Impromptu Trump Rally at Tampa Airport Sat -July 31

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Polk REC members, Royal Brown and Glynnda White, attend Impromptu Trump Rally at Tampa Airport Sat -July 31

Glynnda and I attended a great rally for President Trump on the tarmac of private jet side of Tampa International Airport  yesterday (July 31) at 4:30 pm along with an estimated 1,000 – 1,500 other enthusiastic folks mostly from Trump Clubs in the Tampa/Clearwater area.  For security reasons, this was a 24 hour notice by invitation from Tampa area Trump Club officials with names placed on list night before.  This rally was not open to the public.  Another est 500 folks not on the “list” lined the road outside the private jet airport side.  

Obviously, security was very tight and we had to report for security checks no later than 2:30 pm.  The organizers did a great job positioning large tents with cooling fans for folks to assemble in wait for the President’s arrival.  Once announced that Air Force One was approaching, the crowd was moved and positioned on the tarmac using turnstyles for “social distancing” purposes.  Masks were not required and the front row of folks was no more than 20′ from the podium so we all had great views of the President who looked fantastic.  
  –  POTUS also walked down a very tall, portable boarding ramp rolled out to Air Force One (parked about 40 yards from the crowd).  He looked very robust, dispelling any leftist crap about his physical condition.  
  – It was an awesome scene with magnificent AF One in background along with the black “beast” Presidential limousine and other vehicles,secret service agents, snipers on hanger roofs, airport police, Swat teams, etc. 
The main purpose of this rally was to honor approx. 20 FL County Sheriff’s on hand and others not present who have publically endorsed President Trump. After the President’s remarks of about 30 minutes, great 2d Amendment defender, Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Brevard County gave an outstanding welcoming speech on behalf of the other Sheriffs present.  It was reported the President met with these men after leaving the airport.
  – The theme of POTUS remarks was his strong support for LE nation-wide mentioning he had thousands of endorsements from law enforcing agenceis.  He emphasized the criminal rioting and  destruction of federal property would not be tolerated and that it was shameful how Democrat elected officials had ignored the destruction by criminal mobs in their cities and states. 
  – He rightfully ridiculed Democrat support to de-fund or eliminate police in Democrat controlled cities and states.  He further rightfully criticized Democrat elected officials supporting  the criminal violence by anarchist mobs including BLM, antifa and their supporters in such Democrat controlled cities as Minneapolis, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, etc. 
  – He mentioned Democrat lies (including House Judiciary Committee Chair, Nadler) that  these criminal activities resulting in looting, arson, destruction of property including police cars and precincts, injuries to police and others and even murders were just “protests” and that it was a “myth” they were violent.  
Despite the heat, it was a great, very inspiring event – pictures will follow.