Polk County GOP 2021 Patriot Day Dinner

The Polk County GOP annual Patriot Day Dinner returns.

Join us on May 8th at the beautiful Lake Eva Convention Center in Haines City as we award the”Patriot of the Year

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Join us on May 8th at the beautiful Lake Eva Convention Center in Haines City as we award the”Patriot of the Year” to a deserving Polk county conservative Republican. Past winners have included Sheriff Grady Judd and Sam Killebrew.

Dinner will be a delicious no-contact buffet style dinner served by catering staff, all safety precautions will be taken by catering staff. Cash Bar on site.

Confirmed speakers this year are:

  • Sheriff Grady Judd
  • Representative Greg Steube – US House District 17
  • Representative Scott Franklin – US House District 15

Cost is $75 per person.

Sponsorships Available:

  • Group Table Sponsorship! $ 1,000.00; Covers all 8 tickets for your table plus recognition of your group or business.
  • Individual/Business:
  • Gold: $ 5,000.00 – name included in the Program, signage, recognition from podium, inclusion in radio ads and specific banners at the event  
  • Silver: $ 2,500.00 – name included in the Program, signage, recognition from podium
  • Bronze: $ 1,000.00 – name included in the Program  
  • $500.00, $250.00 & $100.00 sponsorships also available.

For more information Contact Event Coordinator:
Glynnda White
Phone: 407-401-4162
E-mail: glynndaw@hotmail.com



Meet Mike Musick –

Mike and his wife, Niki, have lived in Lakeland for more than 40 years. They have three college-aged children: Parker, Britain and Remington. Mike is a ‘91 graduate of Lakeland Christian School. Niki is a ‘92 graduate of Lakeland High School. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Southeastern University.

The Musick family enjoys traveling, sports and their three dogs – Sasha, Captain and Tyler.


Mike established Musick Construction & Roofing more than 20 years ago. His goal is to give his customers a construction experience beyond their expectations.

As a small business owner in Lakeland, Mike’s goal as a commissioner would be to help eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape so that other local business owners can thrive in their professions.


As a high school track athlete at Lakeland Christian School, Mike won multiple state championships in the half mile. Athletics helped Mike to learn the importance of discipline and hard work. For the past 12 years, Mike has coached cross country and track with the goal of passing on the same love for sports to future generations like his dad did as his coach.

Mike will use this strong work ethic as he fights for the citizens of Lakeland.


Mike, Niki and their kids have been on dozens of missions trips to more than 20 countries around the world.

Mike is currently a deacon at Heritage Baptist Church where he also serves on the missions committee. He is on the board of Camp Gilead in Polk City, Florida, and the founder of Leverage Ministries.

Mike’s love for people and his desire to help is the reason he seeks out opportunities to serve.

The City of Lakeland Special Election will be held on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.
Please vote Mike Musick to fill the City Commission Southeast District D seat.

Lake Wales Commissioner Al Goldstein Runs for Re-election to Seat 4

Lake Wales Commissioner Al Goldstein Runs for Re-election to Seat 4

Al Goldstein was first elected in April 2019 to Seat 4, District 27

“I’m finally understanding the job of a city commissioner,” Goldstein said. “Either you’re dedicated to the job, as some of us are now, or you just go in and show up.”

“Accountability – that should be our motto right now,” Goldstein said. “We have a mission statement coming out, but I think we should use the word accountability. I jumped all over that word.

“Accountability. That’s us. That’s what we stand for.”

Since commissioners are not allowed to discuss city business with each other outside of official meetings, Goldstein said the workshops have been eye opening and have promoted better decision making and open communications.

“We don’t always agree – when we get into conversations and get down deep in problems we are able to see things we weren’t able to see before,” said Goldstein, who strongly opposed the city’s mask mandate that was approved by a 3-2 vote. “Even if they get upset with one another, that’s fine, we just work things out.”

Goldstein stops by city hall several times a week and meets with City Manager James Slaton and some of his key staff to better understand city operations.

Goldstein said he is pleased with the city’s progress during his first 16 months in the job, including road paving, park improvements, purchasing the YMCA, sale of the historic 1919 building to the Lake Wales Charter Schools and work on better police community relations.

“I really want to be proud of my city. We’re on the right track now,” Goldstein said. “We have a good board that understands each other.”

Goldstein said he has learned a lot this year serving on the Florida League of Cities Federal Action Strike Team and was pleased to recently be named chairman of the league’s legislative committee on land use and economic development.

