The takeaway from Tuesday is simple: voters have had enough of Joe Biden and Democrats’ far-left policies, and a red wave is coming to sweep them out in the midterms next year.

•     As the Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman said, Tuesday’s “results” are consistent [with] a political environment in which Republicans would comfortably take back both the House and Senate in 2022.”

In seemingly every part of the country and among every demographic, Republicans made huge gains.

•     If Republican candidates run on strong platforms about the economy, education, and crime – as many of last night’s winning GOP candidates did – we can compete in even the deepest of blue states, districts, and cities.

Biden is toxic: In deep blue states and swing districts across the country, candidates who tied themselves to Biden and his agenda were defeated at the polls.

•     Biden’s approval rating continues to fall, and with it, Democrats up and down the ballot will fall in the midterms.

•     Terry McAuliffe was right about one thing: Joe Biden “is unpopular.”


  • The RNC’s data-driven ground game works and delivered results in races with tight margins on Tuesday.
  • RNC has already activated more than 43,000 volunteers nationwide.
  • RNC had over 300 staff on the ground, 9 community centers focused on minority engagement, and made over 7.5 million voter contacts across the country.
  • RNC Chairwoman McDaniel’s investment and commitment to data-driven resources and the infrastructure is already delivering results and will be crucial to gains in 2022 and beyond.

In Virginia alone, the RNC had over 120 staff on the ground, 13 victory offices, and made over 7.5 million voter contacts.

  • The Virginia field team broke voter contact records by targeting voters in key areas to drive up GOP margins and turnout our voters.
  • Republicans flipped multiple suburban counties for Glenn Youngkin, including:

o Stafford (+7.6%)

o Virginia Beach (+7.4%)

o Chesapeake (+6.7%)

o Chesterfield (+6%)

o James City (+5.7%)

* Utilizing RNC Data, our field team targeted low-turnout and low-propensity voters through voter contact efforts.

o In a race that was considered a toss-up as we headed into Election Day, our field team was able to create nearly 100,000 unexpected Republican votes.


The RNC has made significant investments to grow our party.  This includes building on fundamentals, like voter registration, and opening community centers for Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans earlier than ever.

  • Glenn Youngkin received more votes than any Virginia governor in history. Governor-elect Youngkin won Hispanics and Latinos by a 55-44, and he received 13% of the Black vote.
  • Veteran and immigrant Winsome Sears will become the first woman and first black woman Lieutenant Governor.
  • Cuban-American Jason Miyares is Virginia’s first Latino Attorney General.
  • Texas Republican John Lujan flipped HD-118, a district Biden won by 14 points and is 73% Hispanic. Last month, Representative-elect Lujan headlined the RNC’s Community Center grand opening in San Antonio.
  • On the local level, Black Republicans like A.C. Cordoza (VA-91), Donald Douglas (KY SD-22), and Jalen Johnson (Albany City Commission-II) highlight the growth and diversity of the GOP at all levels.


Voters resoundingly rejected Joe Biden and the Democrats’ policy agenda in key races on Tuesday.

The Economy: The failed economic agenda of Biden and blue state governors was on the ballot on Tuesday.

  • In Virginia, Youngkin ran on cutting taxes and lowering the costs of items ranging from gas to groceries. As a result, he carried voters most concerned about taxes by 42 points and voters concerned about the economy and jobs by 12 points.

Education: Voters in Virginia were loud and clear: Parents matter.

  • For Virginians who listed education as a top issue,  7 out of 10 voted for Youngkin.
  • Youngkin won K-12 parents by  15 percent.
  • CBS News’ exit poll shows that Youngkin won among parents who had children under 18. The poll also showed 51 percent of voters want parents to have “a lot” of say in a child’s education.

Public Safety: In communities across the country – from Seattle to Buffalo – voters rejected the Democrats’ defund the police agenda.

  • Voters in Minneapolis overwhelmingly rejected Democrat-led efforts to eliminate their police department after a sharp spike in violent crime.
  • In deep-blue Seattlevoters Republican Ann Davison is on the verge of becoming the first Republican to be elected city attorney in more than three decades.
  • Voter rejected the socialist defund-the-police mayoral candidate India Walton in Buffalo, who was trounced by a write-in campaign.
  • In New York, Republicans had their best election night since 2016, including winning several key district attorney elections.
    • Anne Donnelly became the first Republican District Attorney elected in Nassau County in two decades, and Republican Ray Tierney soundly defeated the incumbent Democrat in Suffolk County.
    • Republican Danielle Fogel won the newly created  5th District State Supreme Court seat.


The RNC has been a national leader in election integrity operations, building the largest Election Operation in history with staffers dedicated to election integrity across the country.

The RNC is running the most comprehensive legal strategy to date, in addition to recruiting, training, and activating volunteers to be at polling locations throughout the voting process – from Early Voting through Election Day.

Virginia: The election integrity team worked to successfully organize a robust poll-watching operation.

  •   Held over 50 election integrity trainings with over 3,200 attendees.
    • These trainings cover pollwatching and other best practices, equipping thousands of volunteers to effectively monitor election proceedings to ensure transparency.
  •   Scheduled over 3,400 early voting poll-watching shifts as well as over 2,900 shifts on Election Day.
    • In 37 target Virginia counties, poll watchers have covered 100% of polling locations.
  • Engaged an estimated 500 attorneys involved with our integrity efforts in Virginia.

New Jersey: The RNC has also been a national leader on the election integrity front, and that’s especially true of our efforts in New Jersey. The RNC’s continued efforts in New Jersey are ramping up and now include:

  • The RNC is deploying an additional 20 lawyers on the ground in New Jersey to help supervise the vote counting processes and to ensure only legal votes are counted.
  • Leading up to the election, the RNC, working with the state party, had lawyers covering every county in New Jersey to ensure legal transparency ahead of election day. This coverage will continue in the coming days.
  • The RNC is preparing to launch any necessary litigation to ensure the integrity of the election process.

Leading up to Election Day, the RNC recruited and trained volunteers to poll-watch and establish best practices to ensure that elections are free, fair, and transparent.

  • The RNC filled 127 poll watching shifts on election day, which represents 122% coverage of our 104 targeted precincts across New Jersey.
  • Held over 30 poll-watching trainings, recruiting and training 286 poll watchers.
    • The team recruited 137 poll workers that worked just over 700 combined days of poll working.
  • Our election integrity program sent over 187,000 emails and over 54,000 texts to New Jersey voters.


Beyond statewide wins in Virginia and a close statewide race in New Jersey, Republicans had huge victories up and down the ballot thanks to our efforts and partnerships with the campaigns, state parties, RGA, RSLC, and RNLA.

Virginia suburbs

•     Glenn Youngkin outperformed the 2020 Republican ticket in the key suburb of Loudoun County by 8-points.

•    In line with recent polling from the NRCCNRSCand Morning ConsultRepublicans continue to make gains with suburban voters as they reject Bidens’ agenda.

San Antonio, TX

•  Republican candidate John Lujan flipped House District 118a district Biden won by 14 points in 2020 and is 73% Hispanic.

•  This victory builds on Republican momentum in South Texas and underscores that Hispanics reject Joe Biden’s open border policies.

•  The RNC recently opened a Hispanic community center in Bexar County near HD-118.

Virginia House District 75

•  Republican candidate H. Otto Wachsmann Jr. flipped House District 75, a majority black district that Northam won by 5 points in 2017 and Hillary Clinton won by 10 points in 2016.

•  CNN exit polls show Youngkin won 13% of the Black vote in Virginia, an improvement from 2020.

Bergen County, NJ

• Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli made significant gains in Bergen County, New Jersey, a county Biden won by nearly 16 points. The race is currently only separated by less than a percentage point.

    • Republicans flipped two Somerset County Commission seats, breaking the 5-0 hold on the county’s governing body.
    • Republicans also flipped two Gloucester County Commission seats, where Republicans haven’t won a countywide seat since 2010, breaking the Democrats’ 7-0 hold on the county’s governing body.

Luzerne County, PA

•  In the bellwether county of Luzerne, Republicans swept all 5 county council seats, with 3 flips, resulting in an 11- member council with a 9-2 Republican majority.

•  In Pennsylvania’s statewide judicial elections, Republicans have won all three races that have been called, and looks like they will win the fourth to make a clean sweep.

Seattle, WA

  • In deep-blue  SeattleRepublican Ann Davison is on the verge of becoming the first Republican to be elected city attorney in more than three decades.
  • This victory proves that Americans, even in the deepest of blue cities, are rejecting Democrats’ calls to defund the police and turning towards the Republican Party’s pro-law enforcement and public safety message.



  • Governor: Glenn Youngkin
  • Lt. Governor: Winsome Sears
  • Attorney General: Jason Miyares
  • House of Delegates: GOP Flip +6 Seats
    • HD-12
    • HD-28
    • HD-63
    • HD-75
    • HD-83
    • HD-91

New Jersey:

  • State Senate races still too close to call
  • Flipped 2 Somerset County Commissioner Seats
    • Michael Kirsh
    • Amber Murad
  • Flipped 2 Gloucester County Commissioners Seats
    • Nick DeSilvio
    • Chris Konawel


  • Statewide Judicial Races:
    • Supreme Court Justice: Kevin Brobson
    • Superior Court Judge: Megan Sullivan
    • Commonwealth  Court  Judge:  Stacy
  • Wallace
    • Westmoreland County

▪     GOP swept the countywide slate

▪     District  Attorney:  Nicole  Ziccarelli, GOP Flip

  • Luzerne County
    • GOP won all 5 County Council seats, with 3 flips
    • Court of Common Pleas: Tarah Toohil, GOP Flip


  • House District 118:
    • John Lujan, GOP Flip


  • OH-15: Mike Carey, GOP Hold

New Hampshire:

  • Rochester Mayoral Race
    • Paul Callaghan, GOP Flip
    • Note: the first time a Republican has won in nearly two decades

 New York:

  • New York City City Council:
    • District 48: GOP Flip, Inna Vernikov
    • District 19: GOP Flip, Vickie Paladino
    • District 43: GOP Flip, Brian Fox
  • New York State Supreme Court:
    • 5th Judicial District: Danielle Fogel
    • Suffolk County District Attorney: Ray Tierney
  • Nassau County:
    • District  Attorney:  GOP  Flip,  Anne Donnelly
    • County Executive: GOP Flip, Bruce Blakeman
    • Glen Clove Mayor: GOP Flip, Pamela Panzenbeck
  • Monroe County Legislature:
    • District 13: Matthew Borkowski, GOP Flip
    • District 26: Orlando Rivera, GOP Flip


  • Held 6 Mayoral Seats
    • Sandy Springs
    • Johns Creek
    • Roswell
    • Dacula
    • Jesup
    • Marietta

South Carolina:

  • Georgetown Mayor: Carol Jayroe, GOP Flip

North Carolina:

  • Republicans won 5/6 mayoral races with 3 flips:
    • Holly Springs
    • Fuquay-Varina
    • Burlington


