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RNC Releases Letter to Committee on Presidential Debates

WASHINGTON – Today, (January 18, 2022) the Republican National Committee (RNC) sent the following letter to the Committee on Presidential Debates (CPD), following the correspondence we initiated in June. 


Dear Mr. Fahrenkopf and Mr. Wollack:

The RNC responds to your letter of December 14, continuing the correspondence we initiated in June. The RNC has shared our concerns with the CPD in good faith, carefully documenting why the party and its voters have lost faith in your organization, and we have proposed commonsense reforms that would restore trust in the debates process. Unfortunately, neither the tone nor substance of your latest response inspires confidence that the CPD will meaningfully address the serious issues which the RNC has raised.

For reference, a brief timeline of our communications is as follows:

  • Beginning with phone conversations on March 22 and April 5, 2021 and continuing with an in-person meeting on May 6, the RNC raised its concerns through discussions between CPD Co-Chair Fahrenkopf and RNC Member David Bossie, who serves as Chair of the RNC’s Temporary Presidential Debates Committee.
  • On June 1 the RNC wrote to the CPD outlining its serious missteps and the partisan actions of its board members, explaining that these actions have damaged the RNC’s faith that the CPD can provide a fair and impartial forum for presidential debates, and proposing reforms to address these concerns.
  • On July 12 David Bossie, RNC Chief of Staff Richard Walters, and I met with CPD CoChair Fahrenkopf via Zoom to discuss the RNC’s concerns.
  • On July 15 the CPD responded, stating that it would keep the RNC’s concerns “in mind” during its internal review of the 2020 debates but declining to address any of the specific issues raised, other than stating that it would be “mindful” of the “early voting issue” as it schedules presidential debates for 2024.
  • On October 1 the RNC responded asking if the CPD intended to adopt any of the proposed reforms. Noting the lack of transparency in the CPD’s internal decisionmaking, the RNC further requested that the CPD adopt a policy permitting any political party whose nominee participated in the previous election cycle’s debates to appoint a nonvoting observer to attend CPD Board meetings. 
  • On November 15 I hosted CPD Co-Chair Fahrenkopf at the RNC to discuss these issues in person. The meeting was cordial but yielded no firm indication that the CPD is committed to addressing the RNC’s concerns.
  • On December 14 the CPD responded again declining any firm commitment toward reform, while stating that it “answers to no political party or candidate” and “does not negotiate the terms or conditions of [its] operations with anyone.” The CPD did state that it will consider scheduling issues related to early voting, the partisan activities of its board members, and moderator selection processes as part of its internal “quadrennial review.” However, the CPD also refused to allow nonvoting observers to attend its Board meetings, claiming that doing so might jeopardize its status as a nonpartisan organization.

The RNC’s concerns strike at the core of whether the CPD credibly can provide a fair and impartial forum for presidential debates. The CPD’s failures, which the RNC has outlined, are fundamental. These include:

  • Waiting until after early voting had already begun to host the first presidential debate;
  • Making unilateral changes to previously agreed-upon debate formats and conditions, in some cases without even notifying the candidates;
  • Selecting a moderator who had once worked for the Democrat nominee, a glaring conflict of interest; and
  • Failing to maintain the organization’s strict nonpartisanship, with a majority of its Board Members publicly disparaging the Republican nominee.

The CPD must address these glaring failures if the organization is to have any credibility with the Republican Party and its 74 million voters moving forward. To do this, the CPD should enact the following much-needed reforms:

  • Adopt term limits for its Board of Directors, several members of which have served for more than a decade;
  • Commit to holding at least one debate before the start of early voting, and in no case after the deadline for states to mail absentee ballots to uniformed and overseas voters;
  • Enact a code of conduct prohibiting CPD officers, directors, and staff from making public comments supporting or opposing any candidate, or otherwise engaging in partisan political activity in connection with the presidential election, with meaningful consequences for violations;
  • Establish transparent criteria for selecting debate moderators that would disqualify individuals from consideration who have apparent conflicts of interest due to personal, professional, or partisan factors; and 
  • Enact a transparent code of conduct for moderators in conducting debates, including guidelines for appropriate interactions with the participating nominees, with meaningful penalties for violations.

These proposals are common sense solutions for an organization whose unique, nonpartisan role in American elections requires it to stand above the political fray. Indeed, we believe that Page 3 of 3 most neutral observers would be shocked to learn that these overdue reforms are not already CPD policy.

Unfortunately, the CPD’s responses so far seem designed to delay any reform until it is too late to matter for the 2024 election. The RNC initiated this dialogue on behalf of its future nominee, who will undoubtedly meet any debate participation criteria. As you know that individual will have little opportunity to have this dialogue with the CPD given the short window between his or her nomination and the first debate. By then the CPD will have already completed its “quadrennial review,” structural changes will be impossible, and planning for the 2024 presidential debates will essentially be complete. The RNC therefore cannot simply “wait and see,” as the CPD seems to suggest, but must act now. To do otherwise would forestall any meaningful reform and conveniently leave the CPD unaccountable for another election cycle.

We are especially frustrated with the CPD’s refusal to enact reforms aimed at ensuring nonpartisanship by claiming that doing so would somehow render the organization more partisan. The RNC has made clear that it understands the need for the CPD to be nonpartisan, and in fact has initiated this dialogue toward that end. As the RNC has proposed, one easy measure to restore trust would be to allow a representative from parties that have participated in past debates to observe CPD Board meetings, not on the basis of partisan affiliation, but on a party’s respective candidate having met the previous cycle’s debate participation criteria. We fail to see how that specific proposal, or any of the RNC’s other recommendations for that matter, would jeopardize the CPD’s nonpartisanship, as you suggest. Instead, the Commission appears more concerned about the supposed “partisanship” of allowing recent participants to observe its Board meetings than it is of its own partisan actions and those of its members and moderators.

The RNC has a duty to ensure that its future presidential nominees have the opportunity to debate their opponents on a level playing field. So long as the CPD appears intent on stonewalling the meaningful reforms necessary to restore its credibility with the Republican Party as a fair and nonpartisan actor, the RNC will take every step to ensure that future Republican presidential nominees are given that opportunity elsewhere. Accordingly, the RNC will initiate the process of amending the Rules of the Republican Party at our upcoming Winter Meeting to prohibit future Republican nominees from participating in CPD-sponsored debates.


Ronna McDaniel

Chairman, Republican National Committee

Senator Rick Scott’s Week In Review: January 8, 2022



This week, Senator Rick Scott continued his fight against President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates and asked for unanimous consent on the Senate floor to pass his  Prevent Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates for Interstate Commerce Act. This bill protects the privacy of Americans’ personal health information and prohibits the Department of Transportation, Department of Commerce and other federal agencies from requiring proof of vaccination or the use of a vaccine passport for interstate commerce, including air travel. This is the second time Senator Scott has asked for the unanimous consent of his colleagues to pass this commonsense legislation. This week’s action comes on the heels of Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that the U.S. should consider vaccine mandates for domestic flights.

Despite the fact President Biden recently admitted “there is no federal solution” to COVID-19, Senate Democrats blocked the bill’s passage.

See more in his speech HERE or below.


See more of what Senator Scott has been up to this week below.