“I wish I was 50 years old right now – now that I see how political action works it gives me incentive to work harder,” said Goldstein, who just turned 79. “There are programs I didn’t even know were available to our city – dollar savings programs. I don’t want to be behind other cities in the county or in the state.”

Growing business, jobs, affordable and executive housing are all important to Goldstein, who says he is upset about the deteriorating condition of the Eagle Ridge Mall, and because “the mall is a disgrace, I’m glad we don’t have a sign ‘Welcome to Lake Wales’ at the north end of our city.”

He expresses concerns that corporations have chosen to bypass Lake Wales for nearby communities, like Frostproof. He also wants more accountability for the funds the city pays the Lake Wales Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Committee and Lake Wales Main Street to attract business.

“I’m not only challenging the Chamber of Commerce, but I’m challenging us on the commission,” Goldstein said. “We shouldn’t take criticism personally – we have to think of criticism as building blocks.”

Goldstein frequently speaks about his commitment to the city’s northwest community and wants the city to develop a Black music and cultural center to help minority children have pride in their heritage. But he often reminds commissioners that they must consider needs throughout the city.

“We’re going to be a great city – I think we have some great years ahead of us,” he said.


Goldstein has cultivated relationships at the local, state and national level, receiving endorsements from state Rep. Melony Bell, Sheriff Grady Judd and Polk County Commissioner Bill Braswell.

“Al is a man of unwavering principle with a strong conservative foundation,” Braswell wrote in an endorsement letter addressed to the citizens of Lake Wales. “He is an asset to the community and has shown to be a leader during his first term in office. Al is committed to his community and can be counted on to make the tough decisions required of a city commissioner.”

Goldstein chairs the Florida League of Cities Land Use and Economic Development Committee and serves on the Federal Action Strike Team, which visits Washington DC to discuss legislative issues at the national level. He has worked closely with Bell and other lawmakers to advocate for Lake Wales.

Bell said she was honored to endorse Goldstein for re-election.

“He has shown strong leadership from the time he was sworn into office by hitting the ground running. He began by educating himself on the budget and the needs of the city,” Bell wrote in her endorsement. “Al has been a positive voice for Lake Wales by advocating at our Capitol in Tallahassee. He is a true believer in “home rule” when elected officials from Municipalities should rule by making policy on a local level instead of the State of Florida. He is always demanding that Tallahassee Legislators do not put any unfunded mandates on municipalities.”

In his endorsement of Goldstein, Judd wrote: “Commissioner Goldstein is honest and ethical. He listens to his constituents and makes decisions in the best interest of all the city residents, rather than rendering knee jerk positions out of emotion. That is why I support Al for reelection.”

Goldstein said he is thankful for the endorsements from Bell, Judd and Braswell and “for all those who have supported me and the folks who didn’t know or support me previously are finding out that I am a commissioner that works for all our city and will continue to do that.

“My exposure working with county commissioners, state representatives and all the FLC has been educational and has contributed to my growth as a representative of our city, and I believe it is helping guide the growth of our city.”

Meet Al Goldstein :

Goldstein and his wife of 31 years, Shirley, moved to Lake Ashton six years ago, returning to his home state. His family traces its Florida roots back to 1845, and Goldstein grew up in Hollywood in South Florida. He served as a U.S. Marine, worked in government and contract services and owned his own business prior to retiring in 1995. Al was the former 1st Vice Chair of the Polk County Republican Executive Committee.

“I’ve had my years of playing golf,” Goldstein said. “I fished as a kid. Maybe if I’m alive and well by the time my time is over with the city I can go back to doing some fishing.”


Reporting from LakeWalesNews.Net

Ken Kipp, Polk County Republican Party 2nd Vice Chair, is running for the Haines City Commission, Seat 5.

Ken Kipp, Polk County Republican Party 2nd Vice Chair, is running for the Haines City Commission, Seat 5.

