Florida GOP Newsletter – January 30, 2023

Governor Ron DeSantis Proposes Teachers’ Bill of Rights

Unprecedented Legislation to Empower Educators, Protect Teachers from Overreaching School Unions, and Raise Teacher Pay ~

Earlier this week, Governor Ron DeSantis announced an unprecedented legislative proposal to create a Teachers’ Bill of Rights. The proposal will empower educators to be leaders in their classrooms, enact paycheck protection, reduce terms for school board members from twelve to eight years, and invest another $1 billion in teacher pay.

“This is a huge package to increase teacher pay, support teacher empowerment and protect teachers’ paychecks by ensuring they have control over their hard-earned salary.”

– Governor Ron DeSantis, January 23, 2023

The Governor’s plan includes:

  • Securing a $1 billion increase in teacher pay
  • Implementing a Teachers’ Bill of Rights
  • Enacting paycheck protection and other reforms to school unions
  • Term limiting school board members to 8 years

“We want more transparency into how school unions operate, and we are going to fight against school union haggling that holds teachers and their salary increases hostage. Partisan groups should not be given special privileges.”

– Governor Ron DeSantis, January 23, 2023

To learn more about the Teachers’ Bill of Rights, click here.

Read more about Governor DeSantis’ bold plan to empower educators here.

Governor DeSantis Announces Law and Order Legislation

On Thursday, Governor DeSantis announced his legislative proposal to maintain and further improve Florida’s 50-year record low crime rate, and build on previous pro-public safety initiatives.

The law and order legislative proposal includes:

  • Pushing back against the abolishing of cash bail
  • Increasing penalties for drug-related crimes
  • Stepping up human smuggling interdictions
  • Strengthening punishment for child rapists
  • Preventing the early release of sex criminals
  • Making it more feasible to administer ultimate justice to those facing the death penalty

Governor DeSantis previously implemented hallmark anti-rioting legislation, the strongest law enforcement recruitment and support initiative in the nation, and a crackdown on opioid dealers and drug traffickers.

Read more about Governor DeSantis law and order proposal here.

Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Additional Funding to Support Floridians Impacted by Hurricane Ian

“We are committed to cutting red tape and getting temporary housing trailers delivered to these communities as fast as possible so they can accelerate the rebuilding process. We will continue to fund programs and fill the gaps for Floridians as they recover after Hurricane Ian.”

– Governor Ron DeSantis, January 19, 2023

When Governor DeSantis took office, he directed the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) to do whatever it took to get recovery funds out the door faster to get communities back on their feet. As a result, in the 112 days since Hurricane Ian made landfall, FDEM has obligated more than $500 million in public assistance funding. 

Governor DeSantis delivered again for Floridians who were impacted by Hurricane Ian.

To apply for state-led housing recovery programs, visit IanRecovery.fl.gov/unite.

Learn more about the funding to support the Governor’s directive here.

Florida’s Unemployment Rate Drops to Historic Low

On January 20, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that Florida’s unemployment rate dropped to 2.5 percent in December 2022, a historic low last reached in 2006, demonstrating that Florida has continued to grow and recover after enduring two hurricanes in late 2022. Additionally, Florida’s statewide unemployment rate has been lower than the national rate for 25 consecutive months since December 2020.

“Florida continues to outpace the nation and withstand negative headwinds due to federal policy. I look forward to building off our success with record tax relief in the upcoming legislative session.”

–Governor Ron DeSantis, January 20, 2023

December 2022 marks the second month in 2022 that Florida reached a 2.5 percent unemployment rate. Also, population in the Sunshine State increased to 22.2 million in 2022, maintaining the state’s status as the third largest in the nation behind California and Texas. Florida is #1 for net migration in 2022, ranking the fastest growing state in the nation with a growth rate of 1.9 percent. 

Floridians in search of work and new job opportunities are encouraged to turn to the CareerSource Florida network for help. Floridians seeking a career can find guidance on how to register with Employ Florida for free services to search listings of available local job openings, improve their employability skills, and pursue customized career training.

Learn more about Florida’s historic low unemployment and job data here.

Florida’s Hometown Heroes Program Reaches $50 Million Milestone

Governor DeSantis announced this week that the Hometown Heroes housing assistance program has awarded more than $50 million to nearly 3,500 individuals in down payment and housing assistance since June 2022 when the program launched. The Hometown Heroes program assists individuals such as law enforcement officers, educators, healthcare professionals, and active military personnel or veterans in purchasing their first home in Florida. 

Read more here.

For more information on the Florida Hometown Heroes Housing Program, please visit www.floridahousing.org/hometownheroes.



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