Sen. Rick Scott: Schumer’s Filibuster Flip-Flop is a Self-Serving Power Grab

Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following a Dear Colleague letter Senator Chuck Schumer sent to Democrat Senators urging them to vote in favor of ending the filibuster rule. This announcement, which directly contradicts Senator Schumer’s 2017 position while Democrats held the minority, proves that, once again, Senator Schumer’s priority is not protecting democracy, as he claims, but rather increasing Democrat control through a self-serving power grab.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Chuck Schumer cares about one thing: preserving power for Chuck Schumer. The proof can be found in his own contradictory self-serving statements. This week, Senator Schumer wrote a letter to his Democrat Caucus members on why they must fundamentally and irreversibly alter the rules of the United States Senate and destroy the rights of the minority to pass their unpopular and disastrous bills to federalize elections. This is an interesting take given Senator Schumer’s previous position on the filibuster. In 2017, then-Minority Leader Schumer urged Leader McConnell to, ’find a way to build a firewall around the legislative filibuster, which is the most important distinction between the Senate and the House.’ He went on to say, ‘Without the 60-vote threshold for legislation, the Senate becomes a majoritarian institution like the House, much more subject to the winds of short-term electoral change. No Senator would like to see that happen, so let’s find a way to further protect the 60-vote rule for legislation.’ So the question we must ask ourselves is this: What changed, Chuck? The answer, of course, is he is now in the majority and wants to do as he pleases rather than respect the longstanding rights afforded to the minority party. Schumer is only interested in trashing the filibuster now because he fears he will lose power in the next election. That’s no way to lead.

“If the Democrats’ bill was good, it would pass. It’s not. The Democrats’ election takeover bill is an assault on American elections that will fuel fraud, waste billions of taxpayer dollars on funding political campaigns and attack ads and make it nearly impossible to oversee fair elections. Remember that fact the next time Chuck Schumer demands to change the same rules that he spent years fiercely defending when they protected his interests.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott: SCOTUS Can Protect Jobs by Ruling Against Biden’s Unconstitutional Mandate

Senator Rick Scott released the below statement as the United States Supreme Court hears oral arguments on President Joe Biden’s overreaching, job-killing vaccine mandate on private businesses. Senator Scott recently joined Senator Mike Braun and 45 of their Senate colleagues in an amicus brief arguing that Congress did not grant the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) the authority to impose such an overreaching mandate and urging the court to block it.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Throughout his campaign and much of his first year in office, Joe Biden, his administration and Democrats in Washington repeatedly promised the American people that they would never impose a vaccine mandate. They lied. It’s another broken promise, just like their broken promise not to raise taxes on hardworking families, and I’ve been fighting against this unconstitutional, job-killing vaccine mandate from the very start.

“Biden and the Democrats’ broken promises have been devastating for American families and our economy at just the moment that we need economic momentum most. This is a fact and the reason why a bipartisan majority of the U.S. Senate voted last month to strike down this vaccine mandate on private businesses and workers. Just look at today’s jobs report which came in drastically below estimates. Biden is killing American jobs with his socialist agenda and utter stupidity. Sadly, even after this vote and the terrible economic outcomes we’ve seen, many Democrats continue to blindly follow Biden’s misguided lead and just this week blocked my bill to prohibit vaccine mandates for domestic air travel and interstate commerce. Today, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments on Biden’s unlawful mandate. It’s clear that we cannot rely on Democrats in Washington to do the right thing and the Court must rule. For the sake of millions of American workers and countless job creators, I hope the Court rules against Biden’s gross federal overreach and definitively strikes down this unconstitutional move that so clearly demonstrates Biden’s failure to lead.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott: Joe Biden Must Demand Life-Saving Action for Cuba’s Political Prisoners

Senator Rick Scott wrote to President Joe Biden demanding that he take immediate action to secure humanitarian medical visits for José Daniel Ferrer, a Cuban freedom and human rights activists who has been unjustly imprisoned by the illegitimate communist Cuban regime for nearly six months, and all other political prisoners. Senator Scott is also urging President Biden to work with the international community to secure the immediate release of all political prisoners. Read more HERE.

Senador Rick Scott: Joe Biden debe exigir acciones para salvar las vidas de los presos políticos en Cuba

El Senador Rick Scott le escribió una carta al Presidente Joe Biden hoy, exigiéndole que tome medidas inmediatas para asegurar las visitas médicas humanitarias de José Daniel Ferrer, el activista cubano por la libertad y los derechos humanos que ha sido encarcelado injustamente por el régimen comunista cubano ilegítimo durante casi seis meses, y todos los demás presos políticos. El Senador Scott también insta al Presidente Biden a trabajar con la comunidad internacional para asegurar la liberación inmediata de todos los presos políticos. Lea más AQUÍ.

Sen. Rick Scott: International Olympic Committee is Complicit in Communist China’s Human Rights Abuses

Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following reports that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is refusing to meet with members from the Coalition to End Forced Labor in the Uyghur Region, a group of civil society organizations and trade unions united to end state-sponsored forced labor and other egregious human rights abuses against people in Xinjiang. The coalition is asking the IOC to explain what steps it has taken to ensure official Olympic apparel has not been produced with forced labor after the IOC contracted with Anta Sports Products Ltd., a Chinese sportswear giant that uses cotton from Xinjiang, for the 2022 Olympic Games.

Just last year, the IOC released a 42-page report on the state of human rights within the IOC that included a recommendation for the IOC work with trade unions to identify and address human rights risks associated with the Olympic Games.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Why in the world does the IOC have someone in charge of human rights if they refuse to meet with human rights groups? Communist China is committing a genocide, putting Uyghurs into concentration camps and forcing them into slavery to pick cotton. The IOC should be able to definitively answer a simple question: Are Anta’s products, which will be used as the official IOC apparel for the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, made with forced labor? If so, the IOC is 100% complicit in General Secretary Xi’s genocide. Over and over, when given the opportunity to stand for human rights, the IOC does nothing but cover-up for the Chinese Communist Party. The IOC has lost all credibility, and every freedom-loving country should do what Thomas Bach won’t. Stand up to General Secretary Xi and punish him for his genocide.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott to Newsweek: Reconsider Relationship with Contributor Working for Communist China

Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to Newsweek Chief Executive Officer, Dev Pragad, and Global Editor-in-Chief, Nancy Cooper, informing them that one of Newsweek’s Expert Forum contributors, Vipp Jaswal, recently registered as a foreign agent for the Communist Chinese government. Jaswal received a large contract from the Communist Chinese government to promote the 2022 Winter Olympic Games on social media. The games are scheduled to be held in Beijing even while General Secretary Xi is committing genocide in Xinjiang, harassing Taiwan, destroying democracy in Hong Kong and persecuting Tibetans.