As I look back on my life, I try to focus on the positive changes that have come about because of my involvement. I know without a shadow of a doubt that all of us are placed in positions in life where the most good can be accomplished. I have gotten to invest years of my life into the lives of our Haines City youth in my position at Haines City High School. What a blessing it has been to look back on the journey. You can see the path so clearly.
I’m looking forward to taking a seat once again on the Commission to serve our great citizens!
Meet Ken Kipp –
Ken Kipp moved to Haines City in 1992. He and his wife Rebecca (Becky) of 43 years and have two children and 5 grandchildren. Ken is unapologetically a Christian. He loves Haines City. He has spent 8 years working at Haines City High School.
Fiscally, Ken describes himself as “old-fashioned” and doesn’t want to borrow money without a really good reason. Ken is an experienced former Commissioner and he knows the job. Ken wants Haines City to return to great customer service and be business-friendly. Ken, as a sitting Commissioner will vote on the city budget and hire city manager, attorney, police and fire chief.
Do you want your voice heard in Haines City? Vote Ken Kipp – Ken promises to represent all of Haines City well!

Lockdown States Like California and New York have higher all-cause mortality rates

Lockdown States Like California and New York have higher all-cause mortality rates

Florida Remains Below the National Average

Under the steady leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, and despite being faced with challenges as a result of the COVID pandemic, Florida was able to safely reopen– allowing students to return to school and Floridians to go back to work. Businesses started reopening safely and Florida’s economy is recovering.   Additionally, an aggressive vaccination effort which has been underway in Florida since December, has resulted in more than 2.4 million Floridians being vaccinated against COVID.

Florida continues to outperform lockdown states like California and New York on all metrics – from lower mortality, to availability of in-person education, to a lower unemployment rate.

Below we have included several graphs that will provide you with a true picture of Florida’s outcomes based on Gov. DeSantis’ smart and science-based policies.



A Tale of Florida vs. Lockdown States – California, New York have higher all-cause mortality rate

“Lockdown Deaths” – California (and New York) had significant increase in all-cause mortality per capita from 2019 to 2020

  • Compared to Florida, 34 states had a higher rate of all-cause mortality from 2019 to 2020, per capita. States with higher-than-average increases almost assuredly saw increased deaths resulting from lockdown policies, not just from COVID.
  • Compared to Florida, 38 other states rank higher for COVID mortality among seniors 65 and older, per capita.

Florida has fewer pediatric COVID-19 cases while having the highest rate of in-person instruction offered.

  • Kids belong in school and Florida’s decision to keep schools open was the right thing to do.
  • Schools have been open in Florida and thankfully Florida has fewer COVID-positive cases among kids. When compared to other large states, Florida has fewer pediatric cases per capita. (Please note: New York doesn’t make pediatric cases publicly available).

From the beginning, Governor DeSantis got it right on nursing homes and protecting the most vulnerable.

  • California and New York had significantly higher rates for new COVID-19 cases compared to Florida, per 1 million.
  • California and New York had significantly higher hospitalizations compared to Florida, per 1 million.
  • The mainstream media was so desperate to vilify the Trump Administration and Governor DeSantis that they emboldened lockdown states like California and New York. Turns out, Governor DeSantis was ahead of the curve with his actions early on during the pandemic to protect the state’s most vulnerable and his actions saved lives:
    • Governor DeSantis established 23 COVID-19 dedicated nursing facilities across the state to prevent spread within long-term care facilities, help with hospital decompression and protect long-term care patients. The Governor also required hospitals to test all individuals discharged to long-term care facilities and required these facilities to transfer COVID-19 positive residents if the facility was not equipped for appropriate care.
    • Governor DeSantis issued an executive order putting Seniors First and prioritizing seniors 65 and older to receive the vaccine. To date, 40% of Florida’s nearly 4.5 million senior population have received a vaccine.
    • Governor DeSantis deployed Florida National Guard and Florida Department of Health Strike Teams to nursing homes and assisted living facilities for testing throughout the pandemic, and now for vaccine distribution.
    • Governor DeSantis launched a pilot program for homebound seniors, including Holocaust survivors, WWII and Korean War veterans and anti-communist Bay of Pigs veterans, to prioritize and protect our Greatest Generation.

Florida’s economic recovery is leading the nation.

  • Florida leads the nation’s most populous states in unemployment rate for December 2020, and Florida was well below the national average.
  • Home sales in Florida continued to increase during the height of the pandemic as Americans fled lockdown states.
  • U-Haul migration data shows that Florida ranks 3rd in the nation for one-way rental moving vans. California ranks 50th (the worst!) and New York ranks 42nd.




Newt Gingrich believes the 2020 election may be the “biggest presidential theft” since 1824 and is urging state legislatures to “demand recounts.”

