Congressman Greg Stuebe May 5, 2024

May 5, 2024

Dear Floridian:

This week, the country witnessed violent and hateful anti-Israel protests on campuses all over the country, including in Florida. While I adamantly support students’ rights to free speech and to peacefully protest while expressing their viewpoints, threats and harassment against individuals of a specific religious faith is unacceptable. Antisemitism has no place in America.

I’m deeply concerned about how the federal government is pressuring financial institutions for data on Americans using purchase data terms like “America First,” “Trump,” and “MAGA.” I joined the Ways and Means Committee to address Biden’s Treasury Secretary Yellen regarding these concerning surveillance practices targeting Americans based on their political beliefs. 

I also joined the Weaponization subcommittee to expose the Biden White House’s coercion of Amazon. The evidence suggests a clear attempt by the federal government to manipulate private entities for political gain.

Lastly, it was an honor to host the FL-17 Service Academy Fair this week and address our district’s young leaders who are interested in becoming future military leaders. 

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Congressman Greg Steube



Joining The Ways and Means Committee to Examine Biden’s Treasury Secretary on Americans’ Data Privacy

At the Ways and Means Committee, I addressed Biden’s Treasury Secretary Yellen regarding FINCEN’s concerning surveillance practices targeting conservative Trump supporters. It’s deeply troubling that the federal government is pressuring financial institutions for data using terms like “America First,” “Trump,” and “MAGA.” This intrusion into Americans’ private financial data based on political beliefs is unacceptable. If the government seeks this information, it must follow proper legal procedures and obtain a warrant. We need to stand firm in defending Americans’ privacy rights and ensuring accountability in government actions. 

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Joining the Weaponization Subcommittee to Discuss the Biden White House’s Coercion of Amazon

I joined the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government to expose troubling revelations: Biden’s White House officials have been exerting undue pressure on Amazon, by coercing the tech giant to conform to political agendas. This revelation not only raises serious questions about governmental overreach, but also highlights the concerning erosion of corporate independence. Despite the denials from the administration, evidence suggests a clear attempt to manipulate private entities for political gain.This alarming behavior cannot be swept under the rug. As your representative, it’s my duty to ensure transparency and accountability in government actions. 

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Hosting the FL-17 Service Academy Fair

I hosted the FL-17 Service Academy Fair this weekend, where students from across our district gathered to explore opportunities for service to our nation. As your representative and as a former Army officer, witnessing the enthusiasm and dedication of our young leaders to our country was truly inspiring. I extend my gratitude to the service academy representatives, Senator Rick Scott’s team, and the Sarasota Military Academy for their contributions to this event. I look forward to soon nominating a class of impressive students to our nation’s service academies! 

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Learn more about the 2024-2025 nomination process here.



Joining The Bottom Line to Discuss The Success of Trump’s Tax Cuts


Joining One America’s John Hines to Discuss My Opposition to Warrantless FISA

Joining Joe Pags to Discuss How to Combat Antisemitism at Universities


Joining Evening Edit to Discuss Protecting Trump’s Tax Cuts


DAILY MAIL | Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen faces grilling on extensive program that allowed the feds to spy on thousands of Americans through bank transactions

“When pressed by Steube on the Treasury’s suggestion that banks look up search terms like ‘MAGA’ and ‘Trump’ to identify extremism, she responded: ‘It’s a way of trying to narrow the scope of search for individuals who, based on other information available to the financial institutions, may have been guilty of illegal behavior.’”

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WASHINGTON EXAMINER | Republicans introduce FAUCI Act to prohibit former health officials from profiting off medical research

“House Republicans are set to introduce a bill seeking to prohibit former government employees of health agencies from profiting off medical research or products, specifically targeting former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci… Lesko is joined by six GOP co-sponsors in the House, including Reps. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Dan Bishop (R-NC), Diana Harshbarger (R-TN), Doug LaMalfa (R-CA), Greg Steube (R-FL), and Joe Wilson (R-SC). “

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RECLAIM THE NET | US Lawmakers Grill Former Biden Admin Officials Who Pressured Social Media Companies To Censor

“Congressman Greg Steube challenged former White House Senior Advisor for the COVID-19 Response, Andy Slavitt, regarding his involvement in what Steube termed a coercion campaign against social media platforms and retailers like Amazon to control information related to COVID-19.”

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