A message from Wendy Schmeling, Republican Candidate for US Congress FL18
DISCLAIMER:  This message provided as a service to our Republican candidates and voters.  It is directly from the candidate’s campaign and no endorsement by the Polk County Republican Party should be assumed or implied. We love all Republicans equally.

A message from Wendy Schmeling, Republican Candidate for US Congress FL18

I’m Wendy Schmeling, and I’m running for US House of Representatives in District 18. I have never run for office before. I am a teacher of 20 years and ordained minister who is tired of seeing our children be indoctrinated. I plan to abolish the Department of Education and return education to the states where it belongs.  
I stand for Election Integrity. I am working with Defend Florida to defend our precincts from voter fraud and clean up our voter rolls to ensure our elections are safeguarded. I will fight to keep the federal government from taking over our elections.  
I support Energy Independence and Dominance. We need to open up the pipelines and “Drill Baby Drill!” This will help our economy and our supply chain and start us on the road to economic recovery. Coupled with cutting irresponsible fiscal spending in Congress, we can return America back to the Trump era prosperity.
I am the daughter and niece of Marines. I will make sure our Veterans are respected and taken care of properly. I want to work with the Veterans in Congress to establish a program to protect our children in our schools. There is no one better than America’s finest for the job. 
I support the sanctity of life from the womb to the tomb. I support closing and securing our border and finishing the wall. I support Law Enforcement and Rule of Law. I support the 2nd Amendment and Constitutional Carry. 
Visit my website at: wendyschmeling.org