Newt Gingrich believes the 2020 election may be the “biggest presidential theft” since 1824 and is urging state legislatures to “demand recounts.”
Newt Gingrich tells Brietbart that “The more data comes out on vote anomalies that clearly are not legitimate the more it looks like 2020 may be the biggest Presidential theft since Adams and Clay robbed Andrew Jackson in 1824,” the former House speaker said in a Friday tweet:
On Saturday morning, Gingrich encouraged Republican state legislators to read an analysis from Patrick Basham, founding Director of the Democracy Institute and senior fellow of the Cato Institute. Basham lists ten “peculiarities” which he believes lack “compelling explanations,” including swing states halting their ballot counts on election night and removing observers, statistically abnormal vote counts, and “historically low absentee ballot rejection rates.”
“Basham makes clear the election was almost certainly stolen in 5 states. Every Americanm [sic] should be worried by the theft,” he added:
President Trump and his team have vowed to press on in their fight for election integrity despite the critics. His team outlined their case in a press conference last week, which Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis framed as their “opening statement.” During the presser, Trump’s lawyers — well as Sidney Powell, who is not part of Trump’s formal team — presented highlights in building their respective cases, as Breitbart News detailed. Rudy Giuliani detailed affidavits alleging nefarious behavior and blasted the media for continuing to claim that the campaign has not presented evidence.
“It’s your job to read these things and not falsely report that there’s no evidence. Do you know how many affidavits we have in the Michigan case? Two hundred twenty affidavits,” he said.
“They’re not all public, but eight of them are,” he added.
Trump’s lawyers are expected to participate in a hearing on election integrity with Arizona legislators on Monday, Ellis announced on Friday.

How Voting Machines Stole the Election – Former Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne

