Benny Valentin – Candidate for Florida State House Representative, District 42.

Meet Benny Valentin:

Dr. Bienvenido (Benny) Valentin, 44 years of age.  Raised in Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico Moved to Long Island NY, where he married Enny Cruz, and in August of 2019 will celebrate 20 years together.  He is father to Jenny & Samantha.
After visiting Florida during a convention, Dr. Benny and his wife fell in love with the sunshine state and its exceptional environment.  Dr. Benny and his wife knew this was the best place to raise their daughters, and In 2004  moved to Poinciana, Florida.

In his professional life, Dr. Benny Valentin has served as director of Operations for FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES, 18 Years of Executive management experience, and managing annual revenues over 200 million and a workforce of over 2000.
During this time, Dr. Benny Valentin worked hard studying in the evenings to earn advanced degrees in Theology and Clinical Psychology, earning his Ph.D.  After earning his degrees, Dr. Benny Valentin began a new stage of his life as an adjunct professor and subcontracted counselor at different Universities and Counseling agencies.
In 2009 Dr. Benny Valentin, his Wife Enny, opened the Logos Christian University, private Christian universities were future pastors and ministers can prepare
themselves to lead the community and churches they serve.
Dr. Benny Valentin comes from a long line of pastors and ministers; his grandfather was a pastor; his father and uncle are also pastors. Dr. Benny Valentin at an early age felt the call to also serve in ministry, he entered the seminary at the age of 14 and began serving alongside his father at Christ the Savior Church in Huntington New York.

After many years of church leadership at every level, Dr. Benny Valentin was ordained a Minister by Bishop Luis Paniagua in Brooklyn, New York, and he went on to pastor Logos Christian Center Church and Tabernacle church the redeemer.

Currently, Dr. Benny Valentin continues to minister in Churches around the world, spreading the Gospel and speaking at conferences that help grow church leadership. Dr. Benny Valentin serves on several nonprofit boards and community organizations, serving as President of Florida Alliance of Clergy, Ministers, and Christian Organizations of Florida.   Dr. Benny also Serves as a Law enforcement  Chaplain at the Osceola County Sheriff Office. Chaplain
Candidate’s official campaign website: