Russia Survey 3/11/22 – Scott Franklin

Hello Friend,

With the war raging in Ukraine, I would appreciate your thoughts on what the U.S. response should be. Please take a moment to participate in the short survey below. Your input helps me better understand your concerns as I work on your behalf in Congress. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


How would you rate the Biden Administration’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine?
 Do you believe the U.S. should restart domestic energy production to avoid buying oil from adversaries like Russia, Venezuela, and Iran?

Omnibus Spending Bill Contains Anti-gun Measures

Omnibus Spending Bill Contains Anti-gun Measures

Buried in the omnibus spending bill that hurriedly passed both the U.S. House and the Senate last week were two provisions that no doubt delighted anti-gun groups: expanded enforcement of the NICS background-check system and the recruitment of local and state officials to enforce federal gun-control laws.
The measure that passed the House earlier in the week arrived at the Senate at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday. By 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, 68 Senators had voted for it under pressure to avoid a government shutdown.
Anti-gun Democrats saw their opportunity to stuff these two provisions into the bill, and they took it.
The first “insertion” is the “NICS Denial Notification Act of 2022”:

Reporting of background check denials to State authorities: If the national instant criminal background check system … provides a notice … that the receipt of a firearm by a person would violate [the law], the Attorney General shall … report [this] to the local law enforcement authorities of the State … within 24 hours.

The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) scarcely had time to ferret out the offending language before warning its members of its danger:

Over 95 percent of all NICS denials are false positives, which means [that] all local and state police would be required to investigate law-abiding citizens when they’re wrongly and unconstitutionally denied the right to purchase a firearm.… This constitutes a serious expansion of federal gun control.

It especially endangers women, said NAGR’s executive director, Dudley Brown:

We will find ourselves in a situation where law-abiding women who need to arm themselves for self-defense get wrongfully denied a firearm purchase when the National Instant Check System [NICS] wrongfully flags them, and then [they] find themselves being investigated by the cops for doing nothing wrong.

This is bad enough. But the second “insertion” compounds the flagrant violation of the Constitution. Called the “Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys and Cross-Deputized Attorneys,” it allows the attorney general of the United States to:

appoint … local prosecutors and qualified attorneys working for the United States government to serve as special assistant United States attorneys for the purpose of prosecuting violations … and deputize State … and local law enforcement officers for the purpose of enhancing the capacity of the agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives [ATF] in responding to and investigating violations.

In other words, this “insertion” violates states’ rights, and any sanctuary laws that states may have erected to keep federal law-enforcement officials from entering and enforcing laws the states consider to be unconstitutional.
The bill is more than 2,700 pages long, thus ensuring that hardly any representative or senator had time to read it before voting on it. And it neatly precluded any response from Second Amendment advocates such as the National Association for Gun Rights or Gun Owners of America to rally their members in protest.
It’s another example of how Congress passes laws the people don’t want.
In FL; 8 FL Republicans in the House voted with all the Democrats to approve it – They are as follows:
District Name
02 Neal Dunn
04 John Rutherford
15 Scott Franklin
16 Vern Buchanan
17 Greg Steube
18 Brian Mast
26 Carlos Gimenez
27 Marla Salaquez
Note: Pelosi changed rules splitting this bill in two – one part to provide funding to Ukraine and other the Omnibus part that funded every Democrats pet projects. If a Rep. voted for the Ukraine funding they automatically then voted for the entire $1.5T excessive spending and Pelosi’s gun control addendums. They should not have voted Yes under these corrupt rules.
Both FL Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott were among 31 of 50 Senate Republicans who voted NO – please thank them.
The New American

Voter Canvassing 2020 Election – Defend Florida.org

Defend Florida.org, a volunteer citizens group, is conducting an audit of 2020 mail-in votes through in-person canvassing and using publicly available election data.  The results so far are quite concerning with irregularities noted in 39% of mail-in votes.  Read their report below.


The Republican Club of Greater East Polk County.

September 11, 2001 What Have We learned?

Freedom Farm with Mike Zarzano researcher into September 11 events tells the Rest of the Story…

Date and time: Sat, August 14, 2021, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM EDT

Location: 380 Patterson Road Haines City, FL 33844

Sponsored by The Praying Patriots and The Republican Club of Greater East Polk County.

Meeting begins with Opening Ceremonies and Potluck Meal – Bring a covered dish to share, at 5:30 PM.