In the letter, Senator Scott highlighted Newsweek’s extensive coverage of the human rights abuses of the Chinese Communist Party, and requested that the publication reconsider its relationship with Vipp Jaswal. Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott to HHS: Buy American-Made COVID-19 Tests, Prohibit Tax Dollars for Tests from Communist China

Senator Rick Scott wrote to Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Xavier Becerra demanding that the Biden administration prioritize the purchase of American-made COVID-19 test kits and strictly prohibit the purchase of tests made in Communist China which would only benefit the genocidal regime of General Secretary Xi. Senator Scott’s letter comes as HHS prepares to buy 500 million at-home COVID-19 antigen tests. Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Highlights Wins of 2021; Priorities for 2022

Senator Rick Scott highlighted several legislative wins of the 117th Congress from 2021 and major priorities he will continue to fight for in 2022, including initiatives to make Washington work for American families, protect the United States’ national security from the threats of Communist China and other enemies and fight for freedom and democracy in Latin America and around the world.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Three years ago, I began my term in the U.S. Senate determined to make Washington work better for Florida families and protect the American dream. We’ve rattled Washington and secured some big wins, but there is still work to do to reform the tired, dysfunctional ways of Congress and the federal government. 

“As we begin 2022, I can promise this: I’ll be fighting like hell against Biden and Democrats’ systemic socialism and far-left policies that are destroying our financial security with massive debt, increasing government dependency and killing the American dream. We need to get back to the fundamentals: protecting our national security, building a strong, market-driven economy, ensuring Florida receives the fair treatment, federal support and resources it needs, and standing up for human rights, freedom and democracy around the globe. I’m looking forward to another great year doing a job I love: fighting for Florida families in the United States Senate.” Read more HERE.

Democrats Block Sen. Rick Scott’s Bill to End Vaccine Mandates for Interstate Commerce After Biden Claims “There is No Federal Solution” to COVID-19

Senator Rick Scott asked for unanimous consent on the Senate floor to pass his Prevent Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates for Interstate Commerce Act which would protect the privacy of Americans’ personal health information and prohibit the Department of Transportation and other federal agencies from requiring proof of vaccination or the use of a vaccine passport for interstate commerce, including air travel. His request comes after Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that the U.S. should consider vaccine mandates for domestic flights. Senator Scott’s bill is co-sponsored by Senators Cynthia Lummis, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Roger Marshall, and Representative Dan Crenshaw has introduced companion legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives. Senate Democrats blocked its passage.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Joe Biden said it himself – there is no federal solution. States should be leading the effort to control this pandemic. Providing information about the virus, providing tests, supporting vaccine and therapy developments, and getting the economy back on track should be the only role of the federal government in this pandemic. That’s why I introduced Prevent Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates for Interstate Commerce Act, and why the U.S. Senate passed a Congressional Review Act measure to invalidate President Biden’s vaccine mandate on a bipartisan basis.

“It is Chinese-style communism for anyone in government to suggest that families and businesses should be required to show a vaccine passport before boarding a plane or carrying goods across state lines. We all can see that these unconstitutional vaccine mandates are JOB KILLERS, and it’s shameful that Democrats want to give the government more power, uphold regulations that are causing prices to rise, and force people to choose between keeping their jobs and getting the vaccine at the very time families and businesses are struggling to keep up with the cost of inflation.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott joins Sen. Rubio and Rep. Dunn in Leading Members of Florida Delegation Urging Biden Administration to End Heavy-Handed Allocation System for Life-saving Covid-19 Treatments

Senator Rick Scott joined Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Neal Dunn to lead Republican members of the Florida congressional delegation in writing to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra urging the department to reverse its burdensome allocation for monoclonal antibody drugs (mAbs) and return to a state-based model in which states and local healthcare providers can directly order mAbs from drug manufacturers. Read more from Senator Rubio’s office HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott to USTR: What’s the Plan to Stop Communist China’s Unfair Trade Practices?

Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to United States Trade Representative (USTR) Katherine Tai requesting information about the Biden administration’s plans to stand up to Communist China’s unfair trade practices and refusal to comply with the Phase 1 trade agreement. This month marks 20 years after Communist China entered the World Trade Organization, a decision which has come at an immense cost to the American economy. Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Issues Statement Following Loss of Senator Johnny Isakson

Senator Rick Scott issued the following statement on the passing of former U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Ann and I are heartbroken by the loss of Senator Johnny Isakson. Johnny spent his life fighting for Georgians and his legacy will live on through the results of his hard work which continue to benefit veterans, students and families across America. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to serve alongside him in the United States Senate. Our hearts and prayers are with his wife, Dianne, and the entire Isakson family.” Read more HERE.

RNC Election Integrity Update – January 6, 2022

RNC Election Integrity Update

January 6, 2022

Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida


State Litigation Highlights

States currently in Session: California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

States in Regular Session throughout the year: Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania

States in Special Session: Delaware

State Litigation Highlights


A lawsuit, Mi Familia Vota et al v. Hobbs et al., was filed in AZ challenging SB1485, which removes voters from the permanent mail ballot list if a voter does not vote by mail in two straight election cycles and SB1003, which requires voters to “cure” signature-less ballots by 7PM on election day. The RNC and the NRSC have been granted intervention to defend the laws. Defendants filed a motion to dismiss on November 18.

In its latest victory, the RNC has successfully helped to defend Arizona’s Election Day curing deadline for mail ballots submitted without a voter’s signature. In Arizona Democratic Party v. Hobbs, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a permanent injunction entered by the district court and upheld that constitutionality of Arizona’s law. Leading up to the 2020 election, Democrats sued to challenge the curing deadline for missing signatures on vote by mail ballots arguing the election day deadline was a violation of the First and Fourteenth amendments and procedural due process. The RNC and Arizona GOP intervened to defend this commonsense deadline and successfully fought to ensure it was in effect for the November 2020 election. The Ninth Circuit ruled that Arizona had an important regulatory interest in reducing the administrative burden on poll workers, especially immediately following an election, and the deadline created a minimal burden on voters to sign the affidavit or to correct a missing signature by election day. It noted Arizona has had this practice in place for nearly 100 years and that the challenged provision allowing for cure is more lenient than that of many other states. This favorable decision comes just months after Democrats suffered a similar loss when the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s ban on ballot trafficking and out-of-precinct voting.


The RNC and NRSC were granted intervention in all four lawsuits challenging provisions of SB90. Judge Walker entered orders granting in part and denying in part defendants’ motions to dismiss. The court dismissed the claim challenging the ballot harvesting provisions based on lack of standing. On December 17, the court denied all motions for summary judgment in the cases and has set a trial date of January 31, 2022.


The RNC, NRSC, NRCC, and GA GOP were granted intervention in eight lawsuits challenging provisions of SB202, including the Department of Justice lawsuit against the state. The RNC, NRSC, and GA GOP have moved to intervene in a ninth lawsuit challenging provisions of SB202. Previously, the Court denied motions to dismiss for lack of standing and on the merits, filed by the RNC, other Republican organizations, and Republican lawmakers in Georgia in eight of the lawsuits. In December, the court denied the Motions to Dismiss filed by the State, RNC, RNSC, RNCC, and the GA GOP.


The RNC, Iowa GOP, NRCC, and NRSC were granted intervention to defend against the lawsuit challenging provisions of SF413 and SF568. The trial is set for March 14, 2022.


Last Monday, Marc Elias filed a lawsuit seeking to block a proposed ballot initiative “Nevada Voters First” that would create open primaries and institute ranked-choice voting for general elections.

