Laurel Lee – Candidate for Re-election to US Congress Florida District 15

Meet Laurel Lee – Candidate for Re-election to US Congress, Florida District 15

I am proud to represent the people of Florida Congressional District 15. Before being elected in 2022, I served as a federal prosecutor, a judge, and as Florida’s Secretary of State. Here’s where I stand on the issues:



Because of the Biden administration, Floridians are facing historic inflation and skyrocketing gas prices. I will continue to fight for policies to get the economy back on track and put more money in the pockets of hard-working Americans, like cutting wasteful spending, lowering taxes, balancing the budget, and reviving the Keystone Pipeline. I will also continue to work to preserve good-paying American jobs and will support removing burdensome regulations and taxes on families and small businesses.


Border Security

We have an illegal immigration crisis at the southern border. The Biden administration, since day one, has reversed immigration policies that were working. Now, our border is under attack, drawing in millions of illegal immigrants, including criminals, and deadly fentanyl that is devastating communities across the country. As part of the Homeland Security Committee, I, along with my Republican colleagues, have been leading the fight to put an end to this.


I supported a comprehensive border package in Congress to secure our border and to stop the flood of illegal immigration, which included stopping drug cartels and human traffickers, as well as supporting our Customs and Border Patrol Agents with the tools and technology needed to secure our border.


I also support finishing the Trump Border Wall and reinstating Trump administration border policies, like Remain in Mexico, as well as deporting illegal immigrants who enter the country unlawfully.


America First

The radical left and Washington liberals are taking this country in the wrong direction. We should be proud to be Americans. I will fight to defend the Constitution and preserve American values, and I will continue to stand up for freedom, prosperity, and opportunity.


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Twitter/X: @vote_laurel


Contact: [email protected]