RNC Releases Part 1 of “Unchecked” Video Series on Biden’s Border Crisis


from your National Committeeman, Peter Feaman


RNC Releases Part 1 of “Unchecked” Video Series on Biden’s Border Crisis

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) released today the first part of a new video series, “Unchecked,” displaying the horrors of Joe Biden’s open border crisis. The series features conversations with those who have spent time on the frontline and know firsthand the harsh realities of Biden’s failures that have led to over two million illegal immigrants being encountered at the southwest border since he took office.


The series release comes as Biden oversaw the worst February at the border in 22 years and Border Patrol is preparing for a “ record-breaking surge of migrants” this spring. Amid this historic crisis, Biden is reportedly planning to end the use of Title 42, an important tool to fight illegal immigrant, even though administration officials privately say this will create a massive influx of illegal immigration and worsen the crisis.

“Plain and simple: Joe Biden is the root cause of the pain and suffering on the border. Biden and ‘border czar’ Kamala Harris’ failures have put our law enforcement officials in harm’s way, leaving them to defend an open border with drugs, human trafficking, and crime surging. Every community is a border community under Biden, as drugs and crime move across the country.” – RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

The series includes interviews with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Congressman Tony Gonzales (TX-23), former ICE Director Ron Vitiello, and journalist Julio Rosas.

“We are seeing a human rights catastrophe, we are seeing a public health catastrophe, we are seeing a crime and national security catastrophe … I’ve asked the Senate Democrats to Texas and see the border, not one of them is willing to do it. They are literally turning a blind eye, and they are counting on the corporate media to cover it up.” – Senator Ted Cruz

“These are people. These are real people there, right? So the migrants that are jumping off of trains and getting hurt – in some cases losing arms and limbs, that’s part of the two million. Every part of America has been impacted. You’ve got migrants going to every corner of the country.” – Congressman Tony Gonzales

“We’ve never seen a number that big, we’ve never seen two million encounters within a year’s time, it’s just never happened. The people that live just north of the border – they see the human trafficking, they see the exploitation, they see the smuggling, and so [Americans] are most effected by it day to day.” – Former ICE Director Ron Vitiello

“Often times when we see the rest of the media catch up with border coverage, it’s when there’s a sudden influx at one point. Which, ok that’s good, but that influx is happening at all different points, at all different parts every single day.” – Julio Rosas, Senior Writer at Townhall.com