The trial in the NC voter ID case has been put on hold by the trial judge until the U.S. Supreme Court decides if the GOP legislators can intervene in the case. Previously , the U.S. Supreme Court granted a writ of certiorari to determine whether GOP legislators in NC have a right to intervene in a case to defend SB824, which requires in-person voters to show photo identification. Previously, the 4th Circuit en banc panel affirmed the lower court’s order denying intervention, holding that the lower court did not abuse its discretion by denying permissive intervention or intervention as of right. The en banc court was nearly evenly divided.


In July, a member of the Bradford County Board of Elections filed a lawsuit against the State of Pennsylvania challenging Act 77, which made sweeping changes to PA’s Election law including allowing no excuse vote by mail. The lawsuit argues that Act 77 violates the PA Constitution. In October, the DNC and multiple Republican groups were granted intervention.

Republican David Ritter, a candidate for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County, appealed the Lehigh County Board of Election’s 3-0 decision to count 261 challenged mail-in ballots that were undated or improperly dated. On November 30, 2021, the Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County denied Ritter’s appeal and ordered the Lehigh County Board of Elections to include the 261 mail-in ballots in its canvass. The case was then appealed to the Commonwealth Court and briefs were filed by the parties on December 8. Last week, in a 2-1 decision, the Commonwealth Court reversed and remanded the case concluding that the 257 ballots that do not contain a date must be set aside and not counted in the Municipal Election.



The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) sued the State of Texas and the Texas Secretary of State challenging certain provisions in the recently enacted election integrity bill SB1. The DOJ is claiming that the law violates Section 208 of the Voting Rights Act and Section 101 of the Civil Rights Act. The RNC, NRCC, NRSC, and Dallas and Harris County Republican Parties moved to intervene in the DOJ suit and others challenging SB1. The court denied the RNC’s motion to intervene and the party committees have appealed the ruling to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals which has agreed to expedite the appeal. 

A Harris County official and an Austin-area voter registrar have filed a federal lawsuit to block the provision of SB1 that makes it a crime for election officials to send a vote-by-mail application to registered voters who hadn’t asked for one.



The RNC sued the cities of Montpelier and Winooski over their new town charters that allow noncitizens to vote in their municipal elections. The suit also raises important concerns about how the laws will be implemented and whether non-citizens will end up on the same voter registration lists used for state-level and federal elections. The RNC is joined in the suit by the Vermont Republican Party and several concerned Vermont voters.

  • In May, the town charters were approved by Vermont’s Democrat state Senate.
  • In June, Vermont’s Republican Governor vetoed the legislation.
  • That same month, the legislature overrode the Governor’s veto. 

Motions to dismiss have been filed in the case last and the state of Vermont has also now moved to intervene to defend the charters. Plaintiffs’ response is due January 7, 2022.



The Democratic Party of Virginia and the DCCC sued members of the Virginia Board of Elections over the state’s law requiring voters to disclose their social security number to register to vote. The Democrats allege the registration requirement violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments and the federal Privacy Act. The lawsuit also challenges the state’s absentee ballot curing process arguing that the deadline by which voters receive notice of defects of their absentee ballots is arbitrary. The Public Interest Legal Foundation moved to intervene as a defendant.


Other News

  • National: In a new report, Hans von Spakovsky writes about how federal campaign finance law prevents foreign governments and nationals from participating in local, state, and federal elections and how the that same rational should be used to prevent foreign governments and national from participating in the election process through referenda and issue-based ballot measures.
  • Federal: Democrats are focused on election administration and may look to altering the Senate filibuster procedures to advance the legislation.
  • CA: A recently released report Los Angeles County’s 2020 primary election was even more mishandled and managed than previously reported.
  • CA: On January 1st a new law took effect that makes permanent the emergency changes made in 2020 by requiring county officials to mail all active registered voters a ballot in every election and extends the time a ballot can be counted when received after election day from three days to seven days.
  • FL: Governor DeSantis has created the Office of Election Crime and Security to investigate state election law violations and irregularities, the office will report to Secretary of State Laurel Lee.
  • GA: Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is launching an investigation into alleged ballot harvesting that occurred during the 2020 General Election and the 2021 Senate Runoff Elections.
  • MN: Five people have been charged with a felony in Stearns County after allegedly violating the states election laws.
  • NH: Secretary of State Bill Gardner will step down from office after more than four decades of service, he will be replaced by Dave Scanlan, the Chief Deputy.
  • NY: New York City Mayor Eric Adams is concerned about a specific part of the bill that passed allowing noncitizens to vote in municipal elections, his ability to veto the bill is up for debate.
  • TX: On December 31, 2021, Secretary of State John Scott released a Phase 1 Progress Report on the Full Forensic Audit of the November 2020 General Election. Read the Report HERE.
  • WI: Last week, several election workers in Madison and Green Bay County and the Chair of the Wisconsin Election Commission were sent subpoenas related to the legislative investigation into the 2020 General Election.
  • Jobs: The Heritage Foundation is looking for a Legal Policy Analyst who will work on various ongoing Center projects including the Election Fraud Database, the revised Heritage Guide to the Constitution, the Election Integrity Scorecard, the Defensive Gun Use Database, and the Judicial Tracker.
  • Opinion: The election reforms Democrats are focused on will undermine public confidence in elections and should focus on narrowly tailored legislation on postelection election administration.
  • Opinion: Jennifer C. Braceras and Maya Noronha discuss the story of voting rights in America, from the inception of the Constitution to the Voting Rights Act.


Rep. Scott Franklin: The Ready Room – December 23, 2021

Hello Friend,

Welcome to my e-newsletter, the Ready Room. As a retired Naval Aviator, the Ready Room is special to me because it’s where fellow aviators meet to brief and debrief missions. This is my weekly briefing to you on my mission in Congress. Please follow me on Facebook Twitter Instagram  and YouTube for regular updates on how my team and I are working to serve you in Congress.


Franklin & Congressional App Challenge Winner, Varun Patel
The Congressional App Challenge (CAC) is an effort to inspire STEM, coding, and computer science education. Last week, I was pleased to announce our FL-15 winner, Varun Patel, a Junior at Strawberry Crest High School. His app is Py-iMessenger, an iMessage chatbot that allows users to execute various functions through text messaging. Congratulations, and keep up the great work! The winners are invited to showcase their winning app to Congress during our annual House of Code festival. For students interested in competing next year, please click here .
Protecting our Afghanistan Allies from the Taliban
Marines and the Danish mentor team with Afghan National Army soldiers
In the seven months since Joe Biden withdrew our military personnel from Afghanistan, reports of Americans and allies still stuck in the country continue to come out. Thousands of Afghans who assisted the United States military are being hunted by the Taliban. More than 17,000 Afghans who worked with U.S. forces have applied for visas, but bureaucratic delays plague the program. I joined several of my House colleagues in writing a letter to the State Department urging our government to do all we can to help those Afghans who fought side by side with American’s. Read the letter here .
Constituent Corner  
1045 IRS form, calculator, pen, piggy bank, and glasses
Jessica S. is a constituent from Clermont. She was not receiving her Child Tax Credit payments and had trouble accessing her IRS portal. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the IRS, Jessica reached out for help. Our office contacted the Taxpayer Advocate Service to help her receive the Child Tax Credit payments the IRS owed her. If you need assistance with a government agency, please call my Lakeland office at (863) 644-8215 or visit my website at .
Test Your Knowledge #CivicsWithScott!  
When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?
a. 1619
b. 1776
c. 1969
d. 1791
Last Week’s Question
Who was President during World War I?
a. Woodrow Wilson – Correct Answer
b. William McKinley
c. Benjamin Harrison
d. Lyndon B. Johnson
I’m honored to represent you in Congress. For more information on constituent services, current legislation and to sign up for my e-newsletter, please visit my website at 

Best regards,


C. Scott Franklin

Republican National Committee: RNC Notches a Win in Florida Voting Reform Legal Battle


Republican National Committee

RNC Notches a Win in Florida Voting Reform Legal Battle

Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida

[email protected]

In case you missed it, the RNC notched a huge win defending Florida’s election integrity bill, SB 90.

