Candidate for Florida House District 48

Jon Albert – Candidate for Florida State House District 48

Jon Albert for Florida House of Representatives, District 48

Mayor | Father | Marine | Community Advocate

About Me: As a Mayor, Father, Marine, I am committed to serving the people of District 48. My military service and personal experiences have instilled in me a deep respect for our Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees.

Commitment to District 48: I am running for the Florida House of Representatives to ensure our community’s values are represented and to address the issues that matter most to our constituents.

Policy Positions:

Education: I support school choice and the expansion of charter schools to ensure parents have the freedom to choose the best educational opportunities for their children. I believe in empowering parents and local communities to make decisions that best suit their educational needs.

Economic Growth: I am committed to creating a business-friendly environment that encourages job creation and economic growth. This includes reducing regulatory burdens on small businesses, supporting tax policies that stimulate investment, and promoting workforce development programs to prepare our residents for high-quality jobs.

Public Safety: Ensuring the safety of our communities is a top priority. I will work to provide law enforcement with the resources they need to effectively protect our neighborhoods while supporting policies that uphold the rights of citizens. This includes advocating for strong law enforcement funding and community policing initiatives.

Healthcare: I support expanding access to affordable healthcare options through free-market solutions and competition. This includes advocating for telemedicine, reducing regulatory barriers for healthcare providers, and promoting healthcare savings accounts (HSAs) to give individuals more control over their healthcare decisions.

Infrastructure: Investing in our infrastructure is crucial for the growth and development of District 48. I will work to ensure that our roads, bridges, and public transportation systems are well-maintained and capable of supporting our growing community. This includes securing state funding for local infrastructure projects and promoting innovative solutions to address traffic congestion and urban development.

Veteran Services: As a Marine veteran, I understand the challenges faced by our veterans and their families. I will advocate for improved access to healthcare, education, and employment opportunities for our veterans, ensuring they receive the support and recognition they deserve.

Homeowners Insurance and Affordability: Homeowners in District 48 face rising insurance premiums, making it difficult to afford and maintain their homes. I will work to reform the insurance market by promoting competition, reducing fraud, and ensuring that rates are fair and transparent. By advocating for policies that stabilize the insurance market and protect homeowners, I aim to make homeownership more affordable and secure for all residents.

Connect with Me:

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 863-368-5918

Chad Davis – Candidate for Florida State House District 48

Chad Davis for Florida House of Representatives, District 48


Preparing our Kids to Compete

– Support all school choice options

– Support parental rights 

– Strengthen accountability

– Ensure education, not indoctrination


Growing Jobs

– Reduce regulations

– Support small businesses and entrepreneurship

– Support workforce development


Strengthen Constitutional Rights

– Support the 2nd Amendment

– Protect the lives of the unborn

– Protect religious liberty

– Promote the freedom and responsibilities of families


Focus on Infrastructure

– Support public safety and our law enforcement

– Increase efficiency in road projects

– Conserve and protect natural resources


Keep Florida Free and Competitive 

– Defend against federal agencies pushing woke agendas

– Reduce taxes and eliminate the business rent tax

– Increase tort reform

– Assist homeowners struggling with property insurance rate increases


Contact information: [email protected];


P.O. Box 2214, Winter Haven, FL 33883





Debbie Owens – Candidate for Florida State House District 48


Debbie Owens – Candidate for Florida State House District 48

I am a Christian, Constitutional Conservative.  Our government, institutions and credentials have become god-like in the eyes of many. However, it is God that gives us liberty and He gave us free-will.


I believe freedom is being eroded on multiple levels.  From medical mandates, to school and business closures our freedoms have been infringed.  Our farmers are unable to innovate.  Insurances and taxes are moving people out of their lifelong homes. Overdevelopment has occurred without public input.   Parental rights are being ignored,  privacy rights are infringed and conservative voices silenced.


My goal as your State Representative is to strengthen State rights against federal abuses and to empower individuals and communities with the information, resources and freedom to accomplish their goals. 


A governmental approach of one size fits all is entirely inappropriate.  I believe the citizens of Polk County and their leaders know what works best for their constituents at large.  That means I need to hear from you not dictate to you.  


I will work tirelessly to ensure you are empowered with the freedom upon which Nation was founded.


To Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,


Deborah (Debbie) Owens

Web Site:

email: [email protected]

Benny Valentin – Candidate for Florida State House District 48

Benny Valentin, 49 years of age,


Raised in Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico Moved to Long Island NY, where he married Enny Cruz, and in August of 2023 will celebrate 24 years together.

Benny & Enny now have two lovely daughters, Jenny and Samantha.


After visiting Florida during a convention, Benny and his wife fell in love with the sunshine state and its exceptional environment. Benny and his wife knew this was the best place to raise their daughters, and In 2004  moved to Poinciana, Florida. 18 year in Florida and loving every moment.

In his professional life, Benny Valentin has served as director of Operations for FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES, 18 Years of Executive management experience, and managing annual revenues over200 million and a workforce of over 2000.

During this time, Benny Valentin worked hard studying in the evenings to earn advanced degrees in Theology and Clinical Psychology, earning his Ph.D.

After earning his degrees, Benny Valentin began a new stage of his life as an adjunct professor and subcontracted counselor at different Universities and Counseling agencies.

In 2009 Benny Valentin, his Wife Enny, opened the Logos Christian University, A private Christian university, where future pastors and ministers can prepare themselves to lead the community and churches they serve.

Benny Valentin comes from a long line of pastors and ministers; his grandfather was a pastor; his father and uncle are also pastors. Benny Valentin at an early age felt the call to also serve in ministry, he entered the seminary at the age of 14 and began serving alongside his father at Christ the Savior Church in Huntington New York.

After many years of church leadership at every level,  Benny Valentin was ordained a Minister by Bishop Luis Paniagua in Brooklyn, New York, and he went on to pastor Logos Christian Center Church and Tabernacle church the redeemer right here in Kissimmee Florida.

Currently, Dr. Benny Valentin continues to minister in Churches around the world, spreading the Gospel and speaking at conferences that help grow church leadership. Benny Valentin serves on several nonprofit boards and community organizations, serving as President of Florida Alliance of Clergy, Ministers, and Christian Organizations of Florida.

Benny also Serves as a Law enforcement  Chaplain at the Osceola County Sheriff Office.  Currently Benny Valentin was promoted to Sergeant in 2022 and is the current Senior Chaplain with 8 Years in Service.



His Issues:

Lower Homeowner Insurance

Promote Local Investment

Defend our 2nd amendment

Innovation in Education


Webpage –

Facebook: drbenny & Benny Valentin for State House 48

Contact Info – Email: [email protected]

Direct Line 631-332-2834


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