  • Hialeah Mayor: Steve Bovo, GOP Hold


  • Seattle City Attorney: Ann Daviso

Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida

[email protected]



Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida

[email protected]

New Jersey Election Update

  • This has been the most successful election cycle for New Jersey Republicans in the last thirty years – representing historic wins for a whole generation.
    • The RNC worked hand-in-glove with the New Jersey Republican Party, the Ciattarelli campaign, and candidates up-and-down the ballot to Get Out The Vote.
    • In this election cycle alone, our data-driven ground game made over 2.5 million voter contacts in the Garden State – an all-time RNC record for New Jersey.
    • Throughout the campaign, Jack Ciattarelli urged support for critical down-ballot races and Republican candidates remained in lockstep on our commonsense, winning message.
    • Following Election Night, Republican State Senator Mike Testa underscored the up-ticking trend: “Republicans came out in droves and we saw so many seats flipped.”
  • Momentum for commonsense, Republican policies is clearly on the rise in the Garden State and results are still coming in as ballots continue to be counted.
    • To date, Republicans have flipped 8 state legislature seats, two in the Senate, six in the Assembly.
    • Edward Durr has officially ousted one of the state’s most powerful Democrat politicians, Senate President Steve Sweeney.
      • Spending only $153, it didn’t take hefty campaign cash to convince voters that Democrat policies aren’t working – even against the longest standing state senate president.
      • Driving Republican voters to the polls, the RNC made nearly 13,000 voter contacts in this district alone.
    • Republican women had a banner year as we have added six women to the state legislature, and that number could continue to rise.
    • These wins are both a referendum on Joe Biden and Phil Murphy’s extreme agenda and a stamp of approval on Republican’s commonsense policies.
  • Despite being a deep blue state, New Jersey’s governor’s race is still too close to call with Jack Ciattarelli holding a tight margin to extreme Democrat Phil Murphy.
    • This race has shocked the country as Democrats hold an advantage of one million voters over Republicans.
    • Joe Biden won the Garden State by 16 points in 2020, but now he’s underwater.
    • Votes will continue to be counted and Jack is still very much in the fight. 
  • The RNC is deploying 20 attorneys to the state, where we already had nearly a dozen staff prior to the election for support.
  • Ahead of Early Voting and Election Day, we confirmed nearly 1,000 poll watcher shifts and nearly 1,000 challenger shifts to mobilize our election integrity efforts across the state.
  • Our election integrity operation is working on the ground seamlessly with the NJGOP and Ciattarelli campaign. Our attorneys and political challengers are in all 21 counties, which is in addition to the Republican members of each board of elections.
  • Bottom line: As votes continue to be counted in deep Blue New Jersey, Republicans are scoring huge down-ballot wins – starting with an everyday, hard-working Jersey truck driver who spent a mere $153. If you think Democrats aren’t in serious trouble in 2022, it’s time to think again.

Republican National Committee: RNC ELECTION INTEGRITY UPDATE!


Republican National Committee


Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida

[email protected]

Virginia Election Process Explainer and RNC Election Integrity and Field Efforts in Virginia

Important Topline Process Facts about Virginia’s Elections

√   Polls open at 6 am and close at 7 pm.

√   Absentee ballots postmarked by election day and arriving by noon on Friday will be counted. Absentees can also be “cured” for some deficiency by the voter up to noon on the Friday after the election.

√   The state Department of Elections has instructed localities to stop counting absentees at 11 pm on election night. However, localities have been pre-processing ballots for several days and we expect a large percentage of absentee results, including those from early voting, to be released on election night. Localities will count remaining ballots on Wednesday and Thursday or can wait and count the remaining absentee ballots on Friday after the receipt and cure deadlines.

√   Provisional ballots are also counted after election day and will result in some changes to the election night totals.

√   The local canvass begins on Wednesday, 11/3 and will be complete in all localities on or before Tuesday, 11/9. The canvass process may reveal errors (e.g. number transpositions) in the initial precinct returns that result in changes to the election results.

√   The State Board of Elections will certify the election on Monday, 11/15 and a recount request is due within 10 days from then. Virginia state courts will set the date(s) for any recounts.

√   There are no automatic recounts in Virginia. The losing candidate may request a recount if the margin between the two candidates is within one percent (1%). The losing candidate must pay for the recount if the margin is outside of .5%, otherwise the state/localities pay.

√   A recount is relatively limited in Virginia. It is mostly done by machine with hand counting of ballots that are unscannable, have write-in votes, or have under or overvotes.

RNC Integrity Efforts in Virginia

The RNC has been intensely engaged in election integrity operations in states with 2021 elections, especially Virginia. The RNC has full-time staff in Virginia dedicated solely to election integrity efforts, including recruiting, training, and deploying thousands of volunteers, lawyers, and staff for poll watching and other election oversight efforts. The RNC has a cadre of experienced Virginia experts and attorneys engaged to ensure the election is administered properly and in accordance with Virginia law. Our efforts are comprehensive and involve political, legal, data, and communications facets.

√  The RNC has eleven staff members in Virginia focused on integrity operations, including poll watcher recruitment, training, and shifting.

√  The RNC shifted over 3,413 poll watching shifts in the early voting period alone.

√  The RNC has over 90% of election day shifts already filled, with that number increasing as we recruit additional poll watchers.

√ Working with the Youngkin Campaign, Republican National Lawyers Association, and other groups, we have engaged an estimated 500 attorneys who will be involved with our integrity efforts in Virginia. These lawyers will be in key localities such as Fairfax and Loudoun counties and at central absentee counting precincts. Lawyers will also be monitoring the canvass process in the days following the election.