The RNC has intervened in four lawsuits challenging numerous provisions of SB 90, which created important election integrity safeguards like limiting ballot harvesting. A recent attempt by left-wing groups to overturn SB 90 and allow ballot harvesting was denied by the court for lack of standing. Their request for amendment was also denied, effectively removing the ballot harvesting claim from the case. This ruling marks a big victory for the RNC’s efforts to defend election integrity by prohibiting ballot harvesting.

Read more here.

“The RNC is committed to making it easier to vote and harder to cheat in Florida and across the country. A Florida court’s decision to dismiss the plaintiff’s ballot harvesting claim is a big initial win for Florida voters and the RNC in our fight to ensure fair, secure and transparent elections.” – RNC Spokeswoman Julia Friedland

Julia Friedland

Florida Comms Director

Republican National Committee

[email protected]


Campaign Internships with the Republican Party of Florida

The Polk County RPOF field office has opened up a few internship slots! Please contact me if you or anyone you know maybe be interested!
Looking for any college and high school students in Polk County.
This is a great resume builder and a great opportunity for community service.
Thank you!
Dirk Frazel
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RNC Election Integrity Update – November 10, 2021


RNC Election Integrity Update

November 10, 2021

State Legislation Highlights

States Legislatures sine die: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho (Senate), Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming. 

States in Regular Session throughout the year: Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania

States in Special Session: Alabama, Alaska


Governor Whitmer vetoed three election-related bills: HB5007SB303 and SB304SB303 would have required a voter to present a photo ID in order to vote or be given a provisional ballot. SB304 would have required county election offices to provide notice if a voter needed to cure their ballot, would have allowed a voter to cure their provisional ballot within six days after the election, and would have prohibited the tabulation of the provisional ballot unless there was a valid voter registration. HB5007 would have eliminated the fees for getting or renewing an official state personal ID card.

State Litigation Highlights


The Alaska Supreme Court agreed to hear a case challenging the new ranked-choice election system in the state. The voting system places all candidates, regardless of party, on the same ballot, and the four winners of that primary advance to the general election, where the candidates are ranked in order of preference, with the person receiving a majority of first-choice ballots being declared the winner or, if no candidate receives a majority of first-choice ballots, the person with the fewest first-choice ballots will be eliminated, and the process will repeat until a winner is chosen. The case, which was filed by a Republican attorney representing himself, a Libertarian candidate, and the Alaskan Independence Party, argues that this system is unconstitutional under the US and Alaskan Constitutions as it restricts political parties and therefore the constitutional right of free association. A lower court upheld the voting system, and now, on appeal, the Alaska Supreme Court will determine its legality, with oral argument scheduled for January 18th.   


A lawsuit, Mi Familia Vota et al v. Hobbs et al., was filed in AZ challenging SB1485, which removes voters from the permanent mail ballot list if a voter does not vote by mail in two straight election cycles and SB1003, which requires voters to “cure” signature-less ballots by 7PM on election day. The RNC and the NRSC have been granted intervention to defend the laws. 


The RNC and NRSC were granted intervention in all four lawsuits challenging provisions of SB90. Judge Walker entered orders granting in part and denying in part defendants’ motions to dismiss. The court dismissed some of the claims from some of the defendants; however, none of the claims were dismissed in their entirety.

Last week, Judge Walker denied the League Plaintiffs’ Motion for Leave to File a Second Amended Complaint to add Dave Aronberg, Palm Beach State Attorney as a Defendant. The Plaintiffs were attempting to amend their complaint after their ballot harvesting claim had been dismissed for lack of standing because the Plaintiffs’ asserted injuries were not traceable back to any of the named Defendants in the lawsuit. The RNC and NRSC joined in with the Secretary of State and Attorney General in opposing the League Plaintiffs’ Motion.


The RNC, NRSC, NRCC, and GA GOP were granted intervention in eight lawsuits challenging provisions of SB202, including the Department of Justice lawsuit against the state. The RNC, NRSC, and GA GOP have moved to intervene in a ninth lawsuit challenging provisions of SB202.


The RNC, Iowa GOP, NRCC, and NRSC were granted intervention to defend against the lawsuit challenging provisions of SF413 and SF568.


The RNC filed an amicus brief in an important lawsuit filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (“PILF”) regarding voter registration list integrity. The case deals with potentially over 100,000 noncitizens that were registered to vote in Pennsylvania.

  • In September 2017, Al Schmidt, a Philadelphia City Commissioner, revealed that a so-called “glitch” allowed noncitizens to register to vote when applying or renewing their driver’s licenses through the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles.  
  • The Department of State has refused to disclose pertinent records regarding the so-called “glitch” that allowed noncitizens to register to vote.
  • PILF, pursuant to the public records inspection provision of the National Voter Registration Act, filed a lawsuit against Pennsylvania demanding transparency and the disclosure of records regarding the so-call “glitch”.

In July, a member of the Bradford County Board of Election filed a lawsuit against the State of Pennsylvania challenging Act 77, which made sweeping changes to PA’s Election law including allowing no excuse vote by mail. The lawsuit argues that Act 77 violates the PA Constitution. In October, the DNC and multiple Republican groups were granted intervention.


Last Thursday, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit against the State of Texas and the Texas Secretary of State challenging certain provisions in the recently enacted election integrity bill SB1. The DOJ is claiming that the law violates Section 208 of the Voting Rights Act and Section 101 of the Civil Rights Act.


The RNC sued the cities of Montpelier and Winooski over their new town charters that allow noncitizens to vote in their municipal elections. The suit also raises important concerns about how the laws will be implemented and whether non-citizens will end up on the same voter registration lists used for state-level and federal elections. The RNC is joined in the suit by the Vermont Republican Party and several concerned Vermont voters.

  • In May, the town charters were approved by Vermont’s Democrat state Senate.
  • In June, Vermont’s Republican Governor vetoed the legislation.
  • That same month, the legislature overrode the Governor’s veto. 

RNC Chairwoman McDaniel wrote an op-ed about the lawsuit in Breitbart and spoke about it on Newsmax.


The Public Interest Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy, Inc. seeking declaratory and injunctive relief against the Fairfax County Electoral Board for accepting and approving absentee and mail-in ballot applications without the statutorily required last-four of Social Security numbers in violation of the Anti-Suspension Clause of the Constitution of Virginia in the 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Election. On Friday, October 29, 2021, the Court dismissed the case stating that the Virginia Institute of Public Policy lacked standing to bring the case.

