Chad Davis – Candidate for Florida State House District 48

Chad Davis for Florida House of Representatives, District 48


Preparing our Kids to Compete

– Support all school choice options

– Support parental rights 

– Strengthen accountability

– Ensure education, not indoctrination


Growing Jobs

– Reduce regulations

– Support small businesses and entrepreneurship

– Support workforce development


Strengthen Constitutional Rights

– Support the 2nd Amendment

– Protect the lives of the unborn

– Protect religious liberty

– Promote the freedom and responsibilities of families


Focus on Infrastructure

– Support public safety and our law enforcement

– Increase efficiency in road projects

– Conserve and protect natural resources


Keep Florida Free and Competitive 

– Defend against federal agencies pushing woke agendas

– Reduce taxes and eliminate the business rent tax

– Increase tort reform

– Assist homeowners struggling with property insurance rate increases


Contact information: [email protected];


P.O. Box 2214, Winter Haven, FL 33883