√ We have additional capacity to significantly ramp up lawyer engagement in the days following the election and will also assist down ballot campaigns in close races.

√ The RNC has funded a War Room which will serve as the central command center for election day decision-making and to triage incident reports submitted by poll watchers and attorneys in the field. The War Room is led by experienced Virginia election law attorneys and will be functional in the days after the election until the results are certain.

√  The RNC has engaged voting systems and Virginia election administration experts to triage any equipment malfunctions or irregularities.

√  The Youngkin Campaign has the capability to litigate in all regions of the state on election day and after, especially in key localities where there have been problems historically. We will litigate when necessary and in any potential recounts or post-election legal proceedings.

√  The RNC is also supporting two lawsuits in Virginia seeking to ensure transparency and obtain important records from election officials.

The RNC also has staff and attorneys deployed in other states with key elections on Tuesday, including New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Individuals can find other relevant information at  EDO.Virginia.GOP. They can report incidents via email at [email protected], by phone at 804-292-2014, or by text message at 804-292-2014.

RNC Field Efforts in Virginia

The RNC has been building field operations in states with targeted elections in 2021, as well as 2022. For the 2021 elections, Virginia has received the most support for building out an expansive field team to elect Republicans up and down the ballot. Through the guidance and support of the RNC, the Virginia field team has been able to break voter contact records in the state by targeting voters in key areas to ensure Republican victories this November.

√ The Virginia Victory Team consists of over 100 staffers dedicated to voter turnout operations, including volunteer recruitment, training, canvassing, and phone efforts.

√  The team in Virginia has knocked on more than 3 million doors and made over 4.2 million phone calls, for a record-breaking total of nearly 7.5 million voter contacts!

√  Since the Republican primary, the Virginia Victory Team has held over 800 trainings and engaged over 16,000 volunteers across the Commonwealth, activating them in voter contact and election integrity efforts.

√  Working with RNC Data, 72 House of Delegate campaigns have converted from i360 to RNC Data. The Virginia team has spent a significant amount of time and resources to support Republicans running at all levels across the state, from School Board to House of Delegates.

√  The field team has organized more than 12 deployments with organizations such as Young Republicans and College Republicans. Over 250 volunteers have traveled to Virginia from states including Alabama, Delaware, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia.

√ Utilizing RNC Data, the Virginia field team has been targeting low-turnout, and low- propensity voters through voter contact efforts. Since the start of early voting in Virginia, the field team and RNC Data have been updating the universe of targeted voters daily to remove anyone who has voted. By utilizing dynamic scripting, the team has been able to specifically message voters at the door or on the phone based on their voting method.

√  The RNC and Virginia field team have been instrumental in the planning and production of events around the state, all culminating in a ten-day, fifty-stop bus tour with crowd sizes as large as 4,000 attendees! The team has utilized these events to not only further their volunteer recruitment and supplement data, but also to create opportunities for our RNC Communications to showcase the difference in enthusiasm between Youngkin and McAuliffe.

The RNC also has field operations and staff in other states with key elections on Tuesday, including New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

In 2021, the RNC has surpassed more than 12,500,000 million voter contacts and activated more than 43,000 volunteers nationwide.

Red Wave: 12 Republican Nationwide Wins in Tuesday’s Election

Red Wave: 12 Republican Nationwide Wins in Tuesday’s Election

Republicans won big Tuesday around the nation with 12 significant accomplishments that bode well heading into the 2022 midterms.

1. Pennsylvania’s Judicial Victories 

Republican Kevin Brobson defeated Democrat Maria McLaughlin for a position on Pennsylvania’s highest court with about 52 percent of the vote.

The win will maintain the composition of the states’ court. The victory is important because in 2022, the court will weigh cases on election integrity, state redistricting, and abortion.

Former Pennsylvania deputy attorney general Megan Sullivan also defeat Democrat Timika Lane for a spot on the appellate court, which hears cases on civil and criminal appeals.

Attorney Stacy Wallace won her race for the Commonwealth Court, where suits involving state agencies are heard.

2. Republicans Flip Texas State House Seat 118

Republican John Lujan reclaimed the special election runoff for Texas House District 118. The district is Democrat leaning on the south side of San Antonio with a large amount of Latino voters.

In 2020, Biden won the district by 14 points. Lujan flipped the seat by 300 votes.

“This speaks loudly that people are concerned about conservative values,” Lujan said about his victory. “You know, we want to secure our border, we want to grow our economy.”

3. Minneapolis Votes “No” on Abolishing Police

Continue reading on Breitbart by clicking here.



Republican National Committee


Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida

[email protected]

Welcome to the RNC weekly newsletter – The Republican Week – bringing you the biggest moments from the week.

THE MAIN THING: RNC Launches New Ad Slamming Democrats’ Attacks on Parents

Part of the Plan.jpg

The Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new ad slamming Democrats’ plan to silence parents who want a say in their kids’ education. As Democrats continue to prioritize their political agenda over students, Republicans continue to fight for parents’ right to oversee their children’s education. 

  • FOX News reported: “Republicans have contested that following nearly two years of strict COVID measures and arguments about the role of critical race theory in schools, parents want a greater say in their children’s education.”

Why this matters: “Democrats want to control our children’s education and silence parents who have an opinion.”

  • RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel: “The American people know the truth – parents, not unions or bureaucrats, are best equipped to oversee their children’s education.”

How we got here: Biden and Democrats feel entitled to imposing their values and beliefs on your children.

