RPOF Newsletter – August 9, 2022

Message from Governor Ron DeSantis on the FBI Raid at Mar-a-Lago:

“The raid of Mar-a-Lago is another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves. Now the Regime is getting another 87k IRS agents to wield against its adversaries? Banana Republic.”

Chairman’s Message:

Governor DeSantis Announces New Opioid Recovery Program

Governor DeSantis announced the expansion of a new, piloted substance abuse and recovery network to battle the opioid epidemic. The Coordinated Opioid Recovery (CORE) program is the first of its kind in the nation, coordinated through the state’s Department of Health, Department of Children and Families, and the Agency for Health Care Administration. Governor DeSantis also announced the appointment of Dr. Courtney Phillips as the first Statewide Director of Opioid Recovery.

“Biden’s border crisis has caused a massive infusion of drugs coming into our state,” Governor DeSantis said. “This year we increased the penalties for individuals trafficking drugs in our state, and now we are giving Floridians the tools they need to break the substance abuse cycle.” 

Read more: https://www.flgov.com/2022/08/03/governor-ron-desantis-announces-new-opioid-recovery-program-in-florida/



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Florida’s Fight Against Woke Corporations

PayPal is part of the growing woke corporate structure that Florida is fighting against under Governor DeSantis’ leadership, and they struck again last week, this time against Florida-based Moms for Liberty. 

Governor DeSantis tweeted out: “Last week Tina Descovich, Co-Founder of Moms for Liberty, shared that PayPal locked their account and withheld funds with no warning or justification. Days after our event, their funds were released. Florida has put WOKE banking on notice.”

The most recent steps taken by the Governor were a series of protections for Floridians from the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) movement that threatens the vitality of the American economy and Americans’ economic freedom by targeting disfavored individuals and industries to advance a woke ideological agenda.

Previously, Governor DeSantis signed HB 7 into law giving businesses, employees, children and families more tools to stand up to against discrimination and woke indoctrination. The law:

  • Aims to prevent discriminatory instruction in the workplace and in public schools;
  • Defines individual freedoms based on the fundamental truth that all individuals are equal before the law and have inalienable rights; and
  • Is the first of its kind in the nation to take on both corporate wokeness and critical race theory in schools in one act.


Read more: Governor Ron DeSantis Announces New Opioid Recovery Program in Florida

First Lady Casey DeSantis Launches Florida Cancer Connect

First Lady Casey DeSantis unveiled Florida Cancer Connect, a new resource-filled website which focuses on providing centralized information on cancer treatment, caregiver tools and stories from courageous Floridians who have fought this disease. First Lady DeSantis was joined by Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Simone Marstiller, Dr. Scot Ackerman and Florida cancer survivors to launch the initiative. The website is located at flcancerconnect.com

“When I was going through my cancer fight, I saw the need for a centralized hub that housed everything patients and caretakers could need while dealing with this disease,” First Lady Casey DeSantis said.

The Florida Cancer Connect website, which is continuing to grow, offers current tools that help Floridians:

  • Understand cancer research and prevention programs;
  • Locate a health care provider specializing in cancer care;
  • Navigate the complexities of cancer related insurance coverage;
  • Find caregiver resources; and
  • Hear from brave Floridians who have fought cancer.

Read more: https://www.flgov.com/2022/08/03/first-lady-casey-desantis-launches-florida-cancer-connect/


Marco Rubio Always Fights for Veterans

Senator Rubio calls it a “moral obligation” to help veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits while serving America.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gpHz_8qWIw

Senator Rubio Condemns Biden’s China Connection

Senator Rubio wrote a guest column for Fox News slamming Joe Biden’s connections to China and very favorable policies for the communist regime:

“Beijing Biden” is beginning to seem an appropriate nickname.

No, I am not talking about Hunter, but the “Big Guy” himself.

President Joe Biden struck a tough tone on China during his first address to Congress. Puffing out his chest, Biden bragged that he told China’s Marxist dictator the United States “will defend America’s interests across the board.” But 15 months later, it is increasingly clear the president’s policies are helping Beijing far more than Scranton—even as China threatens the U.S. Speaker of the House with military force.

Just look at what is happening in Congress this week.

With Biden’s blessing, Senate Democrats will vote to give massive tax breaks for electric batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines manufactured in China. The taxes are part of the Democrats’ so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” a 725-page boondoggle that will increase taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars in the middle of a recession they created.

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/communist-china-biggest-threat-facing-country-biden-asleep-wheel

Attorney General Moody Announces Formation of Nationwide Anti-Robocall Task Force

Attorney General Ashley Moody announced this week a new Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force that will investigate scammers operating outside of the United States. Florida serves on the executive committee of the task force that consists of 50 attorneys general focusing on telecommunications companies that are responsible for bringing the majority of foreign robocalls into the United States. The new task force has one goal: to cut down on illegal robocalls. 

“My office is working with states across the nation to stop the influx of illegal robocalls originating overseas,” Attorney General Moody said. “These calls are often used to execute devious scams and steal from Americans—so it’s important that we work together to investigate these foreign phone calls and find ways to stop them from harming our citizens.”

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CFO Jimmy Patronis Announces Eight Arrests in Manatee County Unlicensed Contractor Sting

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis announced this week the arrest of eight unlicensed contractors in Manatee County.  

The joint operation between CFO Patronis’ fraud detectives and the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office was launched to deal with unlicensed contractors who were both working without a required contractor license and doing construction work without having workers’ compensation insurance or a workers’ compensation insurance exemption. 

“Performing construction work without workers’ compensation insurance and the required contractor licenses is not only illegal, but dangerous,” CFO Jimmy Patronis said. “Taking advantage of hard-working Floridians just to save a few bucks is despicable and puts customers and employees at risk.

Read more: CFO Jimmy Patronis Announces Eight Arrests in Manatee County Unlicensed Contractor Sting

LG Nuñez keynote speaker at St. Thomas University College of Law Human Trafficking Academy

Lieutenant Governor Nuñez tweeted this week: “I was honored to be the keynote speaker at this year’s John J. Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy at St. Thomas University College of Law. Because of St. Thomas Law’s commitment to fight this crime, we can take an all-hands-on-deck approach to protect Floridians and save lives.”



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