The Democratic Party of Virginia filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Postal Service claiming changes to the process and delivery of election-related mail has been materially altered potentially leading to delays in processing of absentee ballot applications and ballots. After a hearing, the parties agreed and entered into a Stipulation and Consent Order that requires the USPS to continue their practice of expediting election mail while also submitting “all clear” reports to the plaintiff and the court. 


Last week, a Circuit Court in Wisconsin granted a motion for a number of groups to intervene in a lawsuit challenging the use of ballot drop boxes. The suit alleges that voters may only return absentee ballots through the mail or by dropping them off in person at a municipal clerk’s office and claims that the use of drop boxes is a violation of Wisconsin’s voting statute and invites fraud. The intervening parties, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, Disability Rights Wisconsin, Faith Votes for Justice, and the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, claim that ballot drop boxes do not facilitate fraud and are legal under a broad interpretation of the Wisconsin voting statute. 

Other News

  • Federal: Last Tuesday, the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules and Administration held a hearing on “Emerging Threats to Election Administration.” Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams testified at the hearing.
  • National: The RNC has contacted over 12 million voters ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, including 5 million in Virginia ahead of the Gubernatorial election tomorrow.
  • National: President Biden is expected to nominate Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman (R) to serve as the election security lead at the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.
  • CT: Republican voters in Guilford County, CT filed a complaint with the State’s Election Enforcement Commission, claiming absentee ballot applications sent to voters were “pre-signed” which may be a violation of state election law.
  • CT: A recount was underway this weekend in the West Haven mayoral race after two dozen votes separated the Republican and Democrat candidates.
  • FL: Over the weekend, a recount was underway in Palm Beach and Broward counties after unofficial results show just a handful of votes separating the two Democrat congressional candidates.
  • IN: More counties in Indiana move towards vote centers moving away from the traditional practice of precinct-by-precinct polling places.
  • NC: Republicans in North Carolina, and throughout the country, are working tirelessly to restore voters’ confidence in the ballot box, while Democrats only offer a false narrative.
  • NJ: Passaic County Superintendent of Elections has asked for a court order to open the voting machines to retrieve the e-poll books that were placed in them due to the county not receiving the proper carrying and locking cases in time for Election Day.
  • NJ: On Election Day, the ACLU and the LWV in NJ filed a lawsuit to extend polling hours by an extra 90 minutes due to operations issues, the judge dismissed the suit and did not extend polling hours.
  • OH: As a result of number of poll e-poll books not updating prior to Election Day, the Ohio Secretary of State has placed Franklin County on administrative oversight. 
  • PA: Governor Wolf’s wife dropped off his mail ballot for him, which is a violation of PA Election Law.
  • PA: Due to equipment issues in Montgomery County polling hours were extended by an hour.
  • VA: Fairfax County was granted permission to use leftover funds from the 2020 election cycle provided by the Center for Tech and Civic Life for the 2021 election cycle.
  • In response Election Transparency Initiative Chairman and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, said local election officials should immediately disclose the money being used for the 2021 election cycle.
  • VA: With the assistance and support from the RNC, Republican poll watchers outnumbered Democrat poll watchers throughout the state of Virginia and were trained to observe the election process and to ensure it is proper.
  • WI: Last Thursday, the Racine County Sherriff’s Office presented the results of an investigation into possible election law violations in nursing homes.
  • In Response, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) called for an Emergency Special Meeting to discuss strategy, planning, and action pertaining to potential litigation and approve any statements pertaining to potential litigation the commission is likely to become involved in. Statement from the WEC can be found HERE.
  • Last year, a disability service coordinator who works with developmentally disabled adults in various assisted living facilities said every one of her clients were pressured to vote for a Democrat candidate.
  • Op-ed: Ken Cuccinelli wrote an op-ed in Fox News discussing how Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Glenn Youngkin has successfully kept the focus on the things that matter to Virginians: education, public safety, and job.
  • Op-ed: As a Guest Contributor for the Must Read Alaska, Ken Cuccinelli discussed how through H.R.4 and S.1 the federal government would have authority to “veto” state-passed election laws in Alaska and throughout the country. 

Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida

[email protected]

Rep. Scott Franklin: The Ready Room – November 5, 2021

Hello Friend,

Welcome to my e-newsletter, the Ready Room. As a retired Naval Aviator, the Ready Room is special to me because it’s where fellow aviators meet to brief and debrief missions. This is my weekly briefing to you on my mission in Congress. Please follow me on Facebook Twitter Instagram  and YouTube for regular updates on how my team and I are working to serve you in Congress.

Bills I Co-sponsored

H.R 5142 – I was proud to support the awarding of the Congressional Gold Medal to the 13 service members killed in Afghanistan last August. 

H.R.5788 –  To authorize the Attorney General to make grants for the creation and operation of veterans response teams within law enforcement agencies, and for other purposes.

H.R.5707 – PROTECT Florida Act – To provide for a moratorium on oil and gas leasing and exploration on the outer Continental Shelf off the coast of Florida until 2032, and for other purposes.

H.Res.748 – Honoring the life and the legacy of General Colin L. Powell. 

Opposing Taxpayer Funds for Illegal Immigrants

An image of the southern border wall
(Courtesy U.S. Border Patrol)

The Biden Administration created the crisis on the southern border. After taking office, President Biden suspended three key Trump-era policies that were a critical tool that helped reign in illegal immigration. These included Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, resuming “Catch and Release” which allows illegal immigrants to enter U.S. society while they await their court hearing, and halting construction of the border wall. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Biden Administration wants to pay as much as $450,000 per illegal immigrant if they were ‘separated’ from their families under President Trump. Our government pays only $400,000 to the families of fallen service members. It’s outrageous that the Biden Administration wants to pay more to those who have broken our laws while millions of American citizens struggle to make ends meet under historically high inflation. We must end policies that encourage this influx of illegals seeking to enter the U.S. 

Condemning Taxpayer Funding for Chinese Medical Research


China’s Forbidden City as seen from the street
(Courtesy U.S. State Department)

I was appalled to learn last week that U.S. tax dollars were used to engage in dangerous medical research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Dr. Anthony Fauci previously told Congress that taxpayer dollars were not being used for these kinds of dangerous experiments. As a member of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, I’m asking for answers to how and why this happened.  Click here   to read my full statement.

Celebrating a Local Paralympian


FSC student and paralympian Jenson Van Emburgh poses with his bronze medal

Congratulations to paralympian and Florida Southern College  student Jenson Van Emburgh for winning a bronze medal in Class 3 table tennis at the Paralympics in Tokyo. Jenson’s tenacity and hard work is serves as an example to us all. I applaud your hard work and determination!

Awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to our Fallen Troops


The dome of the U.S. Capitol as seen from the National Mall

As a retired naval officer, I appreciate the sacrifices of our military. The botched exit from Afghanistan resulted in the deaths of 13 of our service members. That’s why the House passed H.R. 5142, which awards the Congressional Gold Medal to these brave service members who gave their lives to rescue Americans and our allies in Afghanistan. These heroes paid the ultimate price in service to our country. This medal is a small gesture of appreciation for their service and sacrifice. Click here to read my full statement.

Test Your Knowledge #CivicsWithScott!  