  • Biden made the unprecedented decision to weaponize the Justice Department and FBI against parents who question their children’s curriculum.
  • Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland admitted this week DOJ launched probe into concerned parents
  • Democrat Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe claimed that parents shouldn’t be “telling schools what they should teach.” 

Bottom Line: Republicans believe that parents—not government bureaucrats—are best equipped to understand their kids’ needs and that every child in America should have access to quality education, regardless of zip code. 


Red State Rebound: Republicans Lead on Jobs

Top 11 States.jpg

The data is clear: States with GOP leadership are showing stronger job recovery and lower unemployment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released state jobs numbers on Friday showing Republican policies work.


Jobs recovered:

  • 17 of the top 20 states for jobs recovered from the pandemic are led by Republicans
  • The top 14 states are all led by Republicans

Unemployment rate:

  • 16 of the top 20 states with the lowest unemployment rates are Republican-led
  • The top 11 states with the lowest unemployment rate are Republican-led
  • Nine states – all Republican – have unemployment rates at or lower than where they were before the pandemic began

The numbers don’t lie: Republican governors and legislatures continue to deliver commonsense, conservative economic leadership amidst the devastating policies of Biden’s Build Back Broke agenda,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

  • “Red states continue to attract working families and small businesses alike with strong local economies and pro-small business policies.”

While blue state governors promote anti-growth policies that have kept businesses locked down and incentivized workers to stay home collecting unemployment, Republicans are delivering an economic recovery.  


HISTORIC HIGH: Nearly 200k Illegal Immigrants Apprehended In September


Biden’s Out of Control Border Crisis: In September, 192,001 illegal immigrants were apprehended attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, making this the highest number for September in DHS history. 

  • It’s a 233 percent increase over last September, and a 300 percent increase from the average number of September apprehensions during the Trump administration.
  • 14,358 unaccompanied children were apprehended. 
  • Over 1.4 million illegal immigrants have been caught attempting to cross the border since Biden took office.

 Biden hasn’t been to the border in at least 10 years, or ever. CNN confirmed FOX News reporting, raising serious doubt if Biden has ever been 

  • Biden lied on Thursday night during a CNN townhall, saying: “I have not had a whole hell lot of time to get down” to the border. Yet, he has spent most weekends at his beach home. 

In both July and August, there were over 200,000 illegal immigrant encounters.

Bottom Line: Biden’s border crisis is out of control.


NEW EPISODE: “Real America” Podcast Featuring Rep. Tony Gonzales

Tony Gonzales.png

In the latest episode of “Real America,” Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel sat down with Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales to discuss the crisis at our border, Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and Democrats’ wasteful spending.

  • This podcast release was in conjunction with the grand opening of the RNC’s new Hispanic Community Center in Congressman Gonzales’ district in San Antonio, Texas

More from Townhall: Hispanic-American GOP Congressman Tony Gonzales has a few thoughts on Dems pushing open borders

  • “Just get involved. You’d be amazed on how much less powerless you’ll feel as you’re starting to get involved in there. That’s how we save this country. But it’s not just the people in Congress, it’s all of us.” – Rep. Gonzales


Making Inroads: RNC Opens Two New Community Centers

RNC Opens.jpg
RNC Opens 2.jpg

This week, the Republican National Committee opened two new community centers.

  • Our Black American Community Center in College Park, Georgia opened on Wednesday.
  • Our newest Hispanic Community Center opened in San Antonio, Texas. It’s the third such office we’ve launched in the Lone Star State. 

Why this matters: The RNC is making inroads and investments in minority communities ahead of 2022. 

  • Paris Dennard, RNC National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs, said: “We know that there are Black Republicans, and we are not a monolith when it comes to our vote bloc. And so we use it as a place where people could come and get information.”
  • Jaime Florez, RNC Hispanic Communications Director, said: “This is the party of freedom and opportunities, and most Hispanics came to this country fleeing from those socialist ideas that we had in our countries.”

Key component of our strategy: Building relationships with minority communities Democrats have long taken for granted. Republicans are excited to take our message of freedom, economic opportunity, and family values to voters in every community across the country. 

  • Track record: In 2020, Republicans netted 15 seats in the House of Representatives. In each of those seats that flipped to the GOP, the elected winner was either a woman, minority, or veteran. 
The Republican Week.jpg



Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida

[email protected]

State Legislation Highlights

States Legislatures sine die: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho (Senate), Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming. 

States in Special Session: Alabama, Alaska, Iowa (10/5), Maine, Texas

North Carolina

Last week Governor Cooper vetoed SB360, which related to lawsuits challenging NC statutes or constitutional provisions. The legislation would have empowered the House Speaker and Senate President Pro Tempore to jointly approve any settlement or consent judgment in litigation to which they are both parties. This type of legislation would have prevented any collusive settlements between Democrat officials and left-wing plaintiffs, especially in election disputes.


The Pennsylvania Senate State Government Committee approved SB573, which will allow any PA registered voter to be a poll watcher in any precinct in the state of Pennsylvania, there will not be a requirement to be a resident of the county, municipality, or precinct. Also, candidates for office will be able to appoint two poll watchers per precinct and each political party will have the opportunity to appoint three watchers per precinct, increasing the total number to three.


On Friday, the RNC submitted a comment opposing a new rule proposed by the Michigan Secretary of State regarding the Signature Matching for Absent Voter Ballot Application and Absent Voter Ballot Envelopes. The proposed rule creates a new standard that if a signature differs in an obvious and significant manner from the one on file, it would still be considered valid because there are not multiple differences. In other words, even a signature with one huge significant and obvious difference from the one on file would have to be treated as valid. Additionally, the proposed rule mandates that a signature must be treated as valid if there are any redeeming qualities, meaning if there were nine factors which indicate a signature is fraudulent, but just one factor – such as one letter in a signature matches one letter in the signature on file – that one “redeeming quality” would mean that the signature must be treated as valid.

