Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida

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New Jersey Election Update

  • This has been the most successful election cycle for New Jersey Republicans in the last thirty years – representing historic wins for a whole generation.
    • The RNC worked hand-in-glove with the New Jersey Republican Party, the Ciattarelli campaign, and candidates up-and-down the ballot to Get Out The Vote.
    • In this election cycle alone, our data-driven ground game made over 2.5 million voter contacts in the Garden State – an all-time RNC record for New Jersey.
    • Throughout the campaign, Jack Ciattarelli urged support for critical down-ballot races and Republican candidates remained in lockstep on our commonsense, winning message.
    • Following Election Night, Republican State Senator Mike Testa underscored the up-ticking trend: “Republicans came out in droves and we saw so many seats flipped.”
  • Momentum for commonsense, Republican policies is clearly on the rise in the Garden State and results are still coming in as ballots continue to be counted.
    • To date, Republicans have flipped 8 state legislature seats, two in the Senate, six in the Assembly.
    • Edward Durr has officially ousted one of the state’s most powerful Democrat politicians, Senate President Steve Sweeney.
      • Spending only $153, it didn’t take hefty campaign cash to convince voters that Democrat policies aren’t working – even against the longest standing state senate president.
      • Driving Republican voters to the polls, the RNC made nearly 13,000 voter contacts in this district alone.
    • Republican women had a banner year as we have added six women to the state legislature, and that number could continue to rise.
    • These wins are both a referendum on Joe Biden and Phil Murphy’s extreme agenda and a stamp of approval on Republican’s commonsense policies.
  • Despite being a deep blue state, New Jersey’s governor’s race is still too close to call with Jack Ciattarelli holding a tight margin to extreme Democrat Phil Murphy.
    • This race has shocked the country as Democrats hold an advantage of one million voters over Republicans.
    • Joe Biden won the Garden State by 16 points in 2020, but now he’s underwater.
    • Votes will continue to be counted and Jack is still very much in the fight. 
  • The RNC is deploying 20 attorneys to the state, where we already had nearly a dozen staff prior to the election for support.
  • Ahead of Early Voting and Election Day, we confirmed nearly 1,000 poll watcher shifts and nearly 1,000 challenger shifts to mobilize our election integrity efforts across the state.
  • Our election integrity operation is working on the ground seamlessly with the NJGOP and Ciattarelli campaign. Our attorneys and political challengers are in all 21 counties, which is in addition to the Republican members of each board of elections.
  • Bottom line: As votes continue to be counted in deep Blue New Jersey, Republicans are scoring huge down-ballot wins – starting with an everyday, hard-working Jersey truck driver who spent a mere $153. If you think Democrats aren’t in serious trouble in 2022, it’s time to think again.