Come and Join fellow Americans as our Eyes have been opened to criminal activities of September 11, 2001. Mike Zarzano, an incredible researcher on the 9/11 Events reveals the Rest of the Story.

Free of Cost

School Advisory Council Training

School Advisory Council Training – Next Workshop – Tuesday, August 10, 6:30-8PM – Special Guest Keith Thompson (SAC)

Republican Executive Committee (Inman Park Baptist Church) 1800 6th St NW, Winter Haven

For all of us who are frustrated with the direction of education, this is the answer. Very important training session on School Advisory Councils and School Improvement Plans. During this training, you will learn about school board and SAC bylaws, statutes, policies and procedures. This is going to be extremely valuable in launching our county-wide SAC committees. Having a child in school is not a requirement to be on the SAC and dads are encouraged as well! 

Steve Larsen, Secretary

Workshop Director


Polk County GOP 2021 Patriot Day Dinner

The Polk County GOP annual Patriot Day Dinner returns.

Join us on May 8th at the beautiful Lake Eva Convention Center in Haines City as we award the”Patriot of the Year

Buy Tickets

Join us on May 8th at the beautiful Lake Eva Convention Center in Haines City as we award the”Patriot of the Year” to a deserving Polk county conservative Republican. Past winners have included Sheriff Grady Judd and Sam Killebrew.

Dinner will be a delicious no-contact buffet style dinner served by catering staff, all safety precautions will be taken by catering staff. Cash Bar on site.

Confirmed speakers this year are:

  • Sheriff Grady Judd
  • Representative Greg Steube – US House District 17
  • Representative Scott Franklin – US House District 15

Cost is $75 per person.

Sponsorships Available:

  • Group Table Sponsorship! $ 1,000.00; Covers all 8 tickets for your table plus recognition of your group or business.
  • Individual/Business:
  • Gold: $ 5,000.00 – name included in the Program, signage, recognition from podium, inclusion in radio ads and specific banners at the event  
  • Silver: $ 2,500.00 – name included in the Program, signage, recognition from podium
  • Bronze: $ 1,000.00 – name included in the Program  
  • $500.00, $250.00 & $100.00 sponsorships also available.

For more information Contact Event Coordinator:
Glynnda White
Phone: 407-401-4162
E-mail: glynndaw@hotmail.com



Meet Mike Musick –

Mike and his wife, Niki, have lived in Lakeland for more than 40 years. They have three college-aged children: Parker, Britain and Remington. Mike is a ‘91 graduate of Lakeland Christian School. Niki is a ‘92 graduate of Lakeland High School. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Southeastern University.

The Musick family enjoys traveling, sports and their three dogs – Sasha, Captain and Tyler.


Mike established Musick Construction & Roofing more than 20 years ago. His goal is to give his customers a construction experience beyond their expectations.

As a small business owner in Lakeland, Mike’s goal as a commissioner would be to help eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape so that other local business owners can thrive in their professions.


As a high school track athlete at Lakeland Christian School, Mike won multiple state championships in the half mile. Athletics helped Mike to learn the importance of discipline and hard work. For the past 12 years, Mike has coached cross country and track with the goal of passing on the same love for sports to future generations like his dad did as his coach.

Mike will use this strong work ethic as he fights for the citizens of Lakeland.


Mike, Niki and their kids have been on dozens of missions trips to more than 20 countries around the world.

Mike is currently a deacon at Heritage Baptist Church where he also serves on the missions committee. He is on the board of Camp Gilead in Polk City, Florida, and the founder of Leverage Ministries.

Mike’s love for people and his desire to help is the reason he seeks out opportunities to serve.

The City of Lakeland Special Election will be held on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.
Please vote Mike Musick to fill the City Commission Southeast District D seat.

Lake Wales Commissioner Al Goldstein Runs for Re-election to Seat 4

Lake Wales Commissioner Al Goldstein Runs for Re-election to Seat 4

Al Goldstein was first elected in April 2019 to Seat 4, District 27

“I’m finally understanding the job of a city commissioner,” Goldstein said. “Either you’re dedicated to the job, as some of us are now, or you just go in and show up.”

“Accountability – that should be our motto right now,” Goldstein said. “We have a mission statement coming out, but I think we should use the word accountability. I jumped all over that word.

“Accountability. That’s us. That’s what we stand for.”

Since commissioners are not allowed to discuss city business with each other outside of official meetings, Goldstein said the workshops have been eye opening and have promoted better decision making and open communications.