National Litigation Highlights

Federal Election Commission v. Ted Cruz for Senate, et al.

On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear Senator Cruz’s challenge to 52 U.S.C. § 30116(j), which imposes a $250,000 cap on the amount of money candidates can be reimbursed for personal loans to their campaigns. Senator Cruz argues the cap violates the Constitution by “burden[ing] the core First Amendment rights of candidates, committees, and contributors.” Tasked with evaluating other contribution restrictions, lower courts have applied an array of legal standards. Senator Cruz’s case represents an opportunity for the Court to clarify the appropriate legal standard for evaluating political contribution restrictions.

State Litigation Highlights


A new lawsuit, Mi Familia Vota et al v. Hobbs et al., was filed in AZ challenging SB1485, which removes voters from the permanent mail ballot list if a voter does not vote by mail in two straight election cycles and SB1003, which requires voters to “cure” signature-less ballots by 7PM on election day. The RNC and the NRSC have moved to intervene to defend the laws. 


Last week, the Maricopa County Superior Court ruled that four budget bills, HB2898, SB1824, SB1825, and SB1819, were partially or wholly unconstitutional due to their failure to comply with Arizona’s Constitutional requirement that the title of a bill must properly encompass its subject matter. SB1819 was ruled wholly unconstitutional, this is most notable due to the number of election-related provisions in the bill, for example the ability for the AZ Dept. of Game and Fish to provide voter registration to applicants, requirement for the AZ SOS and county recorders to post their voter registration events on their website within 24 hours after the event, and a requirement for the AZ SOS to provide access to the statewide voter registration database. Read the full list of the provision struck down and analysis of the ruling HERE.


The RNC and NRSC were granted intervention in all four lawsuits challenging provisions of SB90.



The RNC, Iowa GOP, NRCC, and NRSC were granted intervention to defend against the lawsuit challenging provisions of SF413 and SF568.


The Missouri Supreme Court heard argument this week in ACLU of Mo. V. Ashcroft, in which the ACLU is challenging the implementation of Missouri’s ballot referendum statute by Secretary of State of John Ashcroft. The ACLU claims that Ashcroft acted improperly when he rejected a referendum petition sample sheet (the first step in exercising the referendum power guaranteed in the Missouri Constitution) submitted by the ACLU. Ashcroft rejected the ACLU’s sample sheet, which was filed in an attempt to oppose new abortion regulations, on the grounds that the challenged acts are emergency measures and thus ineligible for the referendum process. The Circuit Court found, and the Appeals Court affirmed, that Ashcroft’s actions were impermissible since Missouri’s referendum statute only gives the Secretary of State the power to reject a sample sheet on the basis of form and requires him to approve the sample sheet if it is sufficient as to form. 


Last week, the RNC filed an amicus brief in an important lawsuit filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (“PILF”) regarding voter registration list integrity. The case deals with potentially over 100,000 noncitizens that were registered to vote in Pennsylvania.

  • In September 2017, Al Schmidt, a Philadelphia City Commissioner revealed that a so-called “glitch” allowed noncitizens to register to vote when applying or renewing their driver’s licenses through the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles.  
  • The Department of State has refused to disclose pertinent records regarding the so-called “glitch” that allowed noncitizens to register to vote.
  • PILF, pursuant to the public records inspection provision of the National Voter Registration Act, filed a lawsuit against Pennsylvania demanding transparency and the disclosure of records regarding the so-call “glitch”.

During a hearing last Wednesday the en banc Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court (paywall) questioned the constitutionality of a 2019 law allowing any voters to cast their ballot by mail. 


Last Monday, the RNC sued the cities of Montpelier and Winooski, Vermont over their new town charters that allow noncitizens to vote in their municipal elections. The suit also raises important concerns about how the laws will be implemented and whether non-citizens will end up on the same voter registration lists used for state-level and federal elections. The RNC is joined in the suit by the Vermont Republican Party and several concerned Vermont voters.

  • In May, the town charters were approved by Vermont’s Democrat state Senate.
  • In June, Vermont’s Republican Governor vetoed the legislation.
  • That same month, the legislature overrode the Governor’s veto. 

RNC Chairwoman McDaniel wrote an op-ed about the lawsuit in Breitbart and spoke about it on Newsmax.

Rep. Scott Franklin: The Ready Room – October 20, 2021

Hello Friend,
Welcome to my e-newsletter, the Ready Room. As a retired Naval Aviator, the Ready Room is special to me because it’s where fellow aviators meet to brief and debrief missions. This is my weekly briefing to you on my mission in Congress. Please follow me on Facebook Twitter Instagram  and YouTube for regular updates on how my team and I are working to serve you in Congress.

Opposing Reckless Spending


A picture of the outside steps of the U.S. Treasury Department (Courtesy U.S. Treasury Department)

Last Tuesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi recalled members of Congress to vote on a bill to increase our country’s national debt ceiling. While we do not want to default on debt that we owe, the costly $5 trillion in new spending congressional Democrats are trying to pass threatens the economic prosperity of our nation. I opposed this measure because it puts our country on a dangerous track by spending money we simply do not have. It jeopardizes our fiscal health by forcing our children to pay tomorrow for today’s reckless spending. We must make tough decisions on spending before Congress continues to put our country into further debt.

We Must Restore Accountability in Our Military


U.S. forces board a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan (Courtesy U.S. Department of Defense)

As a veteran and member of the House Armed Services Committee, I’m deeply troubled by the lack of accountability across the ranks in our military. The recent withdrawal from Afghanistan was an epic failure and tragically led to the death of 13 service members and countless Afghan civilians. Despite this horrible result, not a single leader at the Pentagon has been held accountable. We need accountability at the top levels of our military. Good order and discipline are critical to combat effectiveness and the safety and well-being of our military. It starts by holding every service member at every rank accountable for their actions. Click here to read more of my thoughts on this issue in my latest op-ed at the Lakeland Ledger.

Thank You, Farmers!


Various pumpkins and other vegetables are put on display
at Kim’s Cabbage Patch 

Last Tuesday was National Farmers Day, which celebrates the hard-working farmers from across our nation. I’m grateful for the many farmers here in Central Florida who work tirelessly to provide for our country. Whether it is strawberries, citrus, cattle, or many other agricultural products, our farmers have produced a rich agricultural tradition we can all be proud of.

Happy Birthday, U.S. Navy!


On October 13, 1775, the Continental Congress established a naval force to disrupt British sea power. 246 years later, the U.S. Navy continues to guard the seas and protect U.S. national security interests. As a former Naval Aviator, I am grateful to be part of the Navy’s incredible legacy and I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays to come. Happy birthday to all my fellow sailors!

Test Your Knowledge #CivicsWithScott!  

Which of the following cities did not serve as the Capitol of the United States?

a. Philadelphia

b. New York

c. Annapolis

d. Richmond


Last Week’s Question: What is the title given to the longest serving member of the House of Representatives?

a. President Pro Tempore
b. The Elder
c. Dean – Correct Answer
d. General Secretary

I’m honored to represent you in Congress. For more information on constituent services, current legislation and to sign up for my e-newsletter, please visit my website at 

Best regards,


C. Scott Franklin

From the Desk of Senator Mario Rubio

Note from Marco

Grassroots Leaders –

Skyrocketing inflation is affecting families across our nation. Prices on common goods haven’t been this high in over a decade, but Joe Biden’s administration refuses to accept any responsibility for this rising inflation. 

Meanwhile, my liberal opponent, Val Demings, and her radical allies in Congress are continuing to push a $3.5 TRILLION socialist spending spree. We cannot allow Democrats to turn America into a Socialist country, which is exactly what will happen if we don’t stand up for what we believe in. My campaign released a video that you can share on FACEBOOK and TWITTER  that highlights the danger to Florida families that Val Demings and this radical spending spree poses. Click on the links to watch, and then please share with your friends!

Next on the list of the Biden Administration’s failures is their handling of the immigration crisis on our Southern border. Under Kamala Harris’ failed leadership as Border Czar, illegal border crossings are up over 300%! I have repeatedly called on Joe Biden to REPLACE Harris as Border Czar, and instead install someone who actually understands the importance of stopping the flow of illegal immigrants. And in a show of total hypocrisy, this administration has decided foreigners legally traveling to the U.S. will need proof of vaccination and a negative Covid-19 test to enter, but foreigners illegally crossing the border do not need to be vaccinated or tested before being released into communities in Florida and around the country. 

Last week I wrote an op-ed for Fox News explaining why John Kerry needs to be fired immediately from his job as Joe Biden’s Climate Czar. Reports have recently surfaced showing John Kerry taking upwards of $1 million dollars from a company profiting from slave labor in China. It’s inexcusable that the same people who pride themselves as social justice warriors decide to turn a blind eye to the very real human rights abuses happening at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party–and in John Kerry’s case, while profiting from them. John Kerry has been a staunch opponent of my Uyghur Forced Labor Act, which would make it impossible for products made with slave labor in Xinjiang to be imported into the United States. Now we know why. Read my full Op-Ed HERE.

Friend, we have a real campaign on our hands. The radical left continues to flood the state with cash to help my Pelosi Puppet opponent, Val Demings. Over the last few months, Val Demings brought in over $8 million from her national liberal donor network, an enormous sum which will give her the resources she needs to win in Florida. We can’t let that happen. 

While Demings continues to rely on her base of national liberal donors, and is focused on raising woke money on Facebook, our best chance of fighting back is you, our grassroots supporters. To help us win this tough battle will you please sign up to volunteer and help deliver our positive message of results to voters? I need your help. Florida needs your help. Our great nation needs your help. Sign up HERE.

Thank you for your continued support!

Senator Marco Rubio

Marco in the News
Op-Ed: It’s Time to Fire John Kerry, Biden’s Ethically Challenged Climate Czar
“Rumors have swirled in Washington about President Joe Biden’s climate czar John Kerry and his opposition to taking concrete action against the Chinese Communist Party’s use of slave labor. Now, we may have an answer about his reluctance to take action: according to a new report, Kerry and his wife have at least $1 million invested in a Chinese investment group called Hillhouse China Value Fund L.P…”
US Navy Graphic
Op-Ed: Our Navy is 246 Years Old and More Important Than Ever
“America’s inability to secure global trade routes would be devastating to our nation and our people… a lot has changed over the past 246 years, but some things remain the same. While we are not under threat of invasion, America is more dependent on global trade than ever before…”
Val Demings
Dems Find Their Anti-Rubio Warrior in Val Demings
For months, the Florida congresswoman challenging Sen. Marco Rubio in 2022 seemed nowhere to be found…now Demings has an answer for her whereabouts: She was campaigning almost exclusively on Facebook, growing an army of small-dollar donors across the nation on her way to raising a staggering $8.5 million in the most recent fundraising quarter —$2.4 million more than Rubio reported and more than any Senate challenger in the country between July and October.
Joe Biden at Climate Change Summit
Op-Ed: Focused on Climate, Biden Ignores Slave Labor
“By nearly all accounts, the Biden administration is choosing to ignore the Chinese Communist Party’s egregious human rights abuses to strike a deal on climate. In other words, it is willing to accept Beijing’s use of arbitrary detention on an unimaginable scale, slave labor, systematic rape, coercive abortion, forced sterilization, organ harvesting, and more because, in Nancy Pelosi’s words, “climate is an overriding issue…”
Chinese Tech Company
Rubio Calls on Biden Administration to Blacklist Huawei Spin-Off Honor
Republican U.S. senators led by Marco Rubio on Thursday called on the Biden administration to blacklist Honor, a former unit of embattled Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, describing the firm as a threat to national security.

