • Senator Rubio filed two amendments to the Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act to allow parents to hold infants and babies, under two years of age, in their laps on commercial airlines, and to ensure Florida’s Homestead Air Reserve Base remains a facility used strictly for military missions. 

In the News

“Rubio: Campus protests highlight ‘complete breakdown of law and order’” (The Hill, 5/2/2024) 

“I have said time and time again, the Biden Administration needs to prioritize American tax dollars to address the chaos at our southern border,” (Biden Admin Spending Millions To Protect Foreign Borders As America’s Is In Crisis, Daily Caller, 4/27/2024)

“‘complete breakdown of law and order’ in the ongoing demonstrations that continue to disrupt campus life and threaten Jewish students. These people are out there disrupting all of this, It’s a complete breakdown of law and order, and the president is not doing anything about it. The left is caught in this vise now.’” (Biden Says Pro-Palestinian Protesters Have No ‘Right to Cause Chaos’ on U.S. Campuses, National Review, 5/2/2024)

“Rubio warns of ‘real threat’ of ‘full-scale war’ between Israel and Hezbollah’” (Jewish Insider, 5/2/2024)

“If the Chinese Communist Party can control our apps, it can control Americans’ perceptions and freedom of speech.” (Chinese Shopping App Temu Censors Searches For ‘Trump’ And ‘Biden’, Forbes, 4/30/2024) 

“Sen. Rubio: Iran Is Central Issue in Middle East” (Newsmax, 4/26/2024)

“Senator Marco Rubio: ‘US must pay more attention to Israel’s north’” (Y Net, 4/29/2024)

“Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) responded by pointing out that while the ‘pro-Hamas antisemitic freaks’ occupy a lot of the news, ‘there is still a lot more of us than them.’” (Lawmakers Praise UNC Students for Protecting American Flag from Protesters, Breitbart, 5/1/2024)


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