How many votes are needed to overturn a Presidential veto?

a. 51

b. 60

c. 1/2 of House & Senate

d. 2/3 of House & Senate


Last Week’s Question

The first article of the Constitution lays out the structure of which branch of government?

a. Executive

b. Legislative – Correct Answer

c. Judicial

d. Federal

I’m honored to represent you in Congress. For more information on constituent services, current legislation and to sign up for my e-newsletter, please visit my website at 

Best regards,


C. Scott Franklin



The takeaway from Tuesday is simple: voters have had enough of Joe Biden and Democrats’ far-left policies, and a red wave is coming to sweep them out in the midterms next year.

•     As the Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman said, Tuesday’s “results” are consistent [with] a political environment in which Republicans would comfortably take back both the House and Senate in 2022.”

In seemingly every part of the country and among every demographic, Republicans made huge gains.

•     If Republican candidates run on strong platforms about the economy, education, and crime – as many of last night’s winning GOP candidates did – we can compete in even the deepest of blue states, districts, and cities.

Biden is toxic: In deep blue states and swing districts across the country, candidates who tied themselves to Biden and his agenda were defeated at the polls.

•     Biden’s approval rating continues to fall, and with it, Democrats up and down the ballot will fall in the midterms.

•     Terry McAuliffe was right about one thing: Joe Biden “is unpopular.”


  • The RNC’s data-driven ground game works and delivered results in races with tight margins on Tuesday.
  • RNC has already activated more than 43,000 volunteers nationwide.
  • RNC had over 300 staff on the ground, 9 community centers focused on minority engagement, and made over 7.5 million voter contacts across the country.
  • RNC Chairwoman McDaniel’s investment and commitment to data-driven resources and the infrastructure is already delivering results and will be crucial to gains in 2022 and beyond.

In Virginia alone, the RNC had over 120 staff on the ground, 13 victory offices, and made over 7.5 million voter contacts.

  • The Virginia field team broke voter contact records by targeting voters in key areas to drive up GOP margins and turnout our voters.
  • Republicans flipped multiple suburban counties for Glenn Youngkin, including:

o Stafford (+7.6%)

o Virginia Beach (+7.4%)

o Chesapeake (+6.7%)

o Chesterfield (+6%)

o James City (+5.7%)

* Utilizing RNC Data, our field team targeted low-turnout and low-propensity voters through voter contact efforts.

o In a race that was considered a toss-up as we headed into Election Day, our field team was able to create nearly 100,000 unexpected Republican votes.


The RNC has made significant investments to grow our party.  This includes building on fundamentals, like voter registration, and opening community centers for Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans earlier than ever.

  • Glenn Youngkin received more votes than any Virginia governor in history. Governor-elect Youngkin won Hispanics and Latinos by a 55-44, and he received 13% of the Black vote.
  • Veteran and immigrant Winsome Sears will become the first woman and first black woman Lieutenant Governor.
  • Cuban-American Jason Miyares is Virginia’s first Latino Attorney General.
  • Texas Republican John Lujan flipped HD-118, a district Biden won by 14 points and is 73% Hispanic. Last month, Representative-elect Lujan headlined the RNC’s Community Center grand opening in San Antonio.
  • On the local level, Black Republicans like A.C. Cordoza (VA-91), Donald Douglas (KY SD-22), and Jalen Johnson (Albany City Commission-II) highlight the growth and diversity of the GOP at all levels.


Voters resoundingly rejected Joe Biden and the Democrats’ policy agenda in key races on Tuesday.

The Economy: The failed economic agenda of Biden and blue state governors was on the ballot on Tuesday.

  • In Virginia, Youngkin ran on cutting taxes and lowering the costs of items ranging from gas to groceries. As a result, he carried voters most concerned about taxes by 42 points and voters concerned about the economy and jobs by 12 points.

Education: Voters in Virginia were loud and clear: Parents matter.

  • For Virginians who listed education as a top issue,  7 out of 10 voted for Youngkin.
  • Youngkin won K-12 parents by  15 percent.
  • CBS News’ exit poll shows that Youngkin won among parents who had children under 18. The poll also showed 51 percent of voters want parents to have “a lot” of say in a child’s education.

Public Safety: In communities across the country – from Seattle to Buffalo – voters rejected the Democrats’ defund the police agenda.

  • Voters in Minneapolis overwhelmingly rejected Democrat-led efforts to eliminate their police department after a sharp spike in violent crime.
  • In deep-blue Seattlevoters Republican Ann Davison is on the verge of becoming the first Republican to be elected city attorney in more than three decades.
  • Voter rejected the socialist defund-the-police mayoral candidate India Walton in Buffalo, who was trounced by a write-in campaign.
  • In New York, Republicans had their best election night since 2016, including winning several key district attorney elections.
    • Anne Donnelly became the first Republican District Attorney elected in Nassau County in two decades, and Republican Ray Tierney soundly defeated the incumbent Democrat in Suffolk County.
    • Republican Danielle Fogel won the newly created  5th District State Supreme Court seat.


The RNC has been a national leader in election integrity operations, building the largest Election Operation in history with staffers dedicated to election integrity across the country.

The RNC is running the most comprehensive legal strategy to date, in addition to recruiting, training, and activating volunteers to be at polling locations throughout the voting process – from Early Voting through Election Day.

Virginia: The election integrity team worked to successfully organize a robust poll-watching operation.

  •   Held over 50 election integrity trainings with over 3,200 attendees.
    • These trainings cover pollwatching and other best practices, equipping thousands of volunteers to effectively monitor election proceedings to ensure transparency.
  •   Scheduled over 3,400 early voting poll-watching shifts as well as over 2,900 shifts on Election Day.
    • In 37 target Virginia counties, poll watchers have covered 100% of polling locations.
  • Engaged an estimated 500 attorneys involved with our integrity efforts in Virginia.

New Jersey: The RNC has also been a national leader on the election integrity front, and that’s especially true of our efforts in New Jersey. The RNC’s continued efforts in New Jersey are ramping up and now include:

  • The RNC is deploying an additional 20 lawyers on the ground in New Jersey to help supervise the vote counting processes and to ensure only legal votes are counted.
  • Leading up to the election, the RNC, working with the state party, had lawyers covering every county in New Jersey to ensure legal transparency ahead of election day. This coverage will continue in the coming days.
  • The RNC is preparing to launch any necessary litigation to ensure the integrity of the election process.

Leading up to Election Day, the RNC recruited and trained volunteers to poll-watch and establish best practices to ensure that elections are free, fair, and transparent.

  • The RNC filled 127 poll watching shifts on election day, which represents 122% coverage of our 104 targeted precincts across New Jersey.
  • Held over 30 poll-watching trainings, recruiting and training 286 poll watchers.
    • The team recruited 137 poll workers that worked just over 700 combined days of poll working.
  • Our election integrity program sent over 187,000 emails and over 54,000 texts to New Jersey voters.


Beyond statewide wins in Virginia and a close statewide race in New Jersey, Republicans had huge victories up and down the ballot thanks to our efforts and partnerships with the campaigns, state parties, RGA, RSLC, and RNLA.

Virginia suburbs

•     Glenn Youngkin outperformed the 2020 Republican ticket in the key suburb of Loudoun County by 8-points.

