Meet Terry Clark – Conservative Candidate for Polk County School Board, District 5

Meet Terry Clark Conservative Republican candidate for Polk County School Board, District 5

“My name is Terry Clark and I’m running for Polk County School Board, District 5. I am a Christ follower, a husband, a father and a grandfather. I graduated from the University of South Florida with a BA in Elementary Education.
But as I continued to seek God’s will, He led me into being a Worship Pastor. Even though I continue to lead worship on a part-time basis, I felt impressed that God wanted me to get involved with our public schools.
All 3 of my adult children and 3 of my grandchildren have graduated from Polk County public schools. I presently have 2 grandchildren at McKeel. In just a few years I will have 2 more grandchildren entering school.
I am greatly disturbed with what I see in our public schools, and I lay much of the blame on a School Board that won’t stand up for what’s right. That is why I’m running. I want the best possible educational experience for my grandchildren and all the children of Polk County.”
My 3 greatest concerns are:
  1. Transparent Curriculum
  2. Return to Academics
  3. Instill a love for our County
My campaign theme is “Education not Indoctrination”