A message from Sergio Ortiz, Republican Candidate for US Congress FL 9
DISCLAIMER:  This message provided as a service to our Republican candidates and voters.  It is directly from the candidate’s campaign and no endorsement by the Polk County Republican Party should be assumed or implied. We love all Republicans equally.

A message from Sergio Ortiz, Republican Candidate for US Congress FL 9

Dear Polk County CD 9 Republican Primary Voter, 
If you haven’t already, please visit my web site https://www.ortizforcongress.com and get to know me. When you do, you will realize that I’m the only candidate who can defeat Democrat Darren Soto in the General Election. You will also come to realize that I am the only candidate who actually resides in District 9. I am also the only candidate who qualified for the Primary by talking to voters face to face and obtaining close to 3,000 petitions. I’ve been fighting for this district’s livelihood for a very long time. I am a businessman blessed with the opportunity to help our district citizens fulfill the American Dream of owning a home. I am NOT a politician. I am simply a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN who has decided to dedicate his voice, time and talent to run for Federal Office and establish a better union of God and Government. I share with you the pain at the pump, high food prices and the stress inflicted on our budgets by installed officials like Joe Biden and Darren Soto. I now want to serve in Congress because CD9 is not only my home, but my children’s home and their children’s as well. Most importantly it’s a home we all share.
My plan is simple:
  •  WIN the General Election and turn our District red.
  •  JOIN and INCREASE the Republican majority in Congress.
  •  SUPPORT and VOTE on legislation reversing the economic damage caused by the Biden handlers and drain the swamp.
The time has come to change the dynamics of this election. Unite with me! Help me win the Primary this August and together, by the Grace of God, win the General Election come November. 
Be Blessed,
Sergio E. Ortiz
Your next Congressman in Florida CD 9