“We don’t always agree – when we get into conversations and get down deep in problems we are able to see things we weren’t able to see before,” said Goldstein, who strongly opposed the city’s mask mandate that was approved by a 3-2 vote. “Even if they get upset with one another, that’s fine, we just work things out.”

Goldstein stops by city hall several times a week and meets with City Manager James Slaton and some of his key staff to better understand city operations.

Goldstein said he is pleased with the city’s progress during his first 16 months in the job, including road paving, park improvements, purchasing the YMCA, sale of the historic 1919 building to the Lake Wales Charter Schools and work on better police community relations.

“I really want to be proud of my city. We’re on the right track now,” Goldstein said. “We have a good board that understands each other.”

Goldstein said he has learned a lot this year serving on the Florida League of Cities Federal Action Strike Team and was pleased to recently be named chairman of the league’s legislative committee on land use and economic development.

“I wish I was 50 years old right now – now that I see how political action works it gives me incentive to work harder,” said Goldstein, who just turned 79. “There are programs I didn’t even know were available to our city – dollar savings programs. I don’t want to be behind other cities in the county or in the state.”

Growing business, jobs, affordable and executive housing are all important to Goldstein, who says he is upset about the deteriorating condition of the Eagle Ridge Mall, and because “the mall is a disgrace, I’m glad we don’t have a sign ‘Welcome to Lake Wales’ at the north end of our city.”

He expresses concerns that corporations have chosen to bypass Lake Wales for nearby communities, like Frostproof. He also wants more accountability for the funds the city pays the Lake Wales Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Committee and Lake Wales Main Street to attract business.

“I’m not only challenging the Chamber of Commerce, but I’m challenging us on the commission,” Goldstein said. “We shouldn’t take criticism personally – we have to think of criticism as building blocks.”

Goldstein frequently speaks about his commitment to the city’s northwest community and wants the city to develop a Black music and cultural center to help minority children have pride in their heritage. But he often reminds commissioners that they must consider needs throughout the city.

“We’re going to be a great city – I think we have some great years ahead of us,” he said.


Goldstein has cultivated relationships at the local, state and national level, receiving endorsements from state Rep. Melony Bell, Sheriff Grady Judd and Polk County Commissioner Bill Braswell.

“Al is a man of unwavering principle with a strong conservative foundation,” Braswell wrote in an endorsement letter addressed to the citizens of Lake Wales. “He is an asset to the community and has shown to be a leader during his first term in office. Al is committed to his community and can be counted on to make the tough decisions required of a city commissioner.”

Goldstein chairs the Florida League of Cities Land Use and Economic Development Committee and serves on the Federal Action Strike Team, which visits Washington DC to discuss legislative issues at the national level. He has worked closely with Bell and other lawmakers to advocate for Lake Wales.

Bell said she was honored to endorse Goldstein for re-election.

“He has shown strong leadership from the time he was sworn into office by hitting the ground running. He began by educating himself on the budget and the needs of the city,” Bell wrote in her endorsement. “Al has been a positive voice for Lake Wales by advocating at our Capitol in Tallahassee. He is a true believer in “home rule” when elected officials from Municipalities should rule by making policy on a local level instead of the State of Florida. He is always demanding that Tallahassee Legislators do not put any unfunded mandates on municipalities.”

In his endorsement of Goldstein, Judd wrote: “Commissioner Goldstein is honest and ethical. He listens to his constituents and makes decisions in the best interest of all the city residents, rather than rendering knee jerk positions out of emotion. That is why I support Al for reelection.”

Goldstein said he is thankful for the endorsements from Bell, Judd and Braswell and “for all those who have supported me and the folks who didn’t know or support me previously are finding out that I am a commissioner that works for all our city and will continue to do that.

“My exposure working with county commissioners, state representatives and all the FLC has been educational and has contributed to my growth as a representative of our city, and I believe it is helping guide the growth of our city.”

Meet Al Goldstein :

Goldstein and his wife of 31 years, Shirley, moved to Lake Ashton six years ago, returning to his home state. His family traces its Florida roots back to 1845, and Goldstein grew up in Hollywood in South Florida. He served as a U.S. Marine, worked in government and contract services and owned his own business prior to retiring in 1995. Al was the former 1st Vice Chair of the Polk County Republican Executive Committee.

“I’ve had my years of playing golf,” Goldstein said. “I fished as a kid. Maybe if I’m alive and well by the time my time is over with the city I can go back to doing some fishing.”


Reporting from LakeWalesNews.Net