Jennifer Price — Candidate for Polk County Commissioner District 1

On the Issues:

Development Accountability
I share the concerns expressed by many in Polk County about unbridled
development. I will actively work to elevate development standards that
prioritize the well-being and individual property rights of our citizens and
local businesses over the interests of national developers.

As Polk County continues to grow, it’s crucial to accelerate the development
of an infrastructure plan that alleviates immediate needs while
simultaneously planning for the future. Those driving sprawling residential
growth should proportionally contribute to further infrastructure development.

Economic Growth
Polk County holds the potential to emerge as a key economic powerhouse in
Florida, paving the way for exciting opportunities for all Polk residents. By
attracting a variety of businesses to our county, we can promote business
diversity and champion the growth and expansion of small businesses.

Support First Responders
Polk’s first responders serve our community with passion and dedication.
Creation of comprehensive solutions that attract and retain dedicated team
members will help ensure we retain our finest, not losing qualified and
experienced team members to neighboring counties.

Natural Resources
Preserving and maintaining Polk County’s natural resources is
imperative to the quality of life for present and future generations. Clean
water, green areas, and wildlife habitats are essential for all inhabitants
of our county, and it is vital that we protect these valuable resources.

Your voice matters to me.



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