Candidates for US House FL District 9

Jose Castillo

Meet Jose Castillo

Like many in the region, Jose relocated to Central Florida to pursue a Hospitality career. He has worked at several local theme parks & resorts. He has been part of the Central Florida community now for over a decade. He recently purchased a home & settled with his family in Davenport.

Jose was born in New Orleans, but was raised in his mother’s native country of Honduras. In Honduras he was exposed to a corrupt & failed government. His experience there helped him foster a great appreciation for the US Constitution. 

Jose attended an American K-12 school during his years in Honduras.  He returned to New Orleans where he obtained a Management degree at the University of New Orleans & a Masters in Business degree at Tulane University. 

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Bill Olsen

Meet Bill Olson

Bill lives in Davenport Florida, where he retired after serving 27 years in the United States Army as a Sergeant First Class.

A decorated soldier, Bill received four Army Achievement Medals, the Army Commendation Medal, and two Meritorious Service Medals – all for outstanding peacetime service.   Bill was awarded an additional Army Commendation Medal for his meritorious service in liberating Kuwait during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm, and in 2008 was awarded the Bronze Star for exceptionally meritorious service during the global war on terror in Afghanistan.

After retiring from the U.S. Military, Bill went to work for Disney Parks as an educator and guide. Bill lives with his wife Lienhuong, a fashion designer, with whom he has four sons: Billy, Erik, Tyler, and Nam.

Billy, a United States Navy veteran, now lives and works in Chicago, IL.  Erik, a career United States Air Force Airman, is currently stationed in Japan.  Tyler is a United States Air Force reservist, currently stationed in Kuwait. Nam is a small business owner.

Foundational Philosophy

“I’m not a politician. I don’t have a law degree. I earned my education in the Cold War frontiers of Germany and South Korea, as well as the battlefields of Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Seeing that death and destruction – and the chaos and turmoil it brought America – was moving and saddening. I’m running to fight for American greatness, American peace, and American pride.

In this campaign, I won’t be resorting to personal attacks on my opponents. I follow Reagan’s 11th commandment, and won’t ‘speak ill of another Republican’. Win or lose, I believe in integrity.

My opponents and I may disagree on some things, or a lot of things. But here’s where I stand. I am a Christian conservative. You and I might come from different backgrounds, or live different lives. But I will always work hard to understand your needs and represent you with fairness and dignity.

My guide stones? The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Holy Bible. Those texts remind us of where we came from. They detail the tyranny we faced, and overcame. They enumerate our God-given rights, and acknowledge that the role of government is to protect those rights. And they make us a moral people.

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Sergio Ortiz

Meet Sergio Ortiz

I was born in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, in 1964.  Being number 10 of 13 siblings, I grew up with lots of family around and with hardworking parents.  My primary education was at Segunda Unidad de Limones, in Yabucoa.  We moved to Chicago, IL in 1976, where I attended Middle School, High School and studied at Northeastern University.  In1991, I moved to Kissimmee, FL and graduated from Orlando College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management/Marketing.

My wife’s name is Lucia, we have three children and nine grandchildren, they all reside in Florida.  We enjoy family time with lots of games and laughter.  As an ordained Minister, faith and family are very important to me.

I worked for several different companies in a management position and in the mortgage industry.  In 2003, I opened my own mortgage brokerage company, our main goal was to unite families with homes.  With the upheaval of the housing market, I was forced to find alternative means of wealth acquisitions, and was fortunate to get a job with a large, reputable distribution company, where I worked my way up to a trainer position.

In 2016, I was blessed with an opportunity to be a Mortgage Banker again, where I am currently employed.  It has always been a pleasure to partner with Realtors who are also eager to assist people in achieving the American Dream of homeownership.

Our Country and Our Allegiance stand for every man and woman who everyday goes out to bring prosperity to their families.  I love my country; it is my desire to see my fellow Americans succeed and make their dreams a reality.

Together we can do more!

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Christopher Wright

Meet Christopher Wright

Christopher Wright was born in Annapolis, Maryland. He has served in the United States Army since 2018. Wright earned a bachelor’s degree in legal studies from the University of Central Florida and a J.D. from the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Law. His career experience includes working as a real estate attorney and a judge advocate for the Florida National Guard.[1]

Chris and his wife, Steffanie, have lived in Lake Nona for the last ten years. Chris is a real estate attorney and Steffanie is a piano instructor. They have three beautiful children and love living in southeast Orlando.

In May 2018, Chris was proud to raise his right hand and pledge to support and defend the constitution as a Judge Advocate for the Florida National Guard. In addition to his duties as an Army lawyer, Chris was privileged to serve as a liaison for the Guard in Tallahassee during hurricane Dorian.



Chris has been a member of the Florida Bar since 2010 and has been in private practice since 2014. 

Chris is an Eagle Scout and has served as a Scoutmaster, Committee Member, and most recently as an Assistant District Commissioner for the Osceola District of Central Florida Council. Chris’ scouting background has instilled in him the values memorialized in the Scout Law; trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Chris has always been interested in pursuing public office, but now, more than ever, we need a friend like Chris in Washington, D.C. Please join us in sending a breath of fresh air to the Washington, D.C. establishment.

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