In a letter dated Thursday, seen by Reuters, Rubio described Honor as essentially an “arm” of the Chinese government with newly unfettered access the same prized U.S. technology currently denied to Huawei. The letter adds to a growing chorus of China hawks calling for the blacklisting.

Senator Rubio
Rubio Slams ‘Desperation’ Biden To Salvage Dead Iran Deal
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) lambasted the Biden administration’s “desperation” in pushing their failed efforts to revive the Iran Nuclear Deal with Iran, despite the Iranian regime’s countlessly snubbing the U.S. in their compliance refusal to resume indirect talks while they rapidly advance its nuclear programs in assembling a nuclear weapon.
Chinese Production
China’s Latest COVID Cover-Up: Beijing Says It Will Test Thousands of Blood Samples in Hunt for Virus’s Origins
China is preparing to test thousands of blood samples from Wuhan taken in the early months of the pandemic – away from the eyes of outside observers in what many fear will become Beijing’s latest COVID cover-up. Since China alerted the world to a mysterious virus circulating in Wuhan in December 2019, a debate has been raging over its true source.
SOS Cuba (Protests)
Florida Republicans Want Biden to Sanction Non-Cubans Who Do Business with the Regime
A group of Republicans in Congress wants to give the president widespread authority to sanction non-Cubans who do business with the country’s defense, security and intelligence sectors, the latest policy response from Washington after widespread pro-democracy protests in Cuba in July.

Miami’s entire Cuban-American contingent in Congress is backing the bill. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and GOP U.S. Reps. Carlos Gimenez, Mario Diaz-Balart and Maria Elvira Salazar are co-sponsoring the legislation.

Townhall Op-Ed: Federal Policy Needs to Incentivize American-Made Vehicles to Create Jobs
“Some Republicans recently have embraced a working-class agenda to recapture those disaffected hard-working Americans, many who supported Donald Trump for president. They don’t care about the top line number of the plan, because they know they are not going to see that money. What they want are provisions that will create jobs.”

Rubio wrote, “When the conflict is between working Americans and a company whose leadership has decided to wage culture war against working-class values, the choice is easy — I support the workers.”

Senator Marco Rubio
Rubio Advising Group Pushing for GOP Diversity, the ‘Right Leaders Network’
A group intent on expanding Republican power over state-level offices is rolling out a national effort to diversify and grow the GOP, led by an advisory council featuring several potential future presidential contenders. Its goal is “prioritizing electing more women, as well as candidates from communities of color and diverse backgrounds.” Leadership includes Sens. Marco Rubio and Tim Scott, as well as former U.N. Ambassador and ex-South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

Greg Steube hits rare out-of-the-park home run during Congressional Baseball Game

Greg Steube hits rare out-of-the-park home run during Congressional Baseball Game

Rep. Greg Steube literally knocked one out of the park at the Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday.  Watch video here.

The Florida Republican’s slam, which hit the bleachers two rows back, was the first out-of-the-park homer at a Congressional Baseball Game in over 40 years, the last time being when former Rep. Ron Paul did so in 1979.

Steube, an Iraq War veteran , is the first congressman to hit the ball out of a Major League Baseball park, as the annual game wasn’t held at Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals baseball team, until 2009.


Steube celebrated with a leisurely trot back to home base, where he was swarmed by his teammates. His hit helped secure the Republicans’ narrow 13-12 victory over their Democratic colleagues, marking only the third victory for the GOP during the last 13 annual contests to raise money for charity. Steube was also the Republicans’ starting pitcher, during which he wore a “Save America” cap signed by former President Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden attended the game, where he was greeted with a mix of cheers and boos.

RNC Challenges Vermont Legislation Giving Voting Rights to Non-Citizens

RNC Challenges Vermont Legislation Giving Voting Rights to Non-Citizens

WASHINGTON, D.C – The Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Vermont GOP (VTGOP) are today suing the cities of Montpelier and Winooski, Vermont over their new town charters that allow noncitizens to vote in their municipal elections. This radical scheme passed by Vermont Democrats, to allow foreign citizens to decide American elections is a blatant attack on election integrity and violates the state constitution which requires Vermont voters to be U.S. citizens.

“Democrats are trying to dismantle the integrity of our elections. In addition to attacking widely supported safeguards like voter ID, Democrats also want foreign citizens to vote in American elections. Republicans are fighting back on this far-left assault against election integrity — unlike radical Democrats, we believe that our elections should be decided solely by American citizens. This is a matter of principle and we will fight in all 50 states to ensure this remains the case.” – RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

The RNC is joined in the suit by the Vermont Republican Party and several concerned Vermont voters. The suit also raises important concerns about how the laws will be implemented and whether non-citizens will end up on the same voter registration lists used for state-level and federal elections.

Click here to read more from FOX News