Former Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne was on live With Pete Santilli, early Tuesday morning with this blockbuster interview about the investigations into the 2020
Election fraud.
For anybody out there who’s worried about the eventual outcome of this election and whether or not we will be taken over by China and Davos, you will be put greatly at ease and emerge with a great deal of confidence after reading this article and watching this video, which will arm you with the truth of what happened in the early hours of November 4th in six counties, across the US and show you the clear path to victory.
Patrick Byrne is the former CEO of Overstock.com and he’s served in executive leadership over several other large companies in the tech and manufacturing industries. He is a Constitution-loving registered Libertarian who fights for Education Choice and who has helped the FBI fight the rampant corruption on Wall Street.
He says, “I knew what the Bad Guys were going to do this Election and I had a reason to know that there was something big coming, that I won’t go into right now.”
While the Democrats and the Mainstream Media have been claiming that there is “no evidence of widespread fraud” during the 2020 Elections, this is because they refuse to investigate the matter or report on it. In fact, Tucker Carlson turned Patrick Byrne away, when Sidney Powell recommended he interview him. That’s why Byrne decided to make a spate of appearances on Independent Media, such as on Black Conservative Patriot and on The Pete Santilli Show.
In November of 2018, the Dallas elections, which were run on Dominion systems had encountered irregularities, so Texas’ state government had hired a cybersecurity firm to figure out and explore these irregularities.
This Texas cybersecurity firm has since had two years to reverse-engineer the cheated election, whereas the rest of America has only had two weeks to understand it. Byrne had encountered this firm back in July of this year and out of civic duty, he started funding them, along with some other cybersecurity experts, hackers, private detectives, etc. to investigate Dominion Voting Systems.
He says they put together a very complete picture of the fraud that had been perpetrated during Texas’ 2018 mid-term elections. “There are at least 10 hacks to accomplish within a Dominion system. So we knew the whole plan.”
Although Byrne tried very hard to alert the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) about their discoveries, they did not immediately accept a meeting. However, “Using some political connections, we got the meeting and started.”
Byrne then set up a follow-up classified briefing – and CISA, the Cyber Infrastructure and Security Administration – the new department within DHS, created for the purpose of protecting the digital infrastructure of the election – they REFUSED TO COME!
The State a of Texas had hired this elite cybersecurity group, a group of Federal law enforcement and military intelligence personnel to investigate the fraud in the 2018 Dallas elections – but members of CISA refused to attend!
As we know, Trump fired CISA Director, Chris Krebs last week, after Acting DHS Secretary, Chad Wolf had refused Trump’s orders to do so.
Byrne says they were expecting the 2020 fraud to take place and, “We knew by two days after the election EXACTLY what they had done” and how they had done it. Since then, he’s spent the past 18 days posted up in a hotel in Washington DC, trying to bring this information to the people who would listen – and happily, this time, there are parties who are quite interested.
He says, they’ve had a breakthrough since last Sunday (11/15). “Everybody gets it here. Everyone around the President, in Rudy Giuliani’s circles and in Sidney Powell’s circles.
Of course, the Mainstream Media is trying to bury this in concrete, so Byrne says that about three days ago, he decided to go to the Independent Media.
Byrne says, this will go down as the Mainstream Media’s final “black mark”, because, in a month or two, it will be clear to everyone that they took part in a cover-up. “They took part in a psychological operation, frankly, to try and get Americans to accept ‘President-Elect’ Joe Biden, when there’s way, way too many questions.” He says Americans will see very clearly that the MSM was engaged in propaganda rather than seeking the truth.
On the night of the 2020 Election, Byrne’s team found that data from the voting machines was going to Frankfurt, Germany. This was corroborated by a German professor, who noted the extraordinary amount of traffic going to Frankfurt IPs during the hours of the US Election.
Byrne says the US Consulate in Frankfurt is significant because there had been an operation there against the Russian hacking groups, Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, of Mueller Report infamy.
Byrne says that this Frankfurt operation was moved to Baltimore Station, for the Silk Road Task Force, which led to the conviction of Ross Ulbricht, who was sentenced to two life sentences plus 40 years, without the possibility of parole for selling hard drugs online, followed by the convictions of two members of this same Silk Road Task Force, DEA Agent, Carl Force and Secret Service Agent, Shaun Bridges who were each sentenced to 7 years for defrauding both the government AND Ulbricht out of well over $1M in Bitcoin during the course of their investigations of Ulbricht for the US Government. Byrne notes that Rod Rosenstein was the US Attorney for the District of Maryland at the time.  Other members of this same cyber Task Force went on to frame Gen. Michael Flynn and to start up CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm paid by the DNC to say that Russia had hacked the 2016 Elections.
“So, there’s something odd about Frankfurt, Germany and these circles. The data from the Elections was pumped by these [Dominion] machines we’ve been studying – to Frankfurt, Germany.”
A colleague of Byrne’s informed a friendly congressman about the Frankfurt data transfer. This congressman, unfortunately informed the President about this on an open line and within 12 hours of that conversation, the US Consulate in Frankfurt was raided “by men in US Army uniforms” but Byrne says, “It’s not clear at all who did the seizing. No one’s really taking responsibility, at the moment.” This would explain Sidney Powell’s comments during last week’s press conference that she was unsure if the Scytl servers seized in this raid had fallen into the hands of the Bad Guys.
Byrne says there are three different buckets to understand.
Bucket #1, The technical functionality of these Dominion election systems, “Because they were built by Hugo Chavez in order to make himself El Presidente for Life, they were built with functionality that you would not imagine any legitimate voting system would have. For example, pre-synced administrators of the system can do all kinds of things.
“They can drag and drop votes to the candidate of their choice. And this isn’t a theory, it’s in their instruction manual…they can allocate votes, they can generate blank ballots, they can do all these admin overrides that really destroy election integrity.
“What’s even worse than that, that you do want to understand, if you want to understand the foreign involvement, here is this – and nobody in the press has picked up on this, yet: these Dominion servers are widely-infected with a malware called QSnatch. And what QSnatch is is a credential-stealer…75,000 Dominion servers [in the US] are infected with it.
