Mike Scott – Candidate for Polk County Commissioner District 5

Why I am running:

Polk County is growing at a rapid pace and while growth is good, if managed irresponsibly, this
growth can cause future problems for our community that we can potentially avoid with the right
leadership in place. I am running because as a business owner and civil engineer, I can
leverage my years of experience and knowledge to bring solutions to the presented challenges
that will have long-term positive impacts for the residents of our County and generations to

As one of the fastest growing counties in the State of Florida, I believe that there are three
pillars that we need to reinforce that will serve and support Polk County moving forward: Smart
Growth, Strategic Development, and Strong Communities.

To focus on “Smart Growth” means that we focus on long-term planning and discover
solutions that will allow us to continue growing, while working to avoid finding ourselves in a
place where we can no longer sustain due to rapid overgrowth. This means that we may have to
look at when and how we approve future projects and make sure that we have the ability to
manage the growth offensively, rather than defensively.

While development is generally good, “Strategic Development” is better. A growing county
has the need to be developed, but we must work with our developers to do so in a manner that
does not overtax our land, infrastructure, and resources. One way to do this is to promote infill
development, where we redevelop vacated and underutilized lands, especially in our urban
areas. Leveraging my 17 years of experience as a professional engineer, I can provide and
opine on technical strategies that can result in positive development of the county.

“Strong Communities” unequivocally means a stronger Polk County. The residents of Polk
County deserve to feel safe and protected. Support of our first responders is something that we
must continue to do, and we must ensure that they have the resources necessary to serve.
However, strong communities are not only about first responders, they are also about creating
an environment where we put our residents first. We need to continue to provide a place where
we can all comfortably live, work, shop, eat, play, and enjoy this beautiful county we call home.
Address: PO BOX 3917, Lakeland, FL 33802
Phone: 863-608-1031
Email: [email protected]


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