Candidate for Florida House District 49

Shawn Curtis McDonough – Candidate for Florida State House District 49



Shawn is known first and foremost as a family man. He has been married to the love of his life, Dee Chandler-McDonough, for over 17 years. He helped raise three children and now enjoys four grandchildren who affectionately call him “Shooter”.

With a proven track record of advocacy for youth, teachers, law enforcement, and veterans, Shawn proudly brings his heartfelt commitment to serving into the political arena. He has previously served as chairman of Heartland for Children and as a board member of Noah’s Ark. As a longtime volunteer of the local Boy Scouts of America troops and as a dedicated conservationist and highly involved member of Ducks Unlimited, Shawn has been an outspoken positive role model for our youth in efforts to protect the conservation efforts of our great state of Florida.  Shawn is a proud Polk County resident who cherishes our way of life and is dedicated to protecting and sustaining that for our citizens and all Floridians.



Shawn is a family-man, a business owner, and a believer in the power of community and collaboration. Shawn has always been committed to serving his community in various capacities, and as State House Representative, he would continue to work tirelessly for the betterment of Polk County and Central Florida!

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As a Conservative Republican, I believe that the freedom to practice religion, including Christianity, is a fundamental and constitutionally protected right in the United States. I understand the importance of faith and prayer in the lives of many Americans, and I respect their deeply held beliefs.




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Jennifer Kincart Jonsson – Candidate for Florida State House District 49

Jennifer Kincart Jonsson, Candidate for State House, District 49


– Fighting back against the DC Swamp and Joe Biden 

– Combating Biden’s reckless inflation through fiscal conservatism 

– Standing up for the rule of law and letting law enforcement deport illegal aliens caught in Florida

– Empowering parents to have control over their child’s education

– Protecting girls sports by banning biological men from competing

– Defending the Free State of Florida 



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Phone: 863-368-5918