“That means that if an administrator or a poll worker in any precinct logs on to any machine that’s infected, their credentials get zapped and sent out on the Dark Web, where they’re for sale or there’s somebody in Xi’an, China, at the military hacking base has them. So they can now login.
“So, it’s bad enough that in Maricopa County, Arizona, there’s some precinct worker, there’s an administrator who has the ability to do a bunch of mischief and slide votes around. It’s especially bad that some guy who steals his credentials from China can login to Maricopa County and that guy in China can move the votes around. That’s horrendous.  “And there’s absolute Chinese involvement in what’s going on here. I’m gonna stop there but there’s absolutely that kind of Chinese involvement.
Within 24 hours of the Election, Byrne’s team had put everything together. “We saw the traffic that night…The traffic going to Frankfurt. So that’s one set of things to understand, things like that hack.  “Let me give you another aspect of that: If you go up to the voting booth, with your ballot all filled-out and you turn it in and they feed it into the machine, if the machine says, ‘Oh, I find this hard to read,’ it gives you a warning sign. The precinct worker will tell you, ‘Honey, you can fill it out again and stand in line for an hour or you just hit this green button. Hit the green button and your vote will be adjudicated later,’ meaning humans will look at it and they’ll decide, they’ll choose what you were trying to mark. It’ll be OK, it’ll all go in.
“And 95% of people, if not more are going to hit the green button. What that really does with your vote is that it adds it to a pool and a pool accumulates of these adjudicable votes…but the admin can come by and grab – at the end of the day, there’s 931 of those votes…he can just drag and drop them to Joe Biden, which is why you might see this sudden spike of 983 Biden votes – or, in some cases, 25,000 or 130,000. That’s the functionality. Now, no legitimate machine would have the functionality but let’s set that aside. Now, we get to Bucket #2.  “Bucket #2 is the lived experiences of the people who voted and who worked in the precincts, who volunteered. And we have hundreds of affadavits from such people.”  Affadavits regarding “Sharpiegate” are an example of the sworn testimonies of irregularities and/or foul play that Byrne’s team has collected, independent of those collected by Trump’s legal team.
Those ballots that became invalidated in Maricopa County because the Sharpie ink bled through, instead of ending up in an “Adjudication Pool”, as referenced in Bucket #1 above, they ended up in a “Drag ‘n Drop” pool, for Joe Biden.  Bucket #3 refers to the statistical outcomes, in some cases, on the order of “Quadrillions-to-one against that certain things could happen,” Byrne says.  “And again, I am not a Republican, I did not vote for Mr Trump, I’m a Libertarian and I love the Constitution and that’s my religion…I’m not coming at this from a pro-Trump thing, I’m just about the truth.
“If the outcomes that occur – if you were theoretcially in an intensely Biden district, with 96% support for Biden, and you had 100 people come in and vote, the chances that 100 people in a row would vote for Biden would be .96 raised to the hundredth power. So that’s 60-to-1 against.  “The chances that you would have 1,000 votes in a row would be something like 2 quadrillion-to-1 against.
“The chances that you could ever see 123,000 votes in a row for the same person are – you could go pick a grain of sand on a beach and I could go pick a grain of sand on another beach and the chances that we picked the same grain is as close to you can get to zero.
“So, the point is that these three things line up: Bucket #1. The technical capabilities of the machines; Bucket #2. The lived experience of the people who went and voted in these districts and; Bucket #3. The statistical results – all dovetail together and tell this ironclad story…  “You’ve gotta prove ‘Could it happen?’ and ‘Did it happen?’ The question of ‘Could it happen?’ is addressed by Bucket #1, that the machines have this functionality. The question of ‘Did it happen?’ is proven by Buckets #2 and #3, the lived experience of the people who lived and voted in these precincts and the statistical outcomes all prove it did happen.
“So, together, all that information fits hand-in-glove, perfectly.”  Regarding the piles of blank ballots reported shipped in, Byrne says, “We have hundreds of affadavits of people who saw different glimpses of different things and when you put all those affadavits together, that’s exactly what you get.
“Here’s the big thing, it’s gonna make you puke – the Democrats are right about something – so, I’m not a Republican, but I’m REALLY not a Democrat.
“Democrats who’ve been saying, ‘There was no evidence of widespread fraud’ are missing the point. But they’re right, it wasn’t that it was widespread – it was narrow and deep – and the Bad Guys picked six places to do it.
“What they realized, was that if you cheated like crazy in 6 counties in America, you could flip the states that they’re in and hence, flip the Electoral College and hence, steal the Nation, by flipping 6 counties. And those are Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, Maricopa and Clark County, in Nevada.
“Those 6 counties – and the first 4 of them are heavily Black and I believe they did that, because I think the goons on the Left have been using the Black community for my entire lifetime.
“It isn’t that the Black people cheated. The people who cheated were the people running the systems and maybe people over in China and other places did the cheating. The Black people just did the voting. They did that, so when all this gets exposed, they’re gonna say, ‘Oh! You’re trying to suppress the Black Vote!’
“Well, I will have nothing to do with any racial element. I’m a huge anti-racist…what they’re going to try to do, as they always do, is to hide behind Black people…The Bad Guys cheated the Hell out of these 4 predominantly Black cities and then Maricopa, Phoenix, which is Hispanic.”
Byrne says he’s had enough evidence to win these cases for over 17 days. Now, it’s just a matter of explaining the details to the lawyers to whom he’s made his information available, as a concerned citizen, who’s paying his own way and who is neither working for the Trump Campaign nor for Sidney Powell.
“There’s no honest judge in America who wouldn’t get it. It’s open-and-shut. The only question, at this point is the whole legal process – and the Bad Guys are trying to pour cement over this whole election and bury it before any of this stuff gets out. But it’s open-and-shut that this happened on a massive scale.”
He says blockchain cryptography cold solve all of this, where we would no longer rely on these Government employees who can be – and who are – bought.
“The Goldman-Sachs’ of the world can buy themselves regulators and senators and congressmen and journalists and maybe judges but there’s one thing that even Goldman-Sachs can’t buy and that’s the laws of mathematics. So, the more that we base on the laws of mathematics, which is to say cryptography, which is to say blockchain, the more we solve this problem of corruption…
“I think AG Barr is a wonderful man…he needed this job like a hole in the head. He took this job to come to Washington and burn down the Deep State.
“I think – and I do not know AG Barr, but my understanding of things is that he inherited a Department of Justice that is so swampy, it’s not easy.”