•    In line with recent polling from the NRCCNRSCand Morning ConsultRepublicans continue to make gains with suburban voters as they reject Bidens’ agenda.

San Antonio, TX

•  Republican candidate John Lujan flipped House District 118a district Biden won by 14 points in 2020 and is 73% Hispanic.

•  This victory builds on Republican momentum in South Texas and underscores that Hispanics reject Joe Biden’s open border policies.

•  The RNC recently opened a Hispanic community center in Bexar County near HD-118.

Virginia House District 75

•  Republican candidate H. Otto Wachsmann Jr. flipped House District 75, a majority black district that Northam won by 5 points in 2017 and Hillary Clinton won by 10 points in 2016.

•  CNN exit polls show Youngkin won 13% of the Black vote in Virginia, an improvement from 2020.

Bergen County, NJ

• Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli made significant gains in Bergen County, New Jersey, a county Biden won by nearly 16 points. The race is currently only separated by less than a percentage point.

    • Republicans flipped two Somerset County Commission seats, breaking the 5-0 hold on the county’s governing body.
    • Republicans also flipped two Gloucester County Commission seats, where Republicans haven’t won a countywide seat since 2010, breaking the Democrats’ 7-0 hold on the county’s governing body.

Luzerne County, PA

•  In the bellwether county of Luzerne, Republicans swept all 5 county council seats, with 3 flips, resulting in an 11- member council with a 9-2 Republican majority.

•  In Pennsylvania’s statewide judicial elections, Republicans have won all three races that have been called, and looks like they will win the fourth to make a clean sweep.

Seattle, WA

  • In deep-blue  SeattleRepublican Ann Davison is on the verge of becoming the first Republican to be elected city attorney in more than three decades.
  • This victory proves that Americans, even in the deepest of blue cities, are rejecting Democrats’ calls to defund the police and turning towards the Republican Party’s pro-law enforcement and public safety message.



  • Governor: Glenn Youngkin
  • Lt. Governor: Winsome Sears
  • Attorney General: Jason Miyares
  • House of Delegates: GOP Flip +6 Seats
    • HD-12
    • HD-28
    • HD-63
    • HD-75
    • HD-83
    • HD-91

New Jersey:

  • State Senate races still too close to call
  • Flipped 2 Somerset County Commissioner Seats
    • Michael Kirsh
    • Amber Murad
  • Flipped 2 Gloucester County Commissioners Seats
    • Nick DeSilvio
    • Chris Konawel


  • Statewide Judicial Races:
    • Supreme Court Justice: Kevin Brobson
    • Superior Court Judge: Megan Sullivan
    • Commonwealth  Court  Judge:  Stacy
  • Wallace
    • Westmoreland County

▪     GOP swept the countywide slate

▪     District  Attorney:  Nicole  Ziccarelli, GOP Flip

  • Luzerne County
    • GOP won all 5 County Council seats, with 3 flips
    • Court of Common Pleas: Tarah Toohil, GOP Flip


  • House District 118:
    • John Lujan, GOP Flip


  • OH-15: Mike Carey, GOP Hold

New Hampshire:

  • Rochester Mayoral Race
    • Paul Callaghan, GOP Flip
    • Note: the first time a Republican has won in nearly two decades

 New York:

  • New York City City Council:
    • District 48: GOP Flip, Inna Vernikov
    • District 19: GOP Flip, Vickie Paladino
    • District 43: GOP Flip, Brian Fox
  • New York State Supreme Court:
    • 5th Judicial District: Danielle Fogel
    • Suffolk County District Attorney: Ray Tierney
  • Nassau County:
    • District  Attorney:  GOP  Flip,  Anne Donnelly
    • County Executive: GOP Flip, Bruce Blakeman
    • Glen Clove Mayor: GOP Flip, Pamela Panzenbeck
  • Monroe County Legislature:
    • District 13: Matthew Borkowski, GOP Flip
    • District 26: Orlando Rivera, GOP Flip


  • Held 6 Mayoral Seats
    • Sandy Springs
    • Johns Creek
    • Roswell
    • Dacula
    • Jesup
    • Marietta

South Carolina:

  • Georgetown Mayor: Carol Jayroe, GOP Flip

North Carolina:

  • Republicans won 5/6 mayoral races with 3 flips:
    • Holly Springs
    • Fuquay-Varina
    • Burlington


  • Hialeah Mayor: Steve Bovo, GOP Hold


  • Seattle City Attorney: Ann Daviso

Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida

[email protected]



Peter M. Feaman

National Committeeman for Florida

[email protected]

New Jersey Election Update

  • This has been the most successful election cycle for New Jersey Republicans in the last thirty years – representing historic wins for a whole generation.
    • The RNC worked hand-in-glove with the New Jersey Republican Party, the Ciattarelli campaign, and candidates up-and-down the ballot to Get Out The Vote.
    • In this election cycle alone, our data-driven ground game made over 2.5 million voter contacts in the Garden State – an all-time RNC record for New Jersey.
    • Throughout the campaign, Jack Ciattarelli urged support for critical down-ballot races and Republican candidates remained in lockstep on our commonsense, winning message.
    • Following Election Night, Republican State Senator Mike Testa underscored the up-ticking trend: “Republicans came out in droves and we saw so many seats flipped.”
  • Momentum for commonsense, Republican policies is clearly on the rise in the Garden State and results are still coming in as ballots continue to be counted.
    • To date, Republicans have flipped 8 state legislature seats, two in the Senate, six in the Assembly.
    • Edward Durr has officially ousted one of the state’s most powerful Democrat politicians, Senate President Steve Sweeney.
      • Spending only $153, it didn’t take hefty campaign cash to convince voters that Democrat policies aren’t working – even against the longest standing state senate president.
      • Driving Republican voters to the polls, the RNC made nearly 13,000 voter contacts in this district alone.
    • Republican women had a banner year as we have added six women to the state legislature, and that number could continue to rise.
    • These wins are both a referendum on Joe Biden and Phil Murphy’s extreme agenda and a stamp of approval on Republican’s commonsense policies.
  • Despite being a deep blue state, New Jersey’s governor’s race is still too close to call with Jack Ciattarelli holding a tight margin to extreme Democrat Phil Murphy.
    • This race has shocked the country as Democrats hold an advantage of one million voters over Republicans.
    • Joe Biden won the Garden State by 16 points in 2020, but now he’s underwater.
    • Votes will continue to be counted and Jack is still very much in the fight. 
  • The RNC is deploying 20 attorneys to the state, where we already had nearly a dozen staff prior to the election for support.
  • Ahead of Early Voting and Election Day, we confirmed nearly 1,000 poll watcher shifts and nearly 1,000 challenger shifts to mobilize our election integrity efforts across the state.
  • Our election integrity operation is working on the ground seamlessly with the NJGOP and Ciattarelli campaign. Our attorneys and political challengers are in all 21 counties, which is in addition to the Republican members of each board of elections.
  • Bottom line: As votes continue to be counted in deep Blue New Jersey, Republicans are scoring huge down-ballot wins – starting with an everyday, hard-working Jersey truck driver who spent a mere $153. If you think Democrats aren’t in serious trouble in 2022, it’s time to think again.