This Election is Going to the Supreme Court. – Pam Bondi, former FL Attorney General

This text is originally from Pam Bondi, former FL Attorney General. Please take time to read and forward…
Ok in a nutshell. This is going to the Supreme Court. Where they will rule that the election is invalid due to fraud or mistakes on a country wide scale. It will go one of two ways, either they will rule that all the unconstitutional mail in ballots will be removed and the states ordered to recount without them or they will simply rule the election is invalid due to mass voter fraud and at that point it will be sent to the congress and senate for a vote.

This is where it gets good. The house/congress votes on who the President will be. It has nothing to do with what party that has power. Every State gets one vote… 30 states are held by Republicans and 19 by Democrats. They have to vote down party lines, they have no choice due to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution, and the Senate votes for the Vice President where a similar event will take place. This is The law. This is why the Democrats are so mad at Nancy Pelosi. This will all happen in January. The only way President Trump won’t be President is if he concedes the election, and that will never happen. So, stop watching the fake news and don’t let your heart be troubled. Live your life knowing this will all work out. President Trump will remain President. I have researched all of this and it is Fact!

Another fun fact, they called Gore the President Elect for 37 days in 2000 until the courts ruled against him and declared Bush the winner. And two people that will be part of that decision are none other than new Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Why do you think the Democrats tried so hard to keep them from being confirmed? (Note added by Editor – let’s also not forget what Joe Biden did to Justice Thomas 30 year ago during his confirmation hearings.)

71 Million Trump voters. It’s time we really fight back! Please share this with every Trump supporter you know! We need to be as impactful as we can. It’s time to MOBILIZE! It’s time we put forth the power we truly hold in this country. This working class truly is the heart of America.

North Florida Republicans launch ‘Florida Strike Force’ to support Republicans in Georgia runoffs

North Florida Republicans launch ‘Florida Strike Force’ to support Republicans in Georgia runoffs

North Florida Republicans are mobilizing reinforcements to help defend the Peach State from a looming Democratic insurgency.

With control of the U.S. Senate in the balance, the Leon County Republican Party this week launched a “Florida Strike Force” recruiting website.

“The Florida Strike Force has been created for people who can cross over into Georgia and walk doors or want to make calls into Georgia from the comfort of your home,” the group’s website says.  The political mobilization comes as the Republican Senate advantage in Washington hinges on two January runoff races in Georgia.

Sen. David Perdue, the Republican incumbent, faced a reelection challenge from Democrat  Jon Ossoff and fell just shy of 50%. Sen. Kelly Loeffler, appointed to replace retired Sen. Johnny Isakson, faced a Special Election against Democrat Raphael Warnock. Both races are headed to a runoff on Jan. 5.

The pending outcomes have garnered national interest. Should Democrats gain control of the Senate, little would stand in the way of President-elect Joe Biden and his party’s agenda.

“Democrats are fighting in Georgia to try to take two Senate seats and seize control of the Senate,” the website warns. “If they are successful, they will try to implement their radical left agenda of packing the Supreme Court and the Green New Deal.  We must defend the Senate!”

Notably, the GOP website features an image of Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and a quote.  “Now we take Georgia, then we can change the world,” the Democratic New York Senator is quoted as saying.

On Election Day, Florida Republicans enjoyed a better night than their Georgia cohorts. Trump won the Sunshine State by 3.37%. The Florida GOP also flipped two congressional seats and five state House seats from blue to red, and hold an edge